Thursday, May 31, 2012

Todays mail *edit*

Ehh, it was ok......I got:

- Bamboo Tipped Water bottle/L&M (received 2, one in my name and one in Z's name)
* - Exercise band/Nature's Bounty (forgot about it and didn't get a pic)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Friday, May 25, 2012


I totally forgot that when Ty got his "diploma" on Monday they also gave all the kids a free book!!

I've just flipped through the pages so far, but even I can't wait to read this book!

Todays mail

I didn't get a chance to get a pic of it (and I have no clue where Chase has put it!) but I got the Crystal Light Mocktail Appletini,,,,I can not wait to try it! Well, when I find it, anyway.........

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Party invites ordered

So I finally got a few invites ordered for Chase's party in two weeks.....I know it will only be us at the party, but I thought the in-laws would love to have an invite. And of course I had an extra one printed to scrapbook.....Photobucket Anyhoo, here it is!

Overlooked mail today!

Ty had gone to the mailbox to get our mail, so I hadn't been outside to check for anything else. We mainly use the back door (when it rains the front yard gets SO muddy and takes forever to dry, so we basically got used to using the back door only), but just a few minutes ago I took Chases play rug out the front door to shake it out and I saw a box on the front porch! I finally got my Private Selection bzzkit!! It came with:

- Sea Salt and Pepper kettle chips
- coupon for free Private Selection apple or cherry pie
- coupon for free ground beef (up to $5 off)
- coupon for $1.50 off Private Selection ice cream pints
- several coupons for 20% off Private Selection products

Woohoo, I can't wait to go to Kroger and pick up my freebies!!!

Mail call for yesterday and today!

I didn't get a pic of yesterdays mail, as all I got was:

- Quaker Oatmeal Square cereal

Todays mail was great!!

- Ultra Glam bracelet/Seventeen & shoptext (got 2 of them!)
- NYC Individual color (not sure how I got this....I think it was from an influenster box i got a few months ago?!?)
- Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner/Walmart

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Schools out for summer!!"

It is official....summer break is on!!! We went and got Ty early from school today (even though it was a half day anyway! LOL) and the school was SO empty! In fact, Ty's classroom only had 3 other students in it. We went into the classroom and gave his teacher the gift I made.....she loved it!! And of course I didn't bring my camera as I wanted to get Ty's pic with his teacher. But we stayed a little while and talked with her.....she is SO awesome. It's actually kind of sad that Ty is done with his school.........but at the same time he is excited about going to a new school. And, his teachers youngest son goes to the school Ty is going to, so that is pretty cool!!!'s still so hard to believe I am the mom of a third grader!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's offical

We are the proud parents of a third grader!!

It's just so bittersweet. He still has tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday, but after that he will go to a different school since his current school only goes up to second grade. Sunnyview has been such a wonderful school, and we are really going to miss the teachers and staff there.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Anniversary present

Z surpised me with these!


Teacher project complete

Ok, so once the Mod Podge dried the bubbles seemed to have all but disappeared. You can "kind of" see where they were, but I don't think it looks too bad.

I can not believe just how much fun this was to make!! Yes I was freaked out when I saw the bubbles when I added the MP, but it really does look neat......and it doesn't look "perfect", so you can obviously tell it was made by hand.....but also made with love.(yes, sounds corney I know....LOL) I can't wait to give this to his teacher this Wednesday!!

11 years ago today....

The Marshall family was established!! It sure has been a rough road, but we seem to keep things together......Photobucket

Teacher project...NOT a happy camper :(

Ok, so I finally got the monkey die cut I had been waiting for and attached it yesterday. Todat I decided to go ahead and Mod Podge went on super easy! But, the paper bubbled up. I tried everything I could think of to smooth it out but it isn't working. I am so upset by still looks super cute, but you can SO see the bubbles.......i'll get pics once the MP dries completely..........:(

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Todays mail

Ehhh, it wasn't bad....

- Jiffy mixes recipe book
- Kiehl's Lip Balm/gift from L'oreal

Still waiting on my die cut I ordered and really freaking out that I won't get it in time......AHHHHHH!!! :(

Donna Summer

RIP :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clipboard project Part 1

Ok, so I got a few things done. I attached the base paper (so stinkin' cute!) and a strip of paper and put the letters down for Ty's teachers name.......(need to pull out my Xryon to attach them)

It's hard to tell from the pic, but the strip of paper matches the color of the bananas the monkeys are holding. It looks so "blah", but I still need to add some ribbon and the monkey die cut once I get it..........I have to say, it's so much fun!!! (but then again, I haven't gotten into the Mod Podge yet! LOL)

End of school year!

