Friday, June 22, 2007


WOW, where did this week go?!? It feels like it was just monday morning and here it is, already friday! This weekend is supposed to be pretty warm here, so i'm going to make sure I fill Tyler kiddy pool up both days!! I love to sit with my feet in the cool water while he swims.....and he just loves having it, too! The downside to relxing near the pool is, sunburn. YUCK!! I got burned on my shoulders and upper back pretty badly earlier this week. It is now peeling and super itchy! I've been making sure Ty has good sunblock on, I neglected myself. :( From now on I will be sure to put something on myself as well as Ty!!

So, my brother in law rolled in last saturday afternoon. It was really nice having him here, but boy can he drive me crazy!! He acts just like a 3 year old at times......I had to get on him and Ty both several times for fussing back and forth with each other. Ugh, it was NOT fun! He stayed saturday and sunday, then went to Pigeon Forge for a few days. (we only live about 25-30 mins. away from Pigeon Forge!) He came back here yesterday to spend more time with Tyler, then went back to MD early this morning. It was nice having company. I sure do miss being close to family. :(

I got some AWESOME news yesterday........ZANE AND I HAVE GOT DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS FOR NEXT THURSDAY AT 12:30PM!!! Why such big news, you ask? Because we haven't seen a doctor in almost 3 years, and we both have high blood pressure and are diabetics. So that is almost 3 years without meds, as well. Yes, I know that is bad but the cost of health care is outrageous!! Now I just lied, we did see a doctor earlier this year at a free clinic. Boy was that ever a joke!!! Talk about making you feel like a worthless human being for not being able to afford health insurance. I have never in my life met a doctor as cold and uncaring as that man was. But, we have the insurance now and are finally going to see a doctor and get back on meds! I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes next week!

Hmmm, what else?!? Oh yeah!! We started christmas shopping already!! I've been doing survey on and off and for the month of June I earned over $200 in gift cards! I got a $100 GC just on wednesday! So, we ordered two dvd's (the 4th Harry Potter movie and Home For The that movie!!) plus a new waffle maker that makes heart shaped waffles. I also ordered 3 batteries for my digital camera....for under $6 a piece!!! Plus ordered some flea & tick stuff for the dogs, and 4 cool trucks for Tyler for christmas. For what I paid for all 4 trucks, was the price of one of them at regular price!! And not one penny was spent out of pocket for any of it!!! Gotta' love those gift cards!!!!

As for dinner tonight, I honestly don't know what we are having. I *think* we are going out tonight.....Best Buy has an external hard drive I want to get for the computer on sale, which should help my computer run SO much better. I guess we'll probably pick up something to eat while we are out. I did make some yummy fresh brewed sweet iced tea this afternoon.......nothing beats the heat better!!