Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates on my boys

Wow, it's been such a long time since i've done regular updates on the boys. Time is going by way too fast....

Tyler is doing amazing!! He now only has 18 days of school left. Photobucket How is that possible?!?!? He is still in the highest reading group, and just LOVES reading! Chase loves when Ty reads to him.....it's so sweet. He's looking forward to summer break, mainly because he'll be a first grader next school year! I'm just so proud of how well he is doing and how far he has come in only one school year. He's growing up so fast. Here is his latest school pic....

Chase is also doing amazing!!! He is 10.5 months old now. He has 4 teeth still, and is crawling like crazy!! He crawls across the floor so fast and sometimes pants like one of the dogs....it's too cute!! He's also pulling himself up onto everything. I'm thinking it won't be long and we'll have a walker. He's now eating more and more table food and is a great little eater! I need to get a weight on him sometime today, as i'm curious just how much he weighs now. He's sleeping ok at night, but is still waking up at least once for a bottle. He's still in bed with us and it looks like that's where he will be for awhile. He is a total daddy's boy! He lights up when Z gets home from work and will not be happy until he picks him up.....and then he doesn't take him out of his sight! We're working on getting things together for his first birthday. I'm thinking we're going to do a monkey/jungle theme. We're not sure if we'll have people over or not yet. Some friends of ours may come over and they have 3 kids, two of them are close to Ty's age so that would be great! The in-laws said they would try and be here, but now i'm thinking they won't since they came for a visit a few weeks ago. Even if it's just us for his birthday party we'll be happy. *sigh* I still can't believe we're planning a first birthday party already......here's our big boy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

School program

It went GREAT!!!! All of the kids did an amazing job. They sang several songs, and you could tell they were really enjoying themselves. Ty said he had SO much fun!!! I tried to get some pics, but they turned out awful. :( (my camera is not working all that great) These are the best I could get.....

I really wish I would have gotten the program on dvd.......they were awesome!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ty's school is doing a program tonight!! All 5 of the kindergarten classes are singing!! He's been practicing for a few weeks and the songs they will be singing are SO cute! I know they will be singing "The farmer in the dell" and "Bingo", but they are also singing a song called "grandpa's farm" that I had never heard before. I wish we had a way to video it so I could share with everyone, but I will for SURE be taking my camera and getting tons of pics!!! This morning they did a rehearsal and sang for the whole school, which Ty was excited about......but he is super excited about singing for mom and dad!


Today is moms birthday. She would have been 69.

Happy birthday, mom........love and miss you so very much!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mail goodies for the last 2 weeks

Things have really been rolling in!!

- $7 Paypal/Decision Research
- TechLab first aid kit/Twitter giveaway
- Borghese Lip Gloss (I am such a lip gloss freak!!)
- Kashi coconut bar Photobucket
- Copenhagen multi-tool (LOVE this!! It came in a really nice holder!)
- Lever 2000 soap sample/Walmart
- photostrips from Wink (3)
- $3 Paypal/Pinecone
- Finally received my Bzzkit for the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. (we had the old one and didn't care much for it, but they've supposedly tweaked it and it's supposed to be better.....I guess we'll have to wait and see!)