I am just SO blown away that Ty is almost done with school. I remember when I was in school my mother telling me how each school year would go by faster and faster, and at the time I thought she was crazy! Of course as I got older I really did see how fast each year would go by....and now that I have kiddos of my own I see it even more. It seems like I blink and another month has gone by........I mean, wasn't it just Christmas?!?!? And here we are almost half way through the year. I just can not believe I will have a third grader!!! I'm actually a little nervous about his next school year since he will be going to a different school and will be riding a bus again. My main worry about the bus is the people that live in this neighborhood.......their kids will ride the same bus as Ty and some of them are not the nicest kids. (because of their parents, obviously....) But i'm sure he will do just fine........I'M the one worried about it all, not him! LOL

Anyhoo, I was doing some research and am going to make Ty's teacher an altered clipboard. Every end of school year i've wanted to make something special for his teacher, but every time something comes up and we just didn't have the money to get materials I needed. I have an adorable cross stitch pattern for a teacher but last year Z had been out of work due to surgery and I didn't have the money to get the fabric I needed. (had to stop surveys for awhile to keep up with things around the house :() This year I wanted so baldy to make the cross stitch pattern, but thanks to my right hand being a PITA I can't do it. I had remembered seeing a few ladies post on a forum I lurk on about some altered things they made and one of them was a clipboard. I had found a few places where I can order one already made, but they were SO expensive! (and of course worth it since they were handmade!) Being on a budget I decided to just get the things I needed and make my own. After watching several videos, I was SO confused! (but then again, it's not hard to confuse me! LOL) I went back to the board I lurk on and asked a few questions and they were SO helpful and really made it seem alot less intimidating. I finally got the rest of the things I needed yesterday (minus a die cut I ordered, that I am praying will arrive in time...*sigh*) and i'm going to get started on this! I'm obviously nervous as heck about how this will turn out.........

Now I need to go through my paper and ribbon stuff to see what all I can add......i'll be sure to post pics as I go along!!! Wish me luck!! Photobucket

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Todays mail

Not too bad.....

- quart jar/Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (cute!)
- Pro Force cleaner w/cloths/Sam's Club
- Battleship T-shirt/My coke rewards (totally free!)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mail call!!!

Today's mail was awesome!!! I rec'd:

- Febreze Car vent clip/Good Housekeeping (was SO excited about this as I had been wanting to get one!)
- Secret Outlast (full size!)
- Gevalia Coffee sample/Target

And not free, but I rec'd a scrapbook paper I ordered from ebay on Friday!! And she also included some super cute stickers! I tell ya, if you are looking for awesome scrapbook goodies (and fair shipping prices, too!) you need to check out It's Scrappin' Time! She has tons of goodies and as I said, her shipping is SO reasonable!! (which is very rare on 12x12 scrap paper!) Here is her Facebook page as well: It's Scrappin' Time

The pic doesn't do the paper justice, it's even cuter in person!! I'm going to make an altered clipboard for Ty's teacher and her classroom is a monkey theme, so I think she will like that! I'm going to get a few more things I need to work on it tomorrow (and I hope I can find the letters I need!), so now I just have to cross my fingers I get the monkey die cut I ordered before next week! (man, I really need to save up for my own cricut! LOL)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Todays mail :)

Today's mail rocked!! I got:

- Bayer Advance aspirin/Facebook (was only able to snag one because of our crap internet going in and out)
- ImPress nails/Influenster (they are adorable!!! absolutely love the colors!)

I also got a package from Amazon paid for by gift cards! I ordered some things for Chase's birthday next some super cute Yo Gabba Gabba napkins, plates, cups, ring cupcake toppers and character cupcake toppers!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mail for yesterday and today

Yesterday I received:

- Hand sani wipes/Walmart
- Insulated bag for insulin/Freestyle (came with a freezer pack to keep insulin it!)

Today I rec'd:

- Coupon for free International Delights creamer/Facebook
- Elmo diaper bag tag/Nursery water
- 2 HUGE activity books for the boys/SAMHSA (the boys LOVE them!)
- a Mother's Day card Z made for me from the boys Photobucket


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Middle of the week, woohoo!!

So hard to believe it's already Wednesday! It's going to be super hot here again today......ugh, this summer is going to be brutal!! Anyhoo, Ty had his follow-up appointment with the Pediatric GI specialist yesterday. She said other than the excess bile he had, everything came back just fine, and the medicine he is on should take care of the bile issue. So when he's done with the pills he is taking he won't have to take anymore! We were ALL so relieved! He hasn't had any tummy issues in quite awhile now (well, the other night he did but I think it was from him playing outside in the heat) so i'm hoping it will continue to stay away.

So the past few days i've been working on some things for Chase's birthday next month. How in the world is he turning 3?!?!? I had looked into doing a Blue's Clues "party" for him (it will just be us here for his birthday but I still wanted to do a theme...LOL) but trying to find things that didn't cost a small fortune is impossible!! Even Party City had limited things for Blue's Clues. So I decided to go with Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm still tweaking the birthday invites but I did order some things from Amazon yesterday to go with the theme. (THANK YOU survey money!!) I'd still like to get a few more things to go with what I ordered, and then we need to figure out what to get him!

Well, I need to finish getting things together and take Ty to school.....hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!! Photobucket