Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Todays mail 7.31.12


- Honey Nut Cherrios (2)
- ResVante Liquid Dietary Supplement
- Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (2)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Todays mail 7.30.12

After having a semi shitty morning (thanks once again to my in-laws, but i'm not letting it get to me anymore :)) I had an AMAZING mail day that totally changed my mood!!!

- Schick Hydro Silk razor/Walmart (love these!!!)
- Monkey Butt Powder sample packets/Facebook giveaway (I got the Lady Monkey Butt and Anti Monkey Butt! Can not wait to try these!!!)
- Growth chart/Nestle (spanish)
- coupon for free Nivea lip care product/Facebook giveaway (my second one!!)
- survey checks that I JUST requested last week!! Total of 129.30

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giving it a shot

When I had my yearly check-up this month with the hoohaa doc, I talked with her about some of the issues I was having and how I felt it could be hormone-imbalance related. She said from what all I described it could very well be perimenopause. We talked about some things I could do or take that may help with all of the issues I was having, and she mentioned the over-the-counter medicine Estroven. She liked (and I do, too!) that it is all natural and contains no estrogen ALL. So I did some research on it and decided I would give it a shot. I saw that they make one that is for memory and mood, and they are most definitely some of the issues I have!!! I've suspected for quite awhile that my hormones were out of whack, so i'm hoping taking this will help get things sorted out. We picked some up today and i'm going to give it a shot. I would so love to go back to feeling as "normal" as I can......time will tell, I guess!!!

Todays mail 7.28.12


- free sippy cup/USA Kids Facebook giveaway (absolutely love it!!)


Ugh, I have ONE layout that has me stumped and not able to move on to another one!!!! I'm stuck with the title, and because of that I can not start a new layout.......I have a few ideas for the title, but just don't know if I like any of them!! I'm seriously thinking I may just pick a title, whether I like it or not, and just go with it and move on.......but I just know i'll dwell on it and it will bug the hell out of me......AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Whew, ok.......I feel better......

Friday, July 27, 2012

Todays mail 7.27.12

Wow, amazing mail day!

- straw drinking glasses/1saleaday.com (rec'd 2...super cute but a pain to try and figure out how to put together! LOL)
- Kazoo's/ebay (Chase loves kazoos after seeing them on Blue's Clues and the only place I could find them was ebay!! paid for with survey money)
- ADORABLE ghost scrapbook border stickers/ebay (look at those adorable faces on the ghosts!! and she sent an extra set of scrapbook borders to go with it! also paid for with survey money)
- Mickey MP3 Arm band/Disney Movie Rewards (rec'd it SO fast! It's really cute!!)
- more free pics from the Miralax giveaway

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Todays mail 7.25.12 *edit*


- Coupon for free Nivea Lip Care Product/Facebook
- free pics from code offered through Miralax challenge
- $5 paypal/Decision Science
- letter from hoohaa doctor that shows my yearly check-up reuslts were just fine!! Photobucket

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Todays mail 7.24.12


- Ace Brand Ice bag (from their email offers!)

Also, thanks to all of the free Live Nation cash from different offers and all of the Amazon MP3 offers that have been going around, I have gotten TONS of free mp3's and full albums!!! Photobucket

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Todays mail 7.21.12


- Crystal Light "glass"/ Facebook BFF giveaway (it is plastic, but still super cute!)
- coupon for free L'oreal hair color (Gold rewards)
- $12.50 survey check/Decision Analyst

Friday, July 20, 2012


If you are on Facebook, you have got to check out Freaky Pets!! They have adorable stuffed pets that they give away on a daily basis! And on Fridays, they give away over 100 pets! You have to be quick to win, but it can be done!! I won my very first pet on July 6th and today I won another one so now both boys will get one!!

Check out their Facebook page I posted above and be sure to like them!! Here is a link to their actual site where you can see the pets they offer......

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Todays mail 7.19.12

Not bad!!

