Saturday, June 30, 2007

Doctor update

I know I said I would update on how the doctor visit went this past thursday, but I wasn't able to get online until late yesterday. Just to warn you, this will most likely be a long post so if you would rather not read, please just exit now.....LOL

So we had our appointment on thursday at 12:15pm. We get there, get checked in and wait to see the doctor. They actually took both Zane and I back together, which helped alot since we had Tyler with us. So we're in the room and Zane decided he would get checked over first. They check his pressure, then ask me to sit up on the table to be checked. The nurse is checking my pressure when she says.."whoa, something's not right....." then proceeds to check my pressure again on my other arm. Then she asks me how i'm feeling, if I feel dizzy or have a headache. I told her I felt fine, which I did. She said my pressure was awful. So she takes Zane to get some blood from him for other tests and while he is gone, the doctor comes into where I am to talk with me. He was super nice!! He went over what the nurse had put into the computer, and when he saw what my pressure reading was, he said "WOW, that can't be right!!!" I get back up on the table for him to check it himself, and sure enough it's still high. They ended up checking my pressure 7 times on two different blood pressure machines, and they even had other people try the machines to see if they was possibly something wrong with them. Bottom line, my pressure was high.....270/160! When they told me how high it was, I was freaking out!!! I could not believe it! He asked if I had been feeling fine the past few days and I told him I had. He assumes it's been high like that for several days. They did a urine sample and he checked my vision. There was protein in my urine, and he "thinks" he saw a tiny bit of pressure in my eyes. He sat us down and said what we had both feared....that I needed to go to the emergency room right away. He called ahead for us, and by the time we got to the hospital they already had a room ready for us....we didn't need to go through the ER at all, just right to my room! That was SO nice. We filled out paperwork and got me all settled in. My sugar is still out of whack, but my pressure is doing awesome. They let me come home yesterday afternoon. I checked my pressure last night while we were at walmart filling my prescriptions and it was perfect!!! Speaking of prescriptions, I am now on 2 blood pressure pills, 2 sugar pills, a cholesterol pill and an 81mg aspirin....thank goodness for walmart $4 prescriptions!!! I was reading the paperwork that comes with the meds and found out the one that was supposed to be for cholesterol was the generic prozac!!! I'm thinking, WTH?!?!? So I got to reading the papers the hospital gave me about the meds and did some research online....come to find out, walmart gave me the wrong medicine!! They mis-read what the doctor put on the prescription!!!! I only took one of the pills last night so I should be fine, but I was so ticked off! Why the heck can't the doctor's write so people can read it?!?!? Just crazy......

So anyhoo, I am home and SO glad to be here!!! I missed my men so much. Zane had to work yesterday but Tyler was at the hospital with me. Thursday night I was alone in the room and missed them both so much.......

That should do it for now. All kinds of exciting things going on, huh?!? LOL Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Here it is, monday again. This weekend went by so quickly! It was so flippin' hot out there, too! I filled up Tyler's pool on saturday and let him get in for a little while. The water was so warm it felt like bath water.....ick! He didn't stay in long because it was thundering pretty good outside. We only got a little rain out of it, although my mater plants appreciated it! Last night we got much more rain, which is a good thing. Saturday we did get to do a little shopping, but I didn't get my external hard drive I wanted. I want to do more research on them before I decide on what I want. We did however stock up on things needed around the house. We went to Sam's Club and then to the Walmart Supercenter. Yesterday we went back to Sam's to get what we forgot on saturday, and I bought a really nice rug for the downstairs is SO soft and heavy!!! I can't get over how nice it is.....or the price. It was only $12.47! All the rugs we saw at Walmart saturday night were no where near as nice as the rug at Sam's. They were so thin and cheap....but cost anywhere from $20-$25! I ended up going back to Sam's a second time yesterday to get a second rug! They are so thick and soft, it's like walking on a cloud!! Tyler walked into the bathroom and was standing on the rugs and said "Wow mommy, this rug is nice!" He then proceeded to dance on them! LOL Silly.......

So for dinner last night we had bacon cheeseburgers......can I just say YUM!!! The last time I made bacon cheeseburgers I had cut up the bacon into pieces, fried them in the skillet, then added then into the ground round and mixed it all together. Then I made the hamburger patties and cooked them on the grill. Now THAT was yummy! Although, next time I make them that way I need to make sure I cook up alot more bacon. Last night I couldn't make them that way because Zane had already made the patties up....but they were still super yummy last night!! I think tonight i'm going to make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans and some fresh baked bread from the grocery store. I also think i;m going to brew some more sweet tea......yum, yum!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


WOW, where did this week go?!? It feels like it was just monday morning and here it is, already friday! This weekend is supposed to be pretty warm here, so i'm going to make sure I fill Tyler kiddy pool up both days!! I love to sit with my feet in the cool water while he swims.....and he just loves having it, too! The downside to relxing near the pool is, sunburn. YUCK!! I got burned on my shoulders and upper back pretty badly earlier this week. It is now peeling and super itchy! I've been making sure Ty has good sunblock on, I neglected myself. :( From now on I will be sure to put something on myself as well as Ty!!

