Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 year check-up today

Chase had his 2 year check-up and he is doing GREAT!! His stats are:

27.3 lbs
19 1/4" head circumference

The doctor said he looks like one healthy boy and is impressed with how well he is doing! He asked about his speech and we told him he still doesn't talk much (well, except for Chase talk...LOL) but Ty was the same way at that age and before we knew it his language exploded, so we're thinking Chase will do the same and he agreed. The best part of today was, he didn't need a shot!! He is due to get his second chicken pox vaccine, but they are out of it at the office and he said he would be fine until next year to get it. Other than that he won't need any other shots until he is 4!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today I finally got my package from Moms Meet, and it is AWESOME!!!! It was loaded with tons of goodies!

It came with:

- Chlorine Free baby wipes (15 packs, 3 wipes in each pack)
- Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent (15 packs)
- Seventh Generation Natural Dish Soap (15 packs)
- Coupon for free Stonyfield Organic Yogurt (2)
- Coupon for free Yo Baby Yogurt (4)
- Post Cards w stamps! (15)
- Eric Carle Growth chart (LOVE it!!)
- baby bib (it is HUGE!)

I'm so shocked that I got picked for such an amazing sampling from Moms Meet......Photobucket

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Came!!

Ty was SO 4am this morning he woke me to tell me "Mom, the tooth fariy left me a note!!" I said "She did?!?" And he said "YEP!!" He didn't even know she had left him some money as well!! He didn't see that until he actually woke up this morning and asked me if I saw his note he got.....I asked him if she left anything else and he said no, but then reached up and felt something else....he got it and said "She left me dollars, too?!? WOW!!!"

Love that kid!!!

Another taste of summer!

This weekend we got some cantaloupe and one of those small, seedless watermelons and they were oh so yummy!! The watermelon was ice cold when I was cutting it up, and tasted SO sweet!!!

Look at that juice!!

Ty loved it.....


The cantaloupe was just as sweet and juicy!! Chase didn't care for either one, unfortunately......but Ty has been eating it like crazy!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Had a great appointment!!

First, I just have to say I loved the staff and doctor at this office!! I felt so welcome and comfortable right off the bat! The doctor came in and talked to me about everything I had questions about, and really seemed to care about everything I had issues with. She went over all of the concerns I had about birth control and we both decided on something that will work best for me. The exam went great, and I should know how it all went in about 1-2 weeks. She did check to see if I had a yeast infection but it seems like I was starting to get a UTI, so she gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. One thing that I really like about this doctor is she is just a GYN, not ob/gyn, so getting appointments with her shouldn't be as difficult!

All in all it was a great appointment!

Yum, yum, yum! A taste of Summer......

I totally forgot to post about something yummy we found at Taco Bell last weekend.......we got one of their Pina Colada Fruitista Freeze and all I can say is YUM!!!!! It really reminded me of summertime in MD, when we would get the Pina Colada slurpee's at 7-11. With no 7-11's here in TN, I had missed those Slurpee's and am so glad we found the drink at Taco Bell!!! Photobucket


And yet another weekend gone....

Monday is here! I hate to say it, but i'm kind of glad the weekend is over. We didn't get much done around here that we needed to and that just frustrates the heck out of me! Ahh, well........

I do have some awesome news.....Ty's very first loose tooth has finally fallen out!!! At 4:45 this morning I woke up to Ty tapping me....before I could ask what was wrong he was saying "Mom, mom! My tooth fell out, my tooth fell out!!!" He was practically squealing!! I told him to head into the bathroom and he ran off!! He was just SO flippin excited!!! I asked him if he still had his tooth and he showed it to me.....then I asked if he needed to rinse his mouth (thinking it was bleeding) and he said it was fine and not bleeding at all. I hugged him and told him I was so proud of him and he smiled and said "Love you, mama!" and went back to I can't wait for him to wake up to get his picture!!!! He now has a loose tooth at the top that isn't super loose, but i'm sure the more he messes with it it will be out in no time.