- Lancome Palette (another gift from L'oreal Paris test panel. This one is Jade Fever....the one yesterday was Mint Jolie....need to figure out what to do with all of this makeup!!!)
- Bic Mark it Permanent marker/Facebook giveaway (this was from Z's facebook! Another purple......)
- $3 Pinecone payment/Paypal

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Email from this weekend.....

I won!!

Todays mail 7.18.12

Wow, such a GREAT mail day!!!

- Bic Mark-it marker/Facebook giveaway (LOVE it!!)
- butterfly and love die cut/Fiskateers (promoting their new die cut machine, which I LOVE!)
- Lorax coloring book
- Kirkland eye and face serum/Costco
- Meow Mix Pate Toppers/free can
- gifts from L'oreal Product testing panel/Rec'd 5 total!!!

Love mail days like this!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crab cakes

So I finally got the nerve up and made moms crab cake recipe today.....I have to say they were easy to make, but I did get a little teary eyed when working on them. Mainly when I was picking the crab meat.....whenever mom would make crab cakes, she and I would pick through the meat together. I kept thinking about all the time I helped her make these........miss you, mom!!!

Here is everything all ready to go......crab meat already picked through for shells

Ready to fry!!!!

mmm, all done!!

I cooked them in peanut oil and they had not even a tiny bit of greasy taste to them! They actually turned out really good!!! They don't taste as good as moms, obviously, but i'm really proud with how well they turned out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mail I forgot to post about

I totally forgot I had received an adorable Mickey pin from the Disney Rewards for free!! (actually ended up with 2 of them!) I think these came a few weeks ago.....

Todays mail 7.16.12

Not too bad....

- Febreze set & fresh
- ring sizer (didn't get a pic because Chase was playing with it)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Todays mail 7.13.12


- That 70's Show: Season One/Amazon (free after GC)
- photo bracelets/Wearshare (free from their Facebook promo awhile back....LOVE how they turned out!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Todays mail 7.12.12

After crummy mail yesterday, today was slightly better :)

- Dairy snack cooler/Facebook from Don't forget the milk (very nice!!)
- HUGE magnet and pin/Real Parents (took the Tabacco-Free Me Pledge)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still going strong!

It's been 3 weeks since we started potty training, and Chase is still going strong! He is still using pull-ups at night but is in big boy underwear all day long. He's also doing great at telling us when he has to do his business and just started pointing his "little friend" down all by himself! I still can't get over how adorable he looks in his undies.....

And of course a black-mail pic ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Todays mail 7.10.12

Not alot, but still a good day!

- $5 Amazon GC/Superpoints
- $10 amazon GC/Crowdtap
- Schick Hydro 5/Walmart
- 2 Playtex bras/Shopko (not free but an amazing deal.....I got $40 worth of bras for under $10, and that includes shipping!!!)

Monday, July 9, 2012

todays mail 7.9.12

Ok mail day...

- Halloween stickers/Yardsellr (also received Pooh stickers as well!)
- Yogi tea bags
- some cord thingie from 1saleaday.com, free


So today is Sugar Cookie Day!! I've been wanting to make some cookies for awhile now, and I finally made some!!! I didn't do sugar cookies, though......I made:

Such wonderful, cinnamon-iny goodness!!!

I know i've talked about Krusteaz cookies before, but I just can not get over how easy they are to make and how GREAT they taste!! Their sugar cookie mix is the best sugar cookie I have ever had and is a staple for us at Christmas time, even for goodie baskets! But I think my favortie cookie is their Chocolate Chunk cookie mix.

