Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just got a call....*UPDATE*

from my sister isn't going to make it. I'm waiting for her to call me back....i'll update when I hear from her.

*update 1* 2:40pm: My sister just called back and said mom is in critical care. They are waiting to get the pictures (scan) from the previous hospital she was in (she was in University of MD but is now in Mercy Hospital) so they can compare them to the new scans they have. They are now saying it could be ovarian cancer, but how in the hell can it be that when they took everything out of her back in May?!?!? I HATE that they keep throwing that damn word around still. Anyhoo, they are going to do more blood work at 3pm to check her platelets again. She is also only breathing with the ventilator.

*update 2* 7:00pm: I talked with dad and he said mom is in stable condition. She still has bacteria pneumonia, which casued her lungs to bleed and that caused her platelets to drop. They gave her lots of blood today, and so far she is doing somewhat better. The word cancer hasn't been said anymore, and let's hope it stays away.

*update 3* Sept 28 6:41pm*: I talked again with dad. Mom is still doing well. She is sedated and still on the ventilator, but the bleeding has stopped for now. They are going to start her on steroids soon to help build up her lungs. The scans did come back showing there is NO cancer, thank goodness!!!! They are now saying she had uterine/ovarian cancer and not stomach cancer. I'll keep this post updated as I get news.

Legendary actor Paul Newman dies

RIP, Mr. Newman....


I called dad yesterday to see how mom is doing....she isn't doing well at all again. Thursday night she had a fever of 102. They found out she has yet another infection, and their thinking she has pneumonia. They did some tests and scans to see just how bad it is, but she has fluid in/near her lungs and near her stomach. They won't have to results from the tests until sometime today, so I asked my dad to call me tonight when he get's back from the hospital. I'll update when I hear from him.

Friday, September 26, 2008

In-law's vent

*AT first I wasn't going to do this post, as i'm not sure if my sister in law (Zane's sister) lurks on my blog or not. But then I thought, who cares if she does and reads this? So what if she runs to them and tells them what I wrote? It's not like what i'm going to vent about wouldn't be told directly to them by me anyway. I will not be afraid, or censor my blog like that!

Anyhoo, here is my vent. Saturday is Zane's birthday. Since he and I have been together (over 8 years now), his parents have always sent him a birthday card with a check in it. Granted, it wasn't for much, but that wasn't the was of course the thought that counts and it meant alot to him that they even sent it to him. Yesterday he gets a card in the mail from his parents. He went into the kitchen with the mail while I dropped some dirty clothes off in the laundry room. When I went into the kitchen, he handed me the card they sent him......they sent him a cheapy card (i'll get to the reason why I posted about the card in a sec) with coupons in it. Yes, you read that from the Sunday paper for Cascade!!! If you could have seen the hurt look on Zane's face. I was furious!!! Now, no i'm not furious because they didn't send him a check, i'm furious for the reason why they didn't. You see, they are upset with ME because when we were in MD last month, we first stayed at their house for one night. They asked if I would bring Tyler to see them while he and I stayed there at my parents house. I told them it would be up to my dad, as I didn't have my own vehicle and would have to ask him to drive his. Plus, his parents live over an hour away from my parents and I didn't feel comfortable driving that far, especially when i'm not driving my own vehicle. They kept saying Tyler and I could come and stay for a few days, and if we needed anything at all to call them, and that included a ride home....blah, blah, blah. Again, I told them it would be up to my dad. When we did get to my parents home, I mentioned it to my dad and he said he didn't like the idea of me driving the truck that far, mainly because he was having issues with the brakes and would rather we not go. So needless to say, the in laws are pissed because I "broke a promise I made to them about bringing Tyler to see them." And because they are pissed at me, they will also take it out on Zane as well. Isn't that nice?!? My in-laws are miserable, petty people and they will never change. And if you've been reading my blog long enough, you know what kind of person my brother in law (Zane's brother) is. He lives with the in laws and is just like them. I guess they feel if they're miserable and unhappy, then everyone around them should be. The look on Zane's face last night broke my heart, and made me dispise these people even more. Like I said, it's not so much the fact that they didn't send a check, it's the reason why they didn't. The in-laws never really cared for me anyway, (LONG story) and i'm really thinking i'm done with them. I don't want or need people like that in my life....all they will do is bring me down and I don't want that at all.

