Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mail for today :)

Well, no snail mail yet, but Fedex just came and I got a gorgeous spoon rest from Bonton wedding/anniversary registry!!! This thing is huge, and I just love the color!!!! If you haven't done the wedding/anniversary registry, you really should!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's mail

Ok, so I haven't gotten the snail mail yet for today BUT.....Fedex just pulled up and dropped off not one, but TWO of the Febreze Pet Carrier kits!!!! Each kit had a full size can of Febreze air effects Pet Odor Eliminator, a newspaper squeaky toy thingie, a cute bandanna and a lid for a dog food can. I was so disappointed when everyone was getting these over a month ago and I never got mine, but I figured that's how it goes when you sign up for freebies.....and I ended up getting TWO of these!!!!

I'll update this post if I get any other goodies in the snail mail. :)

**UPDATE** Ok, snail mail wasn't too came super late, though!!!

- Johnson & Johnson Parent Pack (full of all kinds of goodies! Some carefree pads, Neutrogena cleansing pads, Aveeno lotion for baby and regular, J&J baby lotion, Neutrogena make-up samples, and some coupons!)
- Another cd I ordered from Amazon (not free, but only cost me .97! Plus, it came with coupons for free chicken sandwiches from mcdonalds!)

Tomato plants

Here are two pics of our mater plants!!

Ok, so they don't look like much now......but just give them time and they will have some yummy, delicious tomato's on them!!! Photobucket

Mail goodies for May 20th-24th

Got some pretty good samples: :)

- Dove Deodorant sample (Costco)
- Order from Pure Romance (not totally free but only cost $3.95 after I used my gc) (UPS)
- Drink mix samples/Crystal Light, Kool-Aid & Country Time Lemonade (Walmart)
- Weight Watchers Smart One's insulated bag (VERY nice!!)
- L&M Keychain (Zane's name)
- CD ordered from Border's (free with gc)

I really like the Smart One's insulated's bigger than I thought it would be! I hope the goodies keep coming mail for two days in a row was rough!!! Photobucket

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mom setback

So the results from the cat scan have come back. My mom has fluid in her esophagus and one of her lungs, and has a blockage in her small intestine. They are going to put something in to drain more fluid off, and they most likely will have to do surgery to remove the blockage. My sister did say my dad really feels bad because my mom is saying once they fix whatever is going on now she wants to just go home, and not back to the nursing home/rehab place. *sigh* I'll update here once I know a little more.......

**UPDATE** My sister just called and said my mom is doing great!!! It turns out, she has a stomach ulcer, which caused a hole in her esophagus. They had to stop the meds she was on for her ulcer because of the chemo she was on, but she is back on it now and it will help heal the ulcer and hole. The blockage in her lower intestines is gone! It worked it's way out on it's own. AND, the fluid in her lung is working it's way out on it's own too!!!! So she will NOT need surgery!! WOOHOO!!! They are thinking she will be released from the hospital *possibly* tomorrow, and she will go back to the rehab place to continue with that. :)

Tomato plants are in!!!

We got our plants put in the ground last night!!!! I am so excited!! I'll try and get some pics of them today and get them posted. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mom :-/

I got a call from my sister saying my mom was taken back to the hospital earlier this afternoon with chest pains. They did say her pressure was fine, so now i'm just waiting to hear from someone with an update. :(

**UPDATE** I got to talk to my dad and my sister last night and they said she is doing good. She hasn't had any more pains since the paramedics gave her an aspirin, which is a good thing. :) The doctor at the hospital first suspected a blood clot, but the Cat scan came back fine. They did find some fluid in her chest, but not in her lungs. (if that makes sense?) They were going to put a drain in and have her stay for a few days. If the drain didn't work she would need surgery again to remove the fluid. Of course we are all hoping for no surgery!! Once the fluid is gone and they feel she is ready she will go back to the rehab home to continue with that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday was Zane and I's anniversary, but we decided to hold off on doing anything (like going out to dinner) until a weekend. Well, because they screwed up depositing Zane's paycheck (he has direct deposit that is supposed to go in on Friday, but it didn't go in until yesterday! Talk about pissed!!!) we had to do our grocery shopping last night. We did end up eating dinner out, though...Burger King! LOL Actually, it was pretty good! Anyhoo, we were leaving the last store when I noticed they had some gorgeous looking tomato plants that were HUGE! They were in a single quart (I think?) container, and were already 6-7" high!! Zane said he had seen them at other stores for over $9, so I was sure they would be super expensive. Well, he went into the store to check the price, and get this........they were only $1.99!!!!!!!! I could NOT believe it!!! So, my anniversary gift was 7 HUGE tomato plants!!!! I can't wait to get those babies into the ground soon!! I'll of course be taking pics of them and posting them very soon......Photobucket

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mail goodies for today, May 19th

Today was such an awesome mail day!!!

