Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday morning I was working on getting breakfast cooked when I went to get a fork out of the drawer and I saw it......mouse "presents". Photobucket I knew we had a mouse somewhere in the kitchen.....we have a junk drawer that I had put one of those pot roast season bags with season packets in, and I went to get something out of the drawer and kept smelling the seasoning and when I found the package it had a small hole chewed into it. We had traps set but had not caught anything.....until yesterday. We decided to set two snap traps to catch the little bugger. After awhile I checked one of the drawers and one of the traps had been set off, but no mouse. So, when we went out yesterday afternoon we bought more sticky traps. When we got home, Z reset the snap trap, then put it in the corner then put two sticky traps around it. He did the same in the other drawer. This morning when I woke up I checked the drawer and at first i didn't see the traps anywhere!!! I pulled the drawer open all the way and there it was.......alive and stuck to one of the sticky traps. The snap trap had gone off, but it flipped over and stuck to the sticky! I put the sticky with the mouse in a grocery bag and threw it away outside, and when I checked the other drawer, there was no other mouse, but you could see where he had ate most of the peanut butter off the snap trap and didn't set it off. How he got around the sticky trap AND ate the peannut butter without setting the trap off is beyond me. I'm so glad we finally caught something, but now I need to leave the traps out as i'm sure there are more mice in the kitchen somewhere........BLECH!!!!!! I want my kitchen back!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just too darn cute.....

Tyler loves to play pretend and monster....he puts a blanket over his head and starts to make "monster" sounds. Well, just a minute ago he came into the living room and was about to put a blanket over his head but stopped and said "Mom, i'm not a real moster ok? You don't have to be scared...." I just love this kid................Photobucket


At today's appointment we found out when they would be inducing (well, not the exact date but a rough idea...) so I called my sister that said she would be here and asked if she could possibly come the week before and she said she would be here! She also said if something should happen before then to call her and she would be on a plane right away. I also called my dad and asked if he could be up here the very end of May and he said it wouldn't be a problem at all! I feel so much more relief now that we have a rough idea of when company will be here. I'm still not sure what the in-laws are doing as far as being here. I'm just so thankful my sister and dad will be here when I need them. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

35 years....

Wow, the last 35 years have gone by so fast!!! It seems like only yesterday I was a carefree kid riding my bike around the neighborhood, now i'm 35 and married with a family. Only 5 more years and i'll be 40......EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A naughty indulgence

So this past weekend we went grocery shopping at Walmart and I was checking out the prices on biscuits when I saw the premade cookie dough stuff. Up on the top shelf sat the most yummy, insanely delicious cookies ever......Nestle Tollhouse Turtle cookies. O.M.G. These cookies are SO good....almost orgasmic good!!! The mix of pecan and caramel with a chocolate chip cookie is just heavenly............

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tyler's 5 year check-up

Well, Tyler had his 5 year check-up yesterday, and it went really well!! He now weighs 46.6lbs and is either 44 or 45 inches tall. (Z went with the nurse to check Ty's height, since I was working on some paperwork on Ty, and he said he thinks he saw Ty's height at 45 inches. I had checked his height a few weeks ago and it said he was 44 inches, so 45 may be right) he did great with the eye test and his pee test came out just fine. We thought he would get his 5 year shots yesterday since he starts kindergarten this August, but the doctor said the office didn't have one of the vaccines he needed (he said there was a shortage going around), but they should have what he needed before he starts school so we can hold off on the shots for now. I was a little disappointed, since I had been telling Ty yesterday he may be getting some shots at the doctor and he was pretty much prepared for them....he even asked the nurse "When do I get my shots?" hehehe...silly.

Z also had to see the doctor for a blood pressure check-up. He had a physical done at work awhile ago and they said his pressure was slightly elevated so he would need to see his doctor, but they passed him anyway. His pressure was just fine yesterday, but he did have to give a blood sample to have his A1C checked. (for his sugar) It was cute......I had taken Ty to do give his pee sample while the nurse took Z's blood. When we came back into the room the nurse was just getting started with Z and Tyler was watching really close........he sat back up onto the table and pulled up his sleeve and told the nurse "Ok, i'm next!!" LOL The poor kid wanted some kind of needle/shot yesterday!!!

All-in-all they both had good appointments yesterday. I loved being able to sit back and let someone else be poked and prodded for a change! LOL One thing we did forget to do was talk to the doctor about Z getting snipped after Chase is born.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another digi layout

I still think I need to add some journaling to this's one of my favorite pics, though. :)

The smell in this house....

Is heavenly!!! I put a turkey breast in the oven at 1:30pm and the smell is making my mouth water.....Photobucket The last time I basted it, the smell was just amazing...........come on dinner time!!!!!

Warm weather has returned!

Last week we had some amazingly warm weather for a few days! It was such a tease! LOL Yesterday and today are supposed to be gorgeous once again......I can't wait for the weather to stay nice and warm!

So tomorrow Tyler has his 5 year check-up. I know he's late with getting it, but we've been so busy with baby doctor visits. I'm sure he'll get his shots needed to start kindergarten tomorrow......ugh. He's excited about getting his check-up though, and I even told him he may be getting some shots! He didn't seem too worried about them, since he knows he needs them to start school this August, and he's super excited about that! I SO hope the school excitement lasts...LOL! I didn't have a very good time in school, with being picked on throughout most of school, and I worry about Tyler going to school because of that......just thinking about him going to school brings back so many bad memories. :( I honestly think i'm the one who is scared about sending him to school! I know in my heart he will do just fine, though. He has Kindergarten Round-up on April 7th and that's when we'll get him all registered....

Not much else going on around here. Wow, we are super boring!!! LOL There are lots of things coming up, like Ty's kindy round-up and getting our tomoato plants in the ground the end of next we're hoping things continue to go well with the pregnancy and family will be coming down the end of May/beginning of June! I'm hoping my dad and my sister can come a little early, mainly so we can have some time together before Chase comes. But I understand they have things to do at home and can't be here too long....I can hope though, right?!?!? LOL We're not really sure when the in-laws will be here, and i'm honestly hoping they will not get here too early. I know it sounds terrible, but I dread them being here. They argue and bicker back and forth with each other so much it gets on my nerves!! Even Tyler doesn't want to be around them when they start arguing.....and my mil spends so much time on the phone with Z's sister when here, it makes me feel like i'm not doing a very good job as a host and makes me uncomfortable.....with things that were said in the past, I already feel uneasy around them! And honestly, they don't seem too thrilled with us having another baby anyway.....ahhh, well. Not much you can do when in comes to in-laws.

Before I get off of here, I want to share a picture I took of Tyler the other day......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My little pickle

Is 100% back to his normal self!! He actually started feeling better by late Saturday morning, but was still not eating much. By yesterday he was back to eating like normal.......telling me he's hungry every 10 minutes! I'm so glad he's better....last week was just horrible for him. I felt so helpless that I couldn't make him feel better. Z did have a touch of it on Sunday, but he's thinking he got sick from eating a greasy burger Saturday night. Now I just need to keep it away from me!! LOL

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today would have been my parent's 51st wedding anniversary. I spoke with dad today and he said he was doing good.....he's been keeping busy in the yard and doing things around the house, and is excited about coming down this June for when Chase is born. He did thank me for calling him and said it really brought his spirits up to talk with me today.........