Friday, October 12, 2007

Update for the last few days

Well, the mail hasn't been too bad....this list is from the last few days:

- $5 paypal from Pinecone Research
- $10 amazon from Lightspeed Panel
- lighter from Parliment
- Test product from Pinecone
- Always pads
- Kotex pads
- Morning survival kit

I'm about to walk down with Tyler now to get the mail for today! :)


Todays mail rocked!!!
- crappy bill from the hospital....why the hell pay for ins. when you still end up owing anyway?!? >:(
- $40 check from survey I did a few weeks ago!! (makes up for the crap hospital bill!lol)


Patrice said...

Man, I'd love to get in on a $40 survey. Way cool! Lightspeed never sends me anything. I guess my demographics sucks for them.

And I have to say I HATE hospital bills. After I had Elway, I kept getting a bill for like $12--something like that--maybe a bit more. I kept trying to find out what it was ans they called it "luxury services" and we didn't pay, and didn't pay b/c pregnancy and delivery were covered plus a private room. Finally months later I found out what it was for. Those stupid underpants from the hospital that they put on me. Grrrr. They tried to charge us for her hearing test too, but I told them, look, the hospital was covered, my Dr was covered, I didn't agree to this test but it was required, didn't see it done. How was I supposed to know they would use an out of network Dr at a network hospital? hahaha, they paid for that.

bluehoneytigger said...

You are so lucky when it comes to those survey's. Most of them I don't qualify for and the ones I do are far and few between. My dream of getting enough money for Christmas gifts is now a faded memory.

Christine said...

Patrice, the $40 was a follow up survey I did in the beginning of the year. They told me back in January they would send a follow up, and I JUST got it two weeks ago! Crazy! LOL And lightspeed is a pain sometimes with me...I hardly ever qualify for the survey invites they send me. The hospital bill is really ticking me off. I got a bill for $965, then one for $40, then another for $30!

Pam, i'm so sorry the surveys aren't paying out for you. I'm still keeping an eye out for places to send you to do surveys for....don't give up yet!! **hugs**

Patrice said...

That is crazy. Was that the RA one they were talking about on Slickdeals?

What a pain about the hospital bills. I hate insurance. The best insurance I had was when I was under my mother's eons ago. We never had a co-pay either. Which got me thinking last night, why do we have co-pays? I mean if we're paying out of our checks each pay period, everything should be covered I think. Although we're not insured til November 1st, I'm worried cause we're stuck with Blue Cross of TN.

Christine said...

Yep, that's the survey! I did it as having a family member with RA and qualified.

Ugh, we have Blue Cross of TN and it is SO frustrating!! Our co-pays are $30, which technically I shouldn't complain about since it costs lots more to see a doctor without insurance, but like you said....why do I need to pay a co-pay when we pay out the butt monthly? We're hoping Zane's boss will be switching insurance next year so our co-pays won't be so high. We're hoping to try for another baby, but if our co-pays stay $30 it won't happen since i'll have to see a doctor frequently. :( Thank goodness for walm-mart and their $4 least that much helps!! LOL

Patrice said...

That stinks. I'm so used to no higher than $20 a co-pay. I wonder how much ours will be. Blue Cross of TN doesn't cover pregnancy? When I was pregnant each time (three kids, three different insurances) the first appointment cost the copay and after that it was free. As far as hospital, Elway was the only one born here and she was the only one we had a hospital co-pay for. They didn't give us the insurance booklet yet, so I haven't been able to read up on them. But man I miss having Cigna--it was the best of the going on 4 different insurances we had down here. Expensive, but no worries.

Patrice said...

Darnit, I meant everything was covered after the inital visit. Did I write that? If I did, I'm getting senile. And that high a copay when you sometimes have to have everyone visit the Dr--phew--faint!

Christine said...

Blue Cross covers pregnancy, but i'll have to see the OB frequently because i'll be high risk, plus i'll have frequent ultrasounds which is yet another co-pay. I had heard GREAT things about Cigna, but unfortunately Z's boss went with whatever was cheapest out of pocket for him, AND was a good deal for the employee's. I am seriously hoping they get something better next year.

One other thing that pissed me off with Blue Cross.....they would only cover Zane and I, not Tyler!! It was because of the plan his boss picked out......SO, we had to get Ty covered under that Cover Kids thing from TN. It still costs us, but Ty's co-pays are MUCH cheaper than ours. But we didn't get his card until earlier this week.....and we've been covered since the end of june so Ty went all that time without insurance....CRAZY, I tell 'ya!!