Friday, April 27, 2007

Lookin' for good kettle corn?

You have GOT to check this place out!!! Their kettle corn rocks!!!!

Velma's Wicked Delicious Kettle Corn

Friday, April 6, 2007

My first post here!!!

Well howdy!!! How the heck are ya'?!? Before I get started with this, I must warn you.....I am VERY boring!! LOL SO with that, on with the post!!!

I guess I could start this with a little more about me. I am a stay at home mom and just love it!! I couldn't imagine not being around my son as much as I am able to be right now. I mean, sure I have days where he drives me insane and I can't wait for Zane to get home so he can deal with it all!! LOL But for the most part, I feel so blessed to be able to be home with him. He is such a loveable little boy....oops, I mean BIG boy, as he calls himself!! LOL I tell ya', I wish someone would have told me just how fast time would go by.....I can not believe he is 3 already!!! We're already talking about checking into preschools for him.......what?!?!? That is so crazy!! I mean, didn't I just give birth to him?!?!? *sigh* He is such a little pickle. We are SO hoping to try for baby #2 sometime this year. We have to talk with the doctors to even see if we can try at all. I have Type 2 diabetes, and have high blood pressure so I guess we'll wait and see what the doctor tells us. I had HBP before I got pregnant with Tyler, but I kept it under control with meds the whole pregnancy. I did develop gestational diabetes, which I was told led to me developing Type 2 diabetes so soon. I kept the GD under control with insulin shots while pregnant and it worked out just fine. Now, diabetes runs in my family so I would have most likely developed it when I was much older, but because of the GD (and some stress) it showed up earlier. I'm just hoping have diabetes now won't prevent us from having another baby.....I would love to add another blessing to our family!! And Zane wants another baby just as badly as I do!!!

In my spare time (what is that?!?! LOL) I love to scrapbook!!! I've been scrapping for about 3-4 years now, but still have SO much to learn!!! I also love to cross stitch, read (especially anything by Stephen King...LOVE that man!!!) and do some gardening. I just love being outside in general. I can't wait until it's time to plant our tomato plants!!! I love, love, LOVE fresh homegrown tomatoes!!!! Hopefully this weather will finally figure out what it wants to do! For the past 2 weeks or so it had been in the upper 70's to 80' was SO nice to let Tyler run in the yard and burn off some of that 3 year old energy! Tuesday we started out in the upper 60's and by the time Zane got home it was only in the low 50's!! That night it got into the 30's.....and wednesday night and last night we were only in the 20's! We actually had to light the woodstove again! I was so glad to get the wood out of the house, but it seems as though we took it out too soon. Gee, think the groundhog was wrong this year?!?!? LOL My hubby Zane and I are both from Maryland, so we are pretty used to winters/springs like this. Although, since we mnoved to Tennessee, we got spoiled by the mild winters here. Since we've been here, the most snow we have seen is maybe 2 inches?!? If that! I don't miss the big snow storms at all! We live in the "boonies" here in TN and our road is VERY narrow, so i'm sure a snow plow will not come down this way.....Maybe our neighbor would use his tractor to plow the street! LOL Heck, we live so far out, we don't even get trash pick up down this way! We were taking our trash to the local dump, but now Zane takes it to work and puts it in the dumpster there. Plus,the only internet we can have as of now is dial-up....YUCK!!! But we love where we are living now! It's a very old farm house, built in 1912. It sits on maybe 20 acres, if not more?!?!? We are currently renting here, but I would rather rent this home, then be a home owner some place else. It's so quiet and peaceful.....everyone who comes to visit always says how much they love it here and how they don't want to leave. My best friend and her daughter just visited a few weeks ago...she is now trying to work it out so she can move her permenately! The only downside to living here is that we had to leave family behind. I miss my parents so much.....and I know Zane misses his parents, too. My parents try to visit at least once a year, though. And Zane's parents come down every chance they get! Tyler LOVES when we have company!!!

Ok what else....oh, I LOVE to cook and bake!! On wednesday I made my very first strawberry shortcake.....and it turned out SO yummy!!!! (I know, just what a diabetic needs...right?!? )

So, that is pretty much us in a nutshell. I'll post as often as I can...sometimes more than once a day! Thank you for taking the time to read about myself and my family, and I hope you enjoy the glimpse into our crazy lives!!!!!!