So, my brother in law rolled in last saturday afternoon. It was really nice having him here, but boy can he drive me crazy!! He acts just like a 3 year old at times......I had to get on him and Ty both several times for fussing back and forth with each other. Ugh, it was NOT fun! He stayed saturday and sunday, then went to Pigeon Forge for a few days. (we only live about 25-30 mins. away from Pigeon Forge!) He came back here yesterday to spend more time with Tyler, then went back to MD early this morning. It was nice having company. I sure do miss being close to family. :(

I got some AWESOME news yesterday........ZANE AND I HAVE GOT DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS FOR NEXT THURSDAY AT 12:30PM!!! Why such big news, you ask? Because we haven't seen a doctor in almost 3 years, and we both have high blood pressure and are diabetics. So that is almost 3 years without meds, as well. Yes, I know that is bad but the cost of health care is outrageous!! Now I just lied, we did see a doctor earlier this year at a free clinic. Boy was that ever a joke!!! Talk about making you feel like a worthless human being for not being able to afford health insurance. I have never in my life met a doctor as cold and uncaring as that man was. But, we have the insurance now and are finally going to see a doctor and get back on meds! I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes next week!

Hmmm, what else?!? Oh yeah!! We started christmas shopping already!! I've been doing survey on and off and for the month of June I earned over $200 in gift cards! I got a $100 GC just on wednesday! So, we ordered two dvd's (the 4th Harry Potter movie and Home For The that movie!!) plus a new waffle maker that makes heart shaped waffles. I also ordered 3 batteries for my digital camera....for under $6 a piece!!! Plus ordered some flea & tick stuff for the dogs, and 4 cool trucks for Tyler for christmas. For what I paid for all 4 trucks, was the price of one of them at regular price!! And not one penny was spent out of pocket for any of it!!! Gotta' love those gift cards!!!!

As for dinner tonight, I honestly don't know what we are having. I *think* we are going out tonight.....Best Buy has an external hard drive I want to get for the computer on sale, which should help my computer run SO much better. I guess we'll probably pick up something to eat while we are out. I did make some yummy fresh brewed sweet iced tea this afternoon.......nothing beats the heat better!!


Monday, June 11, 2007

The weekend is over..

Boy, did it go by fast!! It was nice, but SO warm here! Saturday I got a little cleaning done, but it was just so warm I didn't get a whole lot done. My brother-in-law is supposed to come for a visit this weekend so I want to try and get things in better shape around here. I have SO much to do! (and yet, here I still sit...crazy, huh?!?) When Zane came home from work Saturday we went to the grocery store to get a few things, then got dinner out. It was so nice to not have to cook! Granted it was McDonald's, but it was still nice not to have to cook in the heat. Yesterday we scrubbed our front porch and got it nice and clean. It looks SO much nicer now! On Saturday I discovered we now have a mouse living in the kitchen unless it is the same mouse from the laundry/bathroom, we now have 2 of the little buggers in the house!! UGH!!!!! I'm assuming since it's so warm and dry outside they are deciding to come in and seek out, fun, fun!!! NOT!!! >:-( We have plenty of traps set so now all we have to do is catch them. You would think our little "killer" cat MeeMee would catch them......she's caught 2 since we've lived here, plus a lizard that got in, and a chipmunk that SHE brought into the house for us!! Wasn't that so very sweet of her?!?!? Goofy cat. Anyhoo....hopefully if the traps don't catch the mice, MeeMee will. Time will tell, I guess.....

So last week we had Ty's iron levels checked and they also check his height and weight. He is now 33lbs 7 ozs and 38" tall!! I had been telling Zane it seemed like Ty was getting taller, but I didn't know he had grown like that. Since I see him every day it's hard for me to see a difference, but it really looked like he had gotten taller...and I was right! My little boy is growing up......:-(

This morning I was sitting at the computer, enjoying my "child free" time (Ty was still asleep) when I hear our dog Licorice (Licky for short) do a deep, low "woof". I peeked into the living room and saw she was looking out the sliding door......usually when she does this, it's either a squirrel or a deer. Or on a rare occassion, a raccoon. I told her to hush and didn't give it much thought. Well, she did it several more times, so I get up to look out the door......and there is a wild turkey in the backyard!!! OMG, this thing was HUGE! It was almost, if not as tall, as Tyler is!!! I went tor grab my camera and when I got back to get it's pic it had started over the hill to the field....I did snap a pic, but not a very good one. I've seen one in the yard before, but never that close!!! Too cool!!!

For dinner last night I fixed spaghetti with meatballs and garlic breadsticks....SUPER YUMMY!!! I also had a salad with it that was delicious as well! I hadn't had a salad in so long. We also had sweet tea that we brewed earlier that was a perfect dinner!!! Tyler tore up the meatballs!!! Zane rolled them for me and made several small meatballs just for Ty...he loved them!!! I think he ate about 6 of them! He'd rather eat just meatballs and no spaghetti at all! LOL Tonight for dinner i'm fixing boneless pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, pork gravy and biscuits.....YUM!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

And we have.....


