Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on the boys

I know I am SO far behind with the updates, but using my old hard drive is rough!! it is SO slow and I can only leave it on for an hour or so at a time before I need to restart it to work normally again. Anyhoo, here are some updates on the boys.....

Tyler is doing alot better! His ear hardly hurts at all but he can't hear out of it just yet. His cough comes and goes but for the most part he hardly coughs at all! He's already missing school and can't wait to see his friends and teacher again in January! LOL He's also SUPER excited about Christmas this week....but then again, what kid isn't?!? We got him lots of games this year, like Trouble and Gator Golf.....we also got him a game that is like Trouble but it's Scooby Doo themed, and we also got him Monopoly.

Chase is doing awesome!! He still has a slight runny nose and cough but is such a happy guy. I can't believe he is 6 months old already!! He is just about sitting up on his own and is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. His latest thing is growling/grunting.....just like a male! LOL Today I started him on some stage 2 baby foods and he got mac & cheese for lunch and LOVED it!! I also got him a chicken and veggie thing to try for dinner soon. Also, when we put up the Christmas tree he was so excited, but he took a nap before Z could put the lights on it and he didn't get to see them. Well, when he woke up from his nap and saw those lights, the look on his face was just priceless. He loves looking at Christmas trees and lights now!!!! I can't wait until we go to Pigeon Forge this Thursday and he sees all those lights.......:D

I can't post any pics right now as I don't have a program on this computer to edit pics.....if I do get them fixed i'll be sure to post them!!

When it rains......

So today I decided to take the boys to Walmart and to get Z's Christmas present. When we get to Walmart I went to the back of the van to get the stroller out.....well, on top of the stroller was Chase's old car seat so I picked it up and slid it to the back seat. I must have moved my hand too fast because I ended up smashing my thumb and I pulled my hand back and shook it a few times to get it to stop hurting.....and my wedding ring went flying through the air. :( I heard it hit the pavement and bounce several times before I couldn't hear it anymore, and I couldn't see it anywhere. A man was sitting in his car and got out and asked if he could help me......I told him I would greatly appreciate it although i'm sure it's a lost cause. We looked and looked, but no hard as I was shaking my hand that ring could be anywhere in the parking lot. I went to the service desk and they told me to call them throughout the day to see if anyone finds it and returns it, but I seriously doubt anyone will do that.......I mean, it's far from an expensive ring but I can't see someone finding it and turning it in. It would honestly take a Christmas miracle for that to happen........

Friday, December 11, 2009

Crazy few weeks!!!

Whew, where to begin!!! So let's see, the last update was about Ty. He is now doing much better! He still has a cough, but we all seem to have it. We ended up taking Chase back to the ER on the 4th. When he woke up that morning he seemed to having a slight problem with breathing but I just figured it was from his nose being stuffy/crusty. The big thing was his cheeks were so red!! I couldn't get over how red they were, and yet he still had no fever. We called the after hours hotline and they said if we felt he should be seen to take him to the ER, so we did. His weight was down to 16lbs 4oz (which we think was wrong anyway, but i'll post about that in a sec) which was only 7 ozs difference but it was still dropping. He had a slight fever as well and just looked so pitiful. :( The doctor came in and decided to do a chest x-ray and a rsv test, plus give him a breathing treatment. The x-ray was interesting........trying to hold an almost 6 month old still for that was tough! It came back fine though, and they then came in to do the rsv test....THAT was awful. They had to stick a think tube into his nose and use a syringe to draw up some mucous to test it. Poor baby just cried and cried. That also came back negative, which was a relief. Then the nurse came in adn gave him a breathing treatment. He wasn't too happy about it, but he did good. After that she used a suction tube to clean his nose out really good and THAT was also rough! He hated it!!! After all of that, I was holding him to comfort him and he passed out! We finally got the all clear to go home and he really seemed to be doing much better. Seeing him go through all of that wasn't easy, though. :(

So on Sunday night/early Monday morning I woke up to an ear ache and now can't hear out of my right ear.......and I also ended up with pink eye in both eyes!! Then on Tuesday I lost my glasses and didn't find them until that evening. Then, on Wednesday we had some nasty winds blowing and at 3am we lost electric. By 5am it had come back on. Well, when I got back from taking Ty to school, I decided to bake some cupcakes for Chase's 6 month "birthday".......I had 5 minnutes left for them to bake when the electric went out yet again. I left at 11am to go pick Ty up from school and when we got back at 1:30pm the electric was back on. So, I started the washer and dishwasher and finished baking the rest of the cupcakes. When they were done I decided to turn the computer back on and get soon as I got connected, the electric went out yet again. The elctric didn't come back on again until after 8pm. Well, I went to get online on Thursday and it kept saying the port was already in use......a call to Peoplepc informed me that I was still showing as online and I would need to uninstall my modem and reinstall it. Well, I did that and it still doesn't work, so I now need to send my computer out to have the modem repaired. I pulled out my old hard drive and I forgot how slow this thing is. I guess I should just be thankful i'm able to get online, huh?!? LOL If it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck at all!

Today Chase had his 6 month check up. How in the world did my baby get to be 6 months old?!? The appointment was also a follow-up for when he was at the hospital. Anyhoo, he did good. His weight was 15lbs 11ozs there, and I asked the doctor and nurse why the big weight difference between the hospital digital scale and their scale and was told we should go by the doctor office scale. He was also 26.5 inches long. The doctor said he looked like he was on the mend, even though his little cheeks are still a little red. He said his lungs sounded ok....he could still here a little congestion but he wasn't weezing or struggling to breath so that was fine. He did say he was still concerned about the discharge coming out of his nose. He asked if it had always been that color and I told him it was slightly darker green last week....he said if it gets dark green again (it's light green right now) he would need to be put on an antibiotic. After his check up came the nasty shots......he got two of them! While we were waiting for the nurse he got fussy so we gave him his bottle and he ended up falling asleep. Well, we had to wake him up to get his shots and that was awful. He cried so much after the first shot he ended up coughing, then gagging and puking up all the milk he had just drank. :( After his second shot we got him all wiped down and cleaned up and dressed and he seemed to be doing better. By the time we got home he was passed out. I got him out of the van and layed back down without waking him! Well, he woke up just as it was time to go get Ty from school and on the way to the school he went back to sleep and slept for almost another hour.......when he woke up he felt slightly warm like he had a fever, so I gave him some more tylenol and he seemed fine. I'm just glad the 6 month shots are done! Poor little guy has had a rough week like the rest of us..........


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tyler update

Well, we took Tyler to the doctor today. Actually, Z left work early today to take him himself as we didn't really want to take Chase out since it's so cold and he's still sick. Ty doesn't have strep but the doctor is thinking he has a touch of mono! He also said one of his ears was red inside so he gave him some meds for that as well as the mono. And the good news, the pink eye is cleared up! We'll be keeping him home tomorrow and if he feels better he can go to school on Thursday.

So Z just called to let me know about the prescription for would cost us $80 out of pocket to buy!! WTH?!?!?!? Z called the doctors office and told them they need to call in something different since there is no WAY we can afford that.

Poor Chase is still sick. :( He has a stuffy nose and cough, but at least the pink eye cleared up. I feel so bad for him, though..........hopefully this will all clear up soon and stay away!!! Today is a bittersweet day.......Chase moved out of the swaddler diapers and is now in cruisers. My baby is growing up so fast!