Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updated hearts

I finally got a heart made for Ty and added the ribbons!!

Sorry the pics came out so crappy......I need to find a different place to hang them. :)

New kitchen table

I forgot to post about the new kitchen table we got! Since we moved the table we had was just way too big for the kitchen, so I asked Z about downsizing the table and he said maybe income tax time. Well, this week Kmart had a super cute (and affordable!) table and chair set on sale! Z picked it up yesterday on his way home from work and we put it up last night: (ignore the radio stand next to the freezer in the pic....we had to move it to make room for the freezer, and I have no idea where we will put it! LOL)

It's so much smaller than what we had, but is just perfect for the four of us! I did keep one of the older chairs to use for Chase's booster seat, and the cushions on the seats now are just temporary until I can get some new ones. :)

Super cute!

So i'm really far behind in checking some other blogs I frequent, and I totally missed making super cute photo hearts! I just love this blog, and I wish I would have seen that post before Valentine's day! I decided to try and make a photo ornament (minus the ribbon) and it actually turned out really cute!

I didn't add the ribbon because I still haven't found any yet (LOL) but I really think they are super cute! I need to get a better up-close pic of Ty so I can make one with his pic....hopefully i'll get that done today!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camera case!!!

I bought a super cute camera case last week........i'm so not a pink person, but for the price I couldn't pass it up!!!

It's made by Kodak, and get cost me .14 cents!!! That was IT!!! I didn't post anything about it because I was sure my order was going to get cancelled, but it showed up today!!! I love having my camera with me all the time, but I hate taking my big camera bag I can put my camera in this case and just toss it in the diaper bag!!

Long weekend

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Last Friday we got our income tax back and we've been super busy ever since!!! We've been stocking up on things we've been needing as well as dealing with some germs going through the house. Z, Ty and Chase all had a cold that lasted for over a week and I had been fighting it off but now I finally have it. It feels more like a head cold with a crappy cough, but as long as I keep up with Advil and some cough meds at night I can function. Poor Tyler, though. He got rid of his cold, but a few days last week he complained about his ear bothering him a little. Saturday morning he woke up and it was really hurting him. I put some numbing drops in and gave him some Motrin and he seemed fine. By the time we got to the second store of the morning he was crying really hard about his ear hurting him. When we got back home I gave him more drops and more Motrin, but they just wouldn't take the pain away for long at all. Z put a call into the doctors after-hours nurse, and of course they were over an hour behind with call backs. I had checked Ty's temp and it was slightly high....99.4. About 45 minutes later it was up to 100.4. :( He was so miserable, and nothing was helping. While waiting for the nurse to call us back, he got sick. Z finally called them and told them that his temp was even higher and he had gotten sick, so they updated his info and said a nurse would be in touch as soon as possible. I told Z to just take him to the ER and he was going to, but the nurse finally called us back. Z ended up taking Ty to the ER anyway and his left ear was infected really bad, and the right ear was not too far off. :( They gave him some strong antibiotics and more ear numbing drops. (that work 100% better than the drops we had!!) They also gave him some Tylenol with codeine before they left the ER and by the time they got home he was barely able to walk. He slept for a few hours, then woke up a little after 2am and got sick again. After that he and I slept in the living room and he seemed to be doing good. He still complains about his ear hurting from time to time, but he is so much better. I hate seeing my boys so sick like that. :(

Well, as far as our shopping, we got some amazing deals!! We finally got a new freezer, and it's so nice to have storage again. We're going tonight (hopefully) to get a new kitchen table. I like the one we have, but it's just too big for where we live right now. :( We also gto some AMAZING deals of clothes for the boys!!! We found sleepers for Chase for under $3, and Ty got some new shoes and slippers he had been wanting. (just like daddy's slippers!) I got 2 new bras (which is a HUGE deal for me, as I HATE having to buy bras.......I prefer to just let the twins hang, myself) I also got a bigger memory card for my camera, plus got an AMAZING deal on a super cute camera case. (i'll do a seperate post on that in a sec) All in all we did very well, and still paid lots of bills. It feels so good to know things are paid up and ahead for once. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Internet issues

Ugh, so for almost a week we've been having issues with our internet. We will be online and then the lights on the modem start to blink and we can't get online. When we called Comcast they said it sounded like the splitter outside, and if they had to fix it it would cost US $50....WTF?!?!? Z brought a splitter home and changed it and we still had issues so we were told it could be the modem, so we exchanged the modem and it seemed to work.......for about half of the day on Friday. Now Comcast is supposed to come out later this afternoon to see what's going on. I'm sorry, but their customer service is not the greatest........add to the mix that aunt flo is here and i'm super crampy and grumpy.......FIX MY INTERNET!!!!! Photobucket