- $25 GC for Olive Garden/Red Lobster (MyPoints) I got that SO fast!!!! I just ordered it last Wednesday!!!!
- Coleman apron (Super nice! I honestly didn't think it would come, but it is really nice!)
- Cosmo magazine (free subscrip. from MyCokeRewards)
- junk mail

I am still in shock that I got the GC from MyPoints already....they said 2-6 weeks, but it took less than a week!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Talked with mom yesterday :)

And she sounded SO good!!! She is still hurting, but it is getting a little better each day. She is now in the nursing home/rehab place, and it is alot closer for my dad to visit now. She said she may be there for about a week, but it really depends on how the rehab goes. All she kept talking about was coming to see Tyler! It was so nice to talk with her and hear her sound so much like her old self. :)

Mail goodies for today!!

Today was awesome!!

- Another Schick Quattro Titanium razor (not sure why I got two?)
- Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste (walmart)
- Neutrogena Acne Stress Control
- Kraft Food & Family magazine w/ a coupon for free Kraft dressing!!

We also got a super cute anniversary card in the mail today from Zane's aunt in New York. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My dad called last night to update me on my mom. She is making progress, and the doctor once again said he is very impressed with how well she is doing. She does have a bladder infection from the catheter, but they are treating it. They had her standing yesterday and she got really dizzy and had to sit back down. They said that is to be expected since she has been laying down in bed since last Thursday. She is starting to eat more, which is good. They have a release date for her as of this Friday, but she is going to have to go to a nursing home/rehab place to help with standing and walking again. My dad did say the chemo treatment they did was a 90 minute heated treatment, so they most likely won't have to do anymore chemo on her! :) My sister and her husband are going to go visit her today, which will be nice. I'm hoping to get to talk to my mom real soon, since it has been since Saturday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yesterdays mail

Nothing exciting, but at least it was something!!

- Sensodyne Tothpaste (Walmart)
- Home test Institute post card
- package from amazon with some books for Ty for his My First Leappad school bus (paid for with gc's)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mail goodies

Ok, i'm going to go back to posting what I get in the mail on a semi-daily basis.....I think that will really help me with posting here more frequently. Ok, here is what I have gotten so far for the month of May:

- $10 Amazon GC/Baker street Solutions ~ Rec'd 5/3 (email)
- Seatles Best Coffee sample ~ Rec'd 5/6
- Ziploc Big Bags/Bzzagent campaign ~ Rec'd 5/7 (UPS) (if your not a member of Bzzagent, you should REALLY join!! They offer some great campaigns!!!)
- Dove Ultimate Clear gofresh deodorant ~ Rec'd 5/7 (Wal-mart)
- $10 Buzzback check ~ Rec'd 5/9
- $2 Netverdix check ~ Rec'd 5/10
- L&M Keychain ~ Rec'd 5/10
- Ortho pill holder ~ Rec'd 5/10 (not sure how I got this?!?)

Wacky weather!!!

WOW, yesterday was wild!!! The wind was just nasty here. Zane took Tyler to Wal-mart and Home Depot so I could have a little "me" time, and they were only gone for maybe 10 minutes when it started to pour down outside. I got online to check my email and check the freebie forums when all of the sudden our lab/mix Licky climbed under the computer, she is a little over 70 lbs, so that was a super tight fight for her!! Plus, I have crap under there but that didn't stop her. I started to ask her what was wrong when I heard a loud BOOM of thunder......ahhh, ok! Now that explains why she is under the desk. LOL It's kind of funny, actually. I always feel so safe outside when she is out there with Tyler and I, because I just know she will protect us if a stray dog, raccoon or skunk try to get too close......but she is scared of a thunderstorm. Saturday night we had some nasty wind and storms come through, and she climbed up on the sofa with me and practically shoved me right up against the arm of the sofa to stay close to me!! LOL So, i'm trying to mess with the computer with 70 lbs of dog under the desk....not easy!! But, I was about sign on to MySpace when I saw the light behind me flicker a little. Ok, I say.....time to shut this computer down. I get one browser window closed and wouldn't you know it, the electric goes out!! Ugh, great!!! It was still out when Zane and Tyler got home. Thankfully it was only out for 35-40 minutes at the most. Later on in the day I decided to restart the computer and try once again to check a few things, when wouldn't you know it, the electric kicks out again!!! I gave up after that....I kept it shut off! The wind was just awful, though. I heard places south of us got hit worse than we did, so we were very lucky.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone had wonderful mother's day. Other than the crappy weather, it was so nice to be with Zane and Ty. Tyler was his normal, rotten self of course....he was put in time out several times, made to take a nap, and fussed at for being mouthy.....typical day around here!!! LOL But at the end of the day, I was just so very thankful that I had him and realized just how blessed I am. I'll just be glad when he gets out of the mouthy stage.....although, I doubt that will happen any time soon, if ever!! LOL Zane got us Chinese food for dinner as a surprise, and it was SO yummy!!! This coming weekend we're going out to dinner for our anniversary coming up a week from today. I can't believe it's been 7 years already.........he drives me crazy, but I wouldn't trade him for anything! :)