I can't believe we already have a tomato on one of our plants. They've only been in the ground for about 2 weeks!!! I rushed inside to get my camera and got a good pic of it......Zane was just shaking his head at me; he thought I was crazy to be so excited over a tomato!! LOL I so can not wait to bite into a homegrown tomato........

Wednesday, June 6, 2007



Whew, I am wiped out! I have been so busy trying to catch up on things since we've been back from vacation....I can't seem to keep up! I did my best to make sure the house was in semi-decent shape before we left....I SO didn't want to come home to an already messy house. Needless to say, I can't catch up! Everytime I clean somewhere, a new area gets I go to clean the new mess, and the last place I cleaned gets destroyed! Ahh, the joys of having a 3 year old!! AND having two dogs and a cat!! Who, by the way, shed so much that if I could find a way to make money off their fur, I would be rich!!! We have a shetland sheepdog, who has long beautiful hair, and a lab/mix who has very short hair....and I think the lab/mix sheds worse than the sheltie!! LOL I still have so much I want to accomplish around here......maybe if I get off of this computer I could get some of that done, huh?!? LOL

Another problem I seem to have run into is, somehting is living in our laundry room, and I can't for the life of me catch it!! And neither can our cat! We put a mouse trap in there about a month or so ago, and whatever is living in there ate the peanut butter off of the trap, but didn't set the trap off. So I said, "ok, i'll catch you you little bugger!!!" I put done 4 snap traps, all baited with peanut butter. They have been in there for several weeks and we STILL haven't caught whatever it is that lives in there. Every single night, the cat will either sit inside the laundry room, or just out side of it, and just watch. She knows there is something in there.......I just wish she would catch it! My laundry room is a mess because I had to move things around to set the traps up, and also block them so Ty and the cat or dogs couldn't get to them. If we don't catch it soon, I told Zane we are going to start charging it rent........

On a MUCH happier note.....WE PLANTED OUR TOMATO PLANTS!!!! Finally!! I am a major happy camper now. I can not WAIT to bite into a juicy, yummy home grown tomato. They have been in the ground for a week as of today, and they are doing great!! It won't be long and we'll have to put those metal cage thingies around them. I just hope rocky raccoon and the deer leave them alone. I will be highly upset if something gets into my tomato plants!!!! I'll post a few pics of the plants that I have taken sometime today.....

Ok, I think I need to get moving.....time for lunch soon!!! I still have no idea what i'm fixing for dinner tonight.....however I did figure dessert out. I made a yummy, super delicious strawberry shortcake this morning!! MMMM, it looks SO good! I can't wait to have a piece!!!!! I also post a pic of that sometime today, too!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!!!

Home again!!

I am SO sorry it's been so long since i've made a post!!! Zane surprised Tyler and I with our very first family vacation! We went up to Maryland to visit with family, and it was SO much fun! We left on the 23rd of May around 4pm and got to the in-laws house a little after midnight. We made awesome time!! We even stopped several times to stretch our legs and let the dogs out. Tyler did amazing the entire ride! We borrowed a portable dvd player from a friend of ours, and boy did that make a HUGE difference with Ty! He was so excited that he could watch his movie Cars and his Little Einstein dvd's while being in daddy's truck. We are really hoping to get our own portable dvd player soon! It was really nice seeing everyone again. We had not seen the in-laws since earlier this year and they had a blast with Ty! On Saturday the 26th, we went to visit my parents, and they had not seen Tyler in over a year! No one could get over how much he has grown and how well he is talking....I was definitely a proud momma! It was really nice for me to see my parents as well....I love living out here in the country, but I sure do miss being close to family. :( Anyhoo, later on Saturday we went over my oldest sisters house for a cookout....and one of my other sisters surprised us by coming over as well!!! It was just awesome! We had such a great time, I hated to leave! Everyone was amazed at how Tyler was talking and how he had such good manners....he is just growing up SO fast!! We left my sisters house around 6pm that night and went back to spend more time with the in-laws. We spent all day Sunday with them so they could get in as much time as possible with Ty. He is their first grandchild, and boy do they love the little guy! (and how could you NOT love him?!? hehe) Monday the 28th, Memorial Day, we packed up all of our stuff and went back to my parents before we headed back home. It was very hard on the in-laws to say goodbye to Tyler...and I know he will miss them, too. Hopefully they will be able to come down to visit us real soon. We got to my parents house around 12:30 in the afternoon and had a great time! My dad and Zane talked about how the traffic will be when he we head back home and when the best time to leave would be. Well, we decided to get up as early as we possibly could to head back home. I let Zane sleep in the bed by himself so he could get all the sleep he could, so Ty and I slept upstairs in a recliner. Zane woke us up around 2:30am on Tuesday and we finished getting things put away, including getting the dogs in the truck, and we left for Tennessee. I tell you, it felt SO good to be back home!! We may have been born and raised in MD, but TN has offically become our home. Being in MD was great, but it felt a little....awkward? I don't know....we both felt a little out of place being there. I guess it's because we've been away for so long. We got home a little after 12pm on the 29th. Zane and Ty took a nap when we got here, and I just sat on the sofa, enjoying being in my own home once again. I am in no hurry what so ever to take another long trip like that again! LOL