Monday, May 24, 2010

SUPER late update

I'm sooooo sorry i'm so late with an update on Chase. He's 11.5 months old and i'm just now doing his 11 month update. I'm sorry.....:(

Chase is doing amazing!!! He is crawling everywhere, and SO close to walking! He loves to pull himself up to stand on everything and has actually taken a step here and there. He is also VERY vocal and loves to talk!!! His new thing to say now is "A baa baa", which I think is his bottle....I call it his baa-baa and I think he's picked up on that from me. He says it all the time now, though! He still only has 4 teeth, but you can see on either side of his top two teeth that a tooth is trying to come through........and I *think* i've seen on either side of his bottom teeth a tooth trying to come that's a total of 4 new teeth trying to come in!! And you can tell it's bothering him, poor baby. He is constantly putting things in his mouth and chewing like crazy. Hopefully they will break in soon for him. He's also started playing ball with Licky!! He will take her ball into his hand, let it roll out and when she goes to get it he cracks up!! He is still a crappy sleeper, unfortunately.......he is still waking up at least once a night for a bottle and sometimes just wakes up crying for no reason.....and because he's still in our bed it makes it hard to just let him fuss himself back to sleep on his own. Plus, nap time has been difficult.......he fights naps something terrible!!! Hopefully this is just a phase and he'll get out of it soon. He's eating so many "table" foods now!! He loves mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots and just about whatever meat we're having. His favorite snack foods are gold fish and graham crackers. We're slowly working on getting him on whole milk, and so far he likes it. Hopefully by the time he's a year old he will be on all whole milk.

This past weekend we mailed out his birthday party invites. In the next few weeks we're going to start getting things together for his party....we can't wait!! We know the in-laws will be here for his party, and we're thinking several of our friends will be there as well so we should have a nice little get together! I'll of course take tons of pics and have lots to share. :) (well, at least I hope camera is slowly crapping out on me and i'm just waiting to find out when I can get a new one.....hopefully before his birthday!!)

Here are some pics:

I am now officially....

The mom of a first grader!! Ty's last day of school was last Friday, and he brought his report card home......and on the back it said "Grade placement for the next school year...1st"! He did so well on his report card, too. It's just so strange to not have to get up early to take him to school and it will feel weird not having to leave this afternoon to pick him up! He has said he wants to ride the school bus next year, so we'll see how that goes. He's just growing up SO fast.........and we are so very proud of him!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awards Day

Yesterday was awards day at Ty's school and it was SO nice!! Every kindergartner got an award, which was nice, and it emphasized something they were good at. For example, they had awards for best reader, best speller, most improved reader....etc. I can't remember what Ty's award said, and get this......they took the awards back from them after they gave them out!! I *think* they took them back because having 5-6 year olds sitting with a piece of paper in their hands would result in a huge mess of itty-bitty pieces of paper everywhere, but I thought they would have handed them back to them after the ceremony. Hopefully he'll get his award either today, tomorrow or Friday. I tried to get a few pics but my camera crapped out on me again.....the pics were so blurry and pixely. :( He had a total blast, though!!!

I still can't believe he only has 1.5 days left of school........ACK!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kindergarten Fun Day was a success!!

Ty had a BLAST yesterday at KFD!!!! Z went with him and said Ty and his friends had so much fun. They had games to play like ball toss and hoops, and they played t-ball! They also had pools filled with bubble soap and with sand and he really liked that. They also bounced on huge bouncy balls, and Ty said that was his favorite!! Z got lots of pics, and video of the kids singing. I posted a few pics on Facebook (I didn't post pics that had his classmates in them, as I didn't want to show them without the parents permission) but i'll post a few here.....

Working on his morning job...


Big bouncy ball....

Playing in bubble soap....

After they played and had lunch they went inside the school for Popsicles. At that point they were telling the parents they could take their kids home, so Z got their things together and came home! I still can't believe there are only 4 whole days of school left. In fact, they got out a little early today! And next week is Spirit Week and each day they have something fun going on. Monday is "Beach Day", where they bring in a beach towel, sunglasses and their favorite book. Tuesday is "School Spirit Day" where they wear their school's also awards day! (I also found out that someone from Ty's class is going to make a copy of the video they took from the program they did last month!! I can't wait to see it!) Wednesday is "Wacky Day" where they dress wacky and Thursday is "Hat Day". Friday is the last day and they get out at 10:15. I can't believe I am almost the mother of a first grader.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Party time!!

Can you believe we're already planning Chase's first birthday?!?!? This first year has just flown by!!! We've decided to do a monkey theme, and i'm going to make cupcakes and decorate them like a monkey. (I found some super cute ideas online that I can't wait to try!!) It's basically just going to be a little cook-out. I also decided to just make his birthday invites, which I finished up this weekend!! (I must say they turned out better than I had hoped!) I'm going to get them printed soon and get them in the mail. We're only mailing out a few, as we're pretty sure the only people who will be coming from out of town are the in-laws. Some friends of ours will hopefully be able to make it, as well as a few people Z works with. It just seems so strange to be planning his first birthday party already.....and yet at the same time it truly feels like he has been a part of our family forever.

Kindergarten Fun Day

This Thursday Ty's school is having Kindergarten Fun Day!!! They're supposedly having things outside for the kids to play on, like the moon bounce among other things, and then going to watch a movie indoors with popcorn. They highly encourage parents/grandparents/friends to attend, but no siblings. Photobucket Ugh, I am SO bummed about this!! I can understand why they can't come, but I still don't like it. Even on the letter he brought home about it, they say..."This is your child's most "Fun Day" in Kindergarten, so we hope you can spend this special day with them." Gee, thanks for making me feel like crap because I can't be there since we don't have anyone to watch Chase. Z is going to take the day off and spend the day at his school, which is nice since he doesn't get much Ty and daddy at least one of us will be there. I'm going to make sure he takes my camera and gets lots of pics.

I can't believe there is less than 2 weeks left of school!!! Photobucket