Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Only 2 more days until trick-or-treating!!!! Tyler is SO excited! He's going to be a sheriff this year. We hit DollarTree and picked up a cute cowboy type hat for him, and the grocery store had two plastic toy guns with the holster and a small badge for only $1!!! We found a super cool sheriff badge at walmart that he can wear on his shirt, and the small badge I attached to the front of his hat. He asked if he could have a fake mustache, like he wore when he was a construction worker, and I told him we would have to wait and see.

We're going to hit the mall again this year! I love trick-or-treating there. You won't get wet if the weather is yucky outside, you won't have to worry about cars and traffic, and you get to see so many cute kids dressed up!!! Plus, the big bonus of all is......we get to have chick-fil-a for dinner!!! YUM!!!!

I'll be sure to post pics this weekend.


Well, I want to try and get this blog back on track to where it was, so i'm going to go back to posting mail goodies again: (well, that is....when I get anything good!! LOL)

- $10 garb panel check for doing a product test
- Quaker Harvest Bar/walmart
- Free book from Imagination Library
- Carhartt hat
- heineken beer skimmer (it works great for putting icing on a cake!!)
- Aquaphor lotion
- $5 cash from Home product institute (the surveys they send are sooooo long!!)
- Becks bottle opener
- $3 Pinecone payment (paypal)
- Mini warm delight (yum!!!)
- fruit roll up (again....yum!!!)
- Venus Embrace razor from Vocalpoint
- Family Fun Magazine :)

* all of that was for the month of October

Gearing up for the holidays

Zane and I had been talking about what "Santa" wanted to get Ty for Christmas. He's mentioned a few things here and there that i've tried to write down to get him, plus we already have a few things we bought for him. So, we decided instead of making more debt we would just do a lay-a-way at K-mart. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea!! I mean, honestly......why use credit cards and go into debt?!?!? We went yesterday afternoon after we left the doctors office and got Ty quite a few things he had mentioned he liked. We got:

- Cabbage Patch 25th anniversary boy doll. Tyler has been asking for a boy doll for SO long now!! We couldn't find many that were a boy AND were semi-cute. But, we found the cutest boy cabbage patch doll yesterday......he will love it!!!
- Elefun game. Everytime he see's the commercial he says he would love to play it!!!
- Lincoln Logs. Zane has been saying how much he loved them when he was a kid so he wanted to get them for Ty.
- Leapfrog Tag reading system, plus a Spongebob book to go with it. I just LOVE this thing!!! And Ty is really into trying to read words himself, this will be perfect for him!!! Plus, when he see's the commercial he asks me "mom, will that help me to read more words?"

I *think* that's it. Zane had the cart and was hiding stuff under our jackets in so Ty wouldn't see what we picked up! LOL There is one thing he keeps asking for, and has been for over a month now.......that Furreal Friends Tumbles beagle that rolls over. Ok, I *do* think it's cute, but for $40?!?!?!? The cuteness has faded!!! K-mart did have it on sale for $36.99, but I still can't bring myself to get it......i'm sure it will be one of those toys that he plays with for a short time, then ends up upstairs with all the other toys he doesn't mess with. *sigh* I'm torn on what to do about this Tumbles puppy........

Also, at home we still have for him:

-Chutes and Ladders Diego edition. (super cute with plastic play pieces instead of cardboard!)
- Polaroid kid camera
- Hungry Hungry Hippos (he has been asking for this game for over a month, too!!!!)
- The Incredibles dvd

There are a few small things we've picked up here and there for his stocking, and i'm sure we'll keep picking up little things here and there for him.....I love hitting the DollarTree and finding things in there for his stocking!!! We also decided to get him a regular big boy bike for his birthday in January.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First appointment

Our first official appointment will be this Thursday, the 23rd. They said they would do an exam to check for the yolk sac. (yuck, sounds so gross!! LOL!) I'm also hoping they will be able to give us a better idea of how far along I am. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And we have.....