Saturday was awesome....I got to talk to my mom on the phone!!!!! She still sounded a little out of it, but it was so great to hear her voice. She could only talk for a few minutes, so when my dad got on the phone I asked him how she was doing. He said she is still in some pain, but doing well. They have her sitting up in one of those recliner chair thingies some hospitals have, and their hoping to have her up and walking early this week. He did call me again last night after he got home from the hospital and said the doctor made a comment about how well she is coming along considering all she had been through, and was really impressed with everything. He said she keeps asking about Tyler and misses talking to him and talking to me every day. It was so strange not talking to my mom on mother's day, but I'm just thankful I was able to talk with her on Saturday. I'll keep updating on how she is doing. :)

Well, I think that should wrap this up for now. I still want to do a post of the freebies and samples I have gotten, since I *think* I want to start doing that again almost daily like I was. For some reason that seems to make me get my butt over hear and do a post! Tonight for dinner I'm doing some burgers off the stove with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and garlic texas toast. I'm thinking about brewing some sweet iced tea as well.....YUMMY!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!! **hugs**

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mom news

Ok, I tried to do a blog post about this earlier, but Firefox is really being a pain today and IE is even worse with dial-up!! Anyhoo, my sister called a little after 11am and said a nurse came out to update that the first cut was made at 9:25am and my mom was doing good so far. I also found out the surgeon said the whole surgery may only be 6 hours long or a little longer, but again it really all depends on what they find when they get started. I'm still waiting for more news and will update this post once I find out more........


I got a call around 5pm from my sister.....THEY GOT ALL OF THE CANCER!!!!! They got every bit of it, praise GOD!!! They also had to remove her uterus, ovaries, part of her bladder, her spleen, part of her liver and a few other things I honestly can't remember. Everything they took out she can function without just fine, so i'm just happy the cancer is all gone!!! They did say they did a chemo treatment while they still had her open, but that was just a precaution. They also don't honestly know just where this cancer originated from since it was attached to so many different things, but they will run some tests on what they took out to see if that will determine anything. But, the main thing is they got it all out.......WOOHOO!!!!!!!

I want to honestly thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts over the past few months. I honestly don't know how my family and I would have gotten through all of this without you all and I just wish I could find words to tell you just how grateful I am and how much you all mean to me. I love and cherish you all with all my heart!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mail goodies for April

Not too bad this month:

- Lifestyle Sensual Gel ~ Rec'd 4/3
- Coupon for free 12 pack Coke product ~ Rec'd 4/4 (MCR)
- Glad Foreflex Trash liner ~ Rec'd 4/8 (Wal-mart)
- I Hate Clowns sticker ~ Rec'd 4/8
- Maybelline Foundation ~ Rec'd 4/11 (Wal-mart)
- Address Labels/Magnet Street ~ Rec'd 4/11
- Uni-ball Pen ~ Rec'd 4/14
- Marie Claire small mirror ~ Rec'd 4/14
- Bzzagent Troll Doll ~ Rec'd 4/14 (super cute!!!)
- Motts Sprout Smart set/bowl, cup, utensils ~ Rec'd 4/15 (UPS)
- Xerox glow pen ~ Rec'd 4/16
- Colgate total toothpaste ~ Rec'd 4/16 (Wal-mart)
- Gold Bond lotion ~ Rec'd 4/19 (Wal-mart)
- Schick Quattro Titanium Razor ~ Rec'd 4/21
- Hershey's Bliss Houseparty Kit ~ Rec'd 4/18 (DHL) (9 bags of chocolate!!!)
- Parliment towel w/trash container ~ Rec'd 4/25 (UPS) (I got to design it it!)
- All-Clad Measuring cups ~ Rec'd 4/28 (from anniversary registry...SO heavy!!!)

Survey money/Gift cards earnerd:
Starbucks GC: $5
Pinecone Research: $10
Border's GC: $10
Peddler's Choice GC: $10
General surveys: $23 (paypal, check, cash)