It is THE best tasting chocolate chunk/chip cookie ever!!! The only thing I change is I sift the cookie mix and take the chocolate chunks out. They are good, but I replace them with this:

mmmm, talk about an amazing chocolate chip cookie!!! In fact, I am now baking these since I am done with the Snickerdoodle cookies........this house smells SO yummy right now!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


For awhile now i've been wanting some sort of die cutting machine, mainly to do some alpha die cuts for tittles for scrapbook pages. I absolutely LOVE the Cricut, but it is way out of my price range. I had tried saving some survey money to get one, but something always came up. And to be honest, I would feel so guilty buying something like that. I was getting some alphabet die cuts (already cut) from ebay and Listia, but they are getting so hard to find anymore. I was looking into either getting the Sizzix machine or possibly the Cuttlebug. As I said, I don't really want it to cut out actual shapes, but mainly for letters for tittles for my layouts. I got a set of alphabet die cuts from someone on Listia and the font was called Wingo Zingo, and I loved them!! They were cut with a Sizzix, so i'm kind of leaning more towards getting that machine. I've seen them on craigslist and a few other sites, but I get Amazon gift cards more than anything so i'm thinking of just saving up and getting the Sizzix Machine and an alphabet die cut (probably Wingo Zingo to start). Some day i'll get my Cricut, but for now i'm thinking the Sizzix will work for me........

Anyone have a die cutting machine they love/hate?!?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Todays mail 7.7.12


- Arm & Hammer Sensitive toothpaste (with orajel)
- Replens
- Goof Off degreaser
- Blue's Clues plate/Yardsellr (only cost $1, and paid for with survey money so technically free! and it's so stinkin cute!!)
- alaphabet stickers/Yardsellr (2, also only cost $1 and paid for with survey money)
- metal art frames/Amazon (paid for with GC)

Friday, July 6, 2012


Just some random things that have been said this week.........

- "Keep your penis in your underwear, please!"
- "Yes, your butt is clean so pull up your underwear"
- "Why did you put that cookie/cracker/pencil/paper in the air vent?"
- "Why are your legs in your sleeves?"
- "Please leave the cat alone.....she is not one of your toys.."
- "Chase, where are you?" Chase: "In the closet, mommy! We having an adventure!"
- "Mommy, I need some paper toilet to wipe my butt..." Me: "Umm, you mean toilet paper?" Chase: "yeah, that!"

Todays mail 7.6.12 *EDIT*

I've been really loving the mail the past few days!

- Another Brew Over Ice Tumbler/Z's Facebook
- Cool Side K-Cups/Target (mmmm, southern sweet tea is in there!)
- alphabet stickers, ordered from yardsellr (LOVE them even more in person!! they are such a pretty green and I just love glitter!)
- cellphone carry case for Z/Amazon (paid for with GC)
- $5 Amazon GC/MiraDry Facebook giveaway (just got the email!!)

I should have quite a few more things rolling in from yardsellr and amazon....gotta love free!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Todays mail! 7.5.12

Awesome day!!!

- Depends sample/Target
- Brew Over Ice Tumbler/Facebook (LOVE it! It came with 2 straws!)
- Tide Pods sample
- A4Tech iSecureFit Metallic Earphones (completely FREE!!!)
- Right at home coupon booklet
- $3 Pinecone payment/Paypal

And not in the mail, but I got an AMAZING deal on bras this morning from Shopko......I got two Playex bras for under $10, and that includes shipping!!! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some of THE best chocolate chips.....

Makes some of the BEST chocolate covered pretzels EVER!!!! Photobucket

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Todays mail 7.3.12

And yesterdays mail.....

- Pedometer (not sure where it came from?)
- Ace bandage/Facebook (and, if you are on their email list they are sending out emails for a free Ace ice pack! You can sign up here if you are not on their list yet!)
- Amazon order/Yo Gabba Gabba undies for Chase! (paid for with GC)
- $3 Pinecone payment/Paypal

It's been one week

And Chase is STILL diaper free!! He had one small accident last Wednesday, but that is it. He is waking up dry (has been for quite some time now) and going pee right away, and is now telling us during the day when he as to either pee or do #2. He is wearing a pull-up at night and regular underwear during the day, even on days we go out to the store! He is doing SO amazing.......i'm not sure when to officially say he is "potty trained" but i'm thinking we are just about there!!!