Monday, February 25, 2008


I totally forgot about our trip to Target last night!!!! If anyone is interested, Target has the Glade Wisp Flameless candle on sale for $5.99......AND, some of the candles have a coupon on them that will give you $5 off, making the candle $.99!!!! PLUS, Glade is offering a printable coupon for $5 off, in case the candles at Target didn't have the coupons stuck on them. I got 4 Glade Wisp Flameless candles for $.99 a piece....they retail for almost $10!!!!!

If you are interested in the link for the printable coupon, let me know!

Long time no update!!

WOW, has it really been that long since I have posted here?!?!? So sorry about that!!!

Well, let's see. Zane started his new job last Monday and LOVES it!!! Just last week, he made more hours in only 5 days then he ever made working the same amount of days at his old job. We are finally going to be able to get back on our feet financially! Plus, we'll be able to get a second vehicle that we so desperately need. I am so glad things are finally looking up for us. Zane seems so much more happier and more relaxed now.....and, he now works a normal work week!! He only works Monday- Friday, and now has 2 days off in a row. Gosh, it is so nice!!! I now know why people get so excited when Friday rolls around! He has always worked on Saturday's ever since I have known him.

Tyler is doing great. He is SO smart, but he has such a flip mouth on him! I know he is just testing us, but it is SO frustrating. He spends quite a bit of time in time out, which helps some I think. But he loves to work in his school book every day, and is doing amazing with his writing! He's also recognizing more and more letters. Where has my little boy gone?!?!?

Health wise things are going good for me. My blood pressure is great, and my sugar has been doing great, too. Weight loss has been a little slow. I've been out of Phentermine for about a week now, but Zane is picking up the prescription tonight. I can really feel the difference when I am off of it, that's for sure!! I could just eat and eat ALL day long! :( I'm going to take it for a week straight, then take it every other day, since health insurance will end for use the end of the month and won't pick back up until April 1st. Thank goodness i'll still be able to get my other meds thanks to Walmart $4 meds!

Mom is doing great!! All of her check-ups are coming back excellent. The doctor is really impressed with how well things are going. Chemo has been a little hard on her for the first few days after the treatment, but once she gets past that, she feels really good. They are talking about coming down to visit us this coming June, and I can't wait!!! They both really wish they could move down this way to be closer to us (and my brother and his family in N.C.), and I would love that as well. I never really knew just how much I missed my parents until this scare with my mom. Maybe some day they will be living closer to us. :)

Speaking of my parents visiting, my oldest sister and her family will be visiting as well!! They will be here in August. Her husband and oldest daughter have already been here a few years ago, but my sister and her younger daughter have never seen it. I can't wait for them to be here!! Now I am REALLY excited for summer to get here!!

*sigh*Well, that should do it for an update....boring, I know!!!!! I hope everyone has been doing good. Tonight for dinner we are making bacon cheeseburgers off the grill with some baked beans....anyone interested?!? There will be plenty!!! **hugs** Take care, everyone!!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Family update

Hmmm, I just realized it's been awhile since i've updated how things are going here. We have some changes happening later this month....Zane will be starting a new job!!! He will be working for a company that does fleet work for AT&T. He will be making more money, mainly because it is gauranteed work, all year long! Plus, health insurance is cheaper....and we'll be able to have vision and dental! They also offer a retirement plan. AND, he will only work Monday through he will have the weekends off!!!! There are just so many positives with this new job, he just couldn't turn it down!! Where he is working now, we always struggle during the fall/winter months because the work just isn't there. really seems things are starting to turn around for us.....and I am so excited!! His last day where he works now is going to be Feb. 16th. :)

I haven't updated about my mom lately, and I really need to do that! She is still doing great. A few days after her last chemo treatment, she was so very sick. Even with the meds they gave her, she was still miserable. She is really hoping once she gets her next chemo treatment, and each treatment after that, it won't be so hard on her body. She has had blood work done twice in the past two weeks, and it is all coming back great!! She has a doctors appointment today to go over things with the doctor in charge of the cancer treatment, so hopefully she'll let me know how it all goes when they get home. Her next chemo treatment will be this coming Friday. I did find out the doctor is saying it is stomach cancer now. Although, he still isn't too certain that is where it started from. But with all her results coming back so good, and from the scans she has had, he is going with that. I'm sure once they get it to shrink down they will know for sure where it started from.

Well, I think that will have to be it for now.....this darn internet is bumping me offline!!! >:-( Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freebies and samples for January

Ok, I figured, since I don't get goodies in the mail every day I would just list everything I got for the month at one time.....that way I won't feel so crappy about not getting goodies every mail day! LOL So, here is what I got for the month of January:

- Oh! Oxygen Lip Balm/Tyra Tangerine ~ Rec'd 1/2
- Huggies wipes ~ Rec'd 1/3
- Women's Health Calendar ~ Rec'd 1/5
- Biore Ice Cleaner ~ Rec'd 1/7
- Tshirt from Goetze ~ Rec'd 1/7
- Eucerin Redness Relief (3) ~ Rec'd 1/11
- Test Product for Centercode ~ Rec'd 1/15 (FedEx)
- Another Oh! Oxygen Lip Balm/Tyra Tangerine ~ Rec'd 1/22 (have no idea how I got 2?!?)
- Oneida Servall/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/22 (UPS) this was my second one, this time in Z's name...weird!
- California Raisin Tote w/Tshirt, 3 bags of Raisins, and magent ~ Rec'd 1/23 (UPS)
- Colgate Toothebrush (2)/Spongebob & Shrek ~ Rec'd 1/26
- South Beach Living Granola and water mix (walmart) ~ Rec'd 1/28
- Bamboo Cutting Board/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/29 (FedEx) love it!!!
- Nikko Sugar Bowl/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/30 (UPS) so pretty and elegant! it doesn't match my kitchen at ALL!! LOL
- 8x10 Print from Canon ~ Rec'd 1/31 (for free, it turned out SO nice!)
- Test Product for Pinecone ~ Rec'd 1/31 (FedEx)

Money Earned (including gift cards):
- $40 survey checks/cash
- $10 Pinecone (paypal)
- $15 Starbucks (gift card)

WOW, now when I look at it THAT way, I feel so much better!!! LOL I just hope the goodies keep rolling in like that.........WOOHOO!!!! :)