Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last Friday Ty's school had something called Winterfest. They had two big blow up things for the kids to play was one they go into and jump and the other was a HUGE obstacle course that they had to climb through and then go down a slide at the end. They also had tons of games and activities for the kids. An armband was $10 (all the money they collected went back into the school) and they also sold tickets for $.50. The armband was for the blow up things and also covered all the games. The tickets were for the games (in case you didn't buy the armband), the food and for the raffle. They have two big hallways, and each hallway had fun things for the kids. Then some of the classrooms were set up for different things you could purchase/win. One was for a cake walk, and another room was set up with things called Jazzy Jars.....they were jars that the students made that were filled with things and you could purchase. The library was also set up for people to play bingo. Also, they have a sheriff that is there just about every day (not because the school needs that, I think she is mainly there to help with traffic during pick up times) and she was walking around and "arresting" people......they had a pretend jail set up and it cost 4 tickets to set someone was hilarious!!! As for food, Chick-fil-a was a sponsor of Winterfest and they provided the dinner. You got a chicken sandwich, bag of chips and a drink for $5. We didn't order any because we didn't decide to go until Friday afternoon. BUT, they had some super yummy food set out.....they had popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, nachos & cheese and fried oreos! The nachos & cheese were sooooo yummy. And the snow cones were amazing!! We didn't try the fried oreos.....the smell from them cooking was just nasty!! People said they were good, though. Ty had such a great time.....he saw 3-4 of his classmates and was playing in the gym with them (where they had the blow up things set up) and just had a blast! That made the whole night totally worth it. Chase even had fun! The only downside to it all was the siblings/older kids that were there.....they were SO rude and running through the halls and cutting in front of the smaller kids. I saw several smaller kids come close to being knocked down by the bigger kids.....just sad.

Ok, on to the pictures!! The first few are of Ty on the huge blow up obstacle course.

Up the ladder.....

The slide.....


I wish I would have gotten a better pic of this thing.....but it was so big it was hard to get back far enough for a pic! LOL I also tried to get a pic of him in the blow up castle, but it was too dark inside.

He got his hair spray painted!!

He also played a game called "Pie in the face"...they put Redi-whip on a plate and put a small candy valentine heart in it and you had to use your mouth to find it.

They also had face painting.....

And, the Chick-fil-a cow!!!

He played lots of other games, but I think his favorite was playing in those blow up things. I'm so glad we decided to go!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Way too long!!!

I am so very sorry it's been so long since i've posted any updates. I hardly find any time to get online anymore, and when I do it's just a few minutes here and there. Ok, on to the updates!!!

Things here are going well. It's been SO freakin' cold and snowy!! (although, no where NEAR as much snow as they got back home in MD) We've had a few snow "storms" come through that gave us a little over 2" of snow......that's not much, but when it sticks to our road it's nasty!!! And our road is crazy to begin with!! LOL Ty had two snow days in the past two months, which isn't bad. There is one county here in TN that has been out for snow days for 16 days in a row!!! They finally just went back yesterday at a 2hr delay. I am SO sick of this winter and ready for the warmer weather! I'm sure i'll bitch about the heat once summer does get here, though......LOL!

Z had a scare last month with his dad. He's been having trouble for years with being out of breath and complaining about chest pains and just last year was complaining about feeling like he was going to pass out unless someone would touch his hand.....he's stubborn and hard headed and didn't tell the doctor about any of it. One Sunday a few weeks ago he passed out and his pulse was low so they called 911. Turns out he needed a pacemaker put in.......he had it put in on a Monday and was home by Tuesday late afternoon. He's doing much better as far as being out of breath......

Tyler is doing GREAT in school!!! He's still in the highest reading group and his handwriting is getting so much neater. His teacher sent home an interim report last week and said as long as he takes his time with writing it is super neat. Now to just get him to stay slowed down! LOL He's got yet another cold and complains on and off about his tummy hurting, but for the most part he seems to be getting over it. He does tell me his tummy bothers him in the mornings still, but i'm sure it's just nerves.....I did the same thing, and still have a nervous stomach to this day! He's also told me he has several girlfriends in his's SO sweet!! I told him to be extra nice to the girls as one of them could be his future wife someday and he said "Ewww mom, stop saying that!" Photobucket

Chase is also doing great!! Can you believe he's 8 months old already?!?!? Photobucket Where has the time gone?!? He's such a little stinker........he does this adorable laugh that cracks me up every time. And he is officially sitting up all by himself!!! He's so proud of himself when he sits up without someone holding him. He still has no teeth yet, but is drooling like crazy and putting things in his mouth to chew on, so i'm thinking they will be coming in soon. Another new thing he has discovered is his tongue......he loves to "chew" on it and stick it out! He's also still working on crawling....when I put him on his blanket on the floor he immediately goes to his hands and knees and rocks.....then he slips back down onto his tummy and plays. We're working on waving, and he will occasionally do a super cute wave. He loves his big brother SO much........anytime Ty comes into the room or Chase hears his voice, he just lights up. And Ty is so amazing with him....he is always asking to play with Chase, or to cuddle with him. I just love watching my boys interact with each other so much......Photobucket

We got our taxes done earlier this month and we did GREAT! After we paid some bills we bought a new sofa and love seat!! Our old sofa had had it and it was time for something new. We were going to check out some sectionals, but we fell in love with a gorgeous sofa & love seat......the material is similar to leather, and each piece has two we ended up with 4 recliners total!!! Plus we still have the old one! Photobucket It is SO super comfy.

Ok, here are some pics!!!

My boys.......

Chase sitting up......

And standing!!!

And finally, pics of the sofa and love seat.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mail goodies update

*sigh* I've been so bad with posting here.........I need to do a complete update, that's for sure!!

As far as freebies/samples, it's been super slow. The past few weeks i've gotten:

- 5 vitamin E sticks
- Clorox Greenworks laundry detergent/shoptext
- Gold Bond hand sanitizer/Walmart
- $6 paypal/Pinecone
- Aveeno tote (super cute! It also came with a small bottle of Aveeno lotion)

And just today I received:

- Nestle Drumstick freezer bag/Sam's club
- Red Canteen/Marlboro
- uniball pen

I hope things continue to come in!