I really feel the timing of this was meant to be. I know mom is watching over all of us, including our new little bean!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're home

We made it back home Friday at 9:15pm. We would have been home sooner but we got stuck in stop and go traffic for over 45 minutes! Ugh, nothing like being on the road for 3-4 hours and then getting stuck in traffic......

Anyhoo, the viewing and funeral went fairly well as they are supposed to be, anyway. They did such an amazing job. Mom looked so peaceful.The casket my dad picked out was had embroidery inside that said "Mother". They also picked out beautiful flowers from the children and a set from the grandchildren. For the viewing they let immediate family back first; my dad, my sisters, brother and myself. That was tough. The last time I had seen mom she was sitting up in bed with her eyes open, trying to talk to me. We all supported each other, which helped so much. I know Zane means well with being there for me and supporting me, but it's nothing like having family around you at a time like this. It was also nice to see family I had not seen in over 20 years. Mom was born in Hagerstown, MD and there ended up being two vehicle loads of people from Hagerstown at the viewing. The hardest day was by far the funeral. We all were doing well until they started playing "Amazing Grace" over the speaker. Once they played that, I lost it. Honestly, everyone lost it. But the hardest part of all was after everyone had left, we all had our turn at saying goodbye. We went in turn up to the being the youngest I was the last of the children to say goodbye to her. I placed a few pictures of Tyler in with her, along with a little note I wrote to her....then I kissed her and told her I loved her. All of the children walked away from the casket so my dad could go up, and that broke all of our hearts. He kneeled on the bench they had in front and just sobed. It was only for a few seconds, but that is something that I will never in my life forget.

After the funeral, a small group came back to dad's for a little get together that was really nice. At the end of the night, dad took my hand and before he could say antying he broke down. I just hugged him and told him it was ok for him to cry. He did say he knew it was so hard on all of us, but I told him he didn't have to be so strong for us. We would be strong for him. He has a picture of him and my mom he now carries around in his pocket from when they first met. He takes it out every once in awhile and looks at it, then puts it back in his pocket.

My sister Kathie is staying with him until Wednesday, which we are all thankful for. I keep thinking about when she goes home and dad is in the house all alone. I keep seeing him breaking down in front of the casket. I keep seeing him getting choked up when he has to call someone and tell them she passed away October 4th.

Here is the card that the funeral home gave out. I love the poem my sister picked out:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mom is finally Home

Mom passed at 12:35pm this afternoon. She is finally at peace. This will be my last blog post for a little while.

I do want to take the time to thank everyone for all the love, good thoughts and prayers that were offered all throughout this. They mean more to me than I could ever express to you all.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Tyler funny

So yesterday when we were at wal-mart I saw something I had been wanting to get Tyler.......a whoopee cushion. Ok, yes, I am family and I get a kick out of gas. Even when I was younger my father always said I had a "thing" for farts.....they always make me laugh. Well, when I saw the whoopee cushion I couldn't NOT get it. I mean, it was only .88....what's the big deal? Tyler LOVES it!!!! And to be honest, it's just what all of us need right now....some good ole' belly laughs.

I am so very thankful for Tyler's sense of humor........

A Tyler funny

Yesterday before we went to my dr. appointment, we stopped at Wal-mart to pick up a few things. Well, in the halloween section they have these cute little flashlights for kids for trick-or-treating for only $1!!! The night before when we were at wal-mart he got the pumpkin one, and yesterday he asked if he could get another one....I figured, for a buck why not?!? So I asked him which one he wanted: they have a pumpkin, a mummy and a skelton head. He asked if he could get the mummy one. I handed it to him and he said "thanks, mommy!! now can I get a daddy one?"

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Im just waiting for a call from my dad about having the machines turned off and letting mom finally be at peace. I'll update soon.........

*update* I talked with my sister. (dad couldn't bring himself to talk on the phone :() They are going to tell the hospital tomorrow to let mom go. I honestly feel it's what would be best, as does everyone else. She has been fighting this since's time to finally let her be at peace.

*update #2: Oct 3* My sister called. They are going to have the ventilator turned off tomorrow.