*BTW, I mentioned the cheapy b-day card. His parents buy boxes of cheapy, generic cards because they mail out state quarters to people and that was the cheapest way for them to do that. Of course that's perfectly fine, but instead of them getting a card specifically for "son" from the dollar store, like they do EVERY year, they just sent one of the generic cheapy cards. Zane usually saves every card he gets from everyone.....this card he threw away last night. :(

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mail hasn't been all that great lately. Where are all the goodies i've signed up for?!? Anyhoo, here is what has come the past week....

- 4 pepsi t-shirts from pepsi points (UPS)
- lunch box/cooler from pepsi points (UPS)
- 3 digital photo keychains from pepsi points (UPS)
- baby bottle
- Kashi cookie

*Zane found out Pilot was giving away 5 point pepsi point cards so he brought home lots of them!! Just in time for Christmas shopping! ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pics of the furry crew

Here are some pics of our furry members.....

Our sheltie Honey:

She loves to sleep this way:

Our lab/mix Licky:

And our crazy kitty, MeeMee:

Coyote update

Remember my post about seeing a coyote? Here. Well, I was talking with my neighbor and he said while Ty & I were in MD visiting family, a coyote tried to attack someone's dog down the road from us! (there are only three houses down the road from our house on the left and 3 houses to the right) The game warden was called out, and they set traps and caught 6 coyotes total. The big one that tried to attack the dog was killed by the dog owner. She said she heard noises outside and saw a huge coyote in her yard. She went outside with a gun and the coyote was growling and started to come after her so she fired..........from what our neighbor heard, the game warden put all of the coyotes down. I don't know if it was because they tried to attack someone or if they had something wrong with them. I'm really relieved that we don't have to worry about having them around much as Tyler plays outside, even with Licky out with him I was still worried. I had never seen a coyote as big as the one we saw.........SCARY!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

And so it begins.....

Every toy commercial that comes on.....

"mommy, do you think santa will bring that for me?"

"oh mom, I sure hope santa brings me that!"

"mommy, do you think santa can find something like that for me?"

And if it's a doll or a baby....

"mommy, do you think they make dolls/baby dolls for boys? if so, can santa bring me one?"

And Christmas is still 3 months away............

Welcome fall!!!!

I'm so glad the cooler weather is here!!! Don't get me wrong, I love summer.....but enough with the hot temps!!! I love the feel of the autumn cool air and the smell of the woodstoves burning. It isn't quite cool enough for the stoves, but i'm actually looking forward to it!! Although, i'm sure it won't be long and i'll be posting about how sick and tired I am of finding pieces of wood in my carpet! LOL I'm so ready for a change, bring on the cool weather!!!!!

So the weekend is over. It was actually not too bad. We got lots of running done and stocked up on some things for the house. Plus, I got to go to DollarTree and get a few picture frames i'd been wanting. :) Also, we went to Target to look for another fan for the window. (yes, we love it cold in the house....we run a fan in the window all fall/winter long!) Target has a dollar section when you first walk in, and of course I always hit that area first. I found some super cute clear stamps as well as something I had been wanting for quite some time.......acrylic blocks for clear stamps!!! They were only $1 a piece, so of course I scooped up several of them.....I couldn't believe that I had found them! I know they aren't the fancy name brand blocks, but for $1 I just couldn't pass that up!! Then when we went to Wal-mart, I found some 2.5x3.5 picture frames for only $1 and they are SUPER cute!!! (i'm going through a picture frame obsession right now.....) We also got the things we need for Tyler's halloween costume.....he asked if he could be a sheriff this year, so we got a set of toy guns with the belt thingie and a super cool sheriff badge. He already has a hat he can wear, so all we still need to find for him is a long sleeve white shirt and I still want to try and find him a cheapy sheriff vest he can wear. He's really excited about going trick or treating this year.......we take him to the local mall and in less than an hour he has a decent amount of goodies. Plus, we have chick-fil-a for dinner......yum!!!!

Zane surprised me Saturday.....when he got off from work he snuck over to the craft store Michael's and got me a 16x20 collage picture frame (for my frame obsession! LOL) AND, a 12x12 scrapbook container!! I was so shocked that he remembered me telling him about the case......he is just too good to me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few special pics i'd like to share

As you can see these were taken in 1956:

And this pic is from my wedding in 2001:

Pics from our trip to MD

I know they're late, but I kept forgetting to resize them so I could get them posted!! Enjoy!!!

Feeling the water on his feet.......

Playing in the sand.....

He loved how the sand felt!

He also loved having the waves wash up on him!

Fishin with poppop.....


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom news

My dad called earlier and said mom is back in the hospital. :( Her oxygen dropped way too low last night and she now has another blood infection. Plus, she pulled the trach (sp?) out of her throat and was bleeding really bad. They are thinking the infection was caused by her oxygen levels being so low, but they are still running tests to be sure. I'll update as I find things out........

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

So, are dishwasher hasn't been working like it should for quite some time now. The other morning Zane loaded the dishwasher before work and when it was done I went to unload it and saw the washer stuff didn't dissolve at all, and nothing was wet! Come to find out the water inlet valve wasn't working. We couldn't get the part until yesterday, so we had to *gasp* do dishes by hand!!! The nerve of our dishwasher crapping out on us, making us wash dishes by hand!!! LOL Well, Zane installed the part last night and now our dishwasher is working 100% better than ever! *sigh* I know, it's so sad that we are so dependant on that thing.........

Mail for the past few weeks

It was just like Christmas when I got back to TN!!!

- Scott toilet paper/Wal-mart
- Mr. Clean Magic Eraser/Wal-mart
- Cascade complete tablets/Wal-mart
- $10 Garb panel check from bra test
- Orioles fan pack
- coupon for free Cheerios
- Stride sweet cinnamon gum/text
- Powerade tshirt/text
- $6 Pinecone payment/paypal
- coupon for free cat litter
- cd ordered from amazon paid for with pepsi points

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom update

I'm so sorry I haven't updated sooner. I'm still trying to get caught up from being gone two weeks!!!

Anyhoo, mom is still doing well. She is now at the rehab place that is affiliated with UMD hospital, and my dad said on Friday that she was doing well with her therapy. She was giving thumbs up and was smiling when my dad showed her pics of Tyler. :) They are supposed to be putting a cap on the traech (sp?) so she can talk and then they will be doing a swallow test so that they can start giving her food to help build up her strength. She is still get her nutrition from an IV, but still needs lots more. I'm hoping as long as she does good and no other infections pop up, she should be going home within the next few weeks!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back from MD

Tyler and I made it back home! We got in close to 1:30 yesterday afternoon. It feels SO good to be back home!! Although, i'm missing my dad something terrible. I feel so bad for him, being home by himself when he gets back home from seeing my mom. :( But, it was a great trip!! I got to see my mom several times and got to spend lots of time with, I got to eat some CRABS!!! They were oh so yummy!!!!! I have some pics i'll be uploading eventually of Tyler and my dad fishing.....well, of my dad fishing and Ty playing in the sand and water!! LOL Tyler got to play in sand for the first time and LOVED it!!! He was also super excited about seeing some "big water" as he called it, which was the Chesapeake Bay. He loved having the waves wash up to his was just too cute! We were hoping to take him to Ocean City to see the Atlantic Ocean, but we didn't make it this visit......maybe next time!!!

Well, I still have so much unpacking to do, plus get ready to run to the store to get some groceries......i'll update more on our trip later, including a mom update!! :)