So today I have my yearly check-up with a new hoohaa doctor. I'm a little nervous, mainly because it's a different doctor. I'm glad I am going though, as I am a year behind in my yearly. :( (bad, I know) Plus, i'm thinking I may have a yeast infection so this appointment came at the perfect time. I also want to talk with her about some birth control ideas.....I was thinking about the Essure procedure, but after doing more and more research i'm thinking i'll stick with the IUD option. But I really want to get her opinion on things. Also, i'm thinking this fall Z still may get snipped...he still says he doesn't mind having it done, so we shall see.

With today's appointment Z has to leave work early to take me, since we don't have anyone here to watch the boys for us......should be really interesting, as Chase hates being stuck in his stroller for any length of time!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

SQUEE!!! Had an amazing day!!

Actually, yesterday afternoon was pretty amazing as well!!! In the mail I finally got a survey check I had been waiting for for $32!! Today's mail was awesome as well.......not only did we get Z's paycheck (which should go back to direct deposit next week......grrr!) but I also got the potty seat I had ordered with my Pampers Points!! I had JUST ordered it last week!!!! As I said before, i'm not a Diego fan, but this seat is SO adorable.....and soft!! (i'm jealous! LOL)

I just love it, and so does he! Well, to play with at's still going to be a bit before we potty train.

Ok, despite the survey money, paycheck and potty seat, the very BEST thing in the whole world happened today......WE FOUND UTZ'S POTATO CHIPS AT KROGER!!!!! O.M.G., I practically screamed when I saw them on the shelf.........HAPPY DANCE!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why can't I stay focused?!?

I had every intention of getting at least ONE scrapbook layout done today...I decided to check Facebook one more time and saw this link.......

I just HAD to make one!!!!!! (and of course I had to make it orange and white...GO VOLS!!)

I still need to get some dowels and once I do i'm going make lots of these!! Ok, I really want to try and get at least ONE layout done today!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have always been super proud of the manners that Ty has....i've even had strangers comment on how they love how he uses his manners. He picked up on manners so quickly when he was a little guy, and I was hoping for the same with Chase. I tell ya, Chase has been doing AMAZING with his manners!!! When he wants a drink he'll usually point to the cup and whine....well, i'll ask him "What do you say?" And he'll say "Pees!!" And when he gets a drink he'll tell you "thank you" in his own little language. Well, sometimes at lunch i'll let him sit and watch one of his dvd's while he is eating...(in hopes that he'll start winding down and take a nap after lunch....never works, of course! LOL) Well, when I give him a piece of his lunch (if he has grilled cheese, I cut it up into 4 triangles and give him one at a time) he always looks at me, gives me a huge smile and says "tee-tee!" (his version of thank you!) I always tell him you are very welcome and he smiles even bigger!! He has also gotten into telling someone "bless you" when they sneeze. Or if he sneezes and you tell him "bless you" he will always smile and say thank you!

So very proud of BOTH of my boys!!!!! Photobucket

Points programs

So, I belong to several points programs - where you collect points and can "cash" them in for free stuff or gift cards. I do My Coke Rewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow and a site called My Points. I occasionally do something called Swag Bucks, but I don't check into it as often as I should. Anyhoo, I had been saving my coke points for a one year subscription to Club Pogo, and now that I finally have enough points I can't convince myself to use the points!!! I mean, I love playing Pogo games, but I don't honestly get that much time to play on the site....and I could get so many other smaller point items (like free coke and some free photo stuff through Snapfish...) ....OR, I could keep saving points to get something "bigger"......decisions, decisions.....

The same goes for My Points. I had been saving up to get a $25 Amazon gift card from them.....but then I saw they now offer Paypal! So I decided to save for that.....and now that I am there, the thought of "spending" all those points at one time is making me think I should just wait.......or I could get some gift cards to some restaurants.........there I go again!!!

But see, Pampers points are MUCH easier for me to "spend"......I just get things I need for Chase! I've cashed in several times with them, mainly for the Shutterfly offers. The last thing I cashed in for was a Sam's Club/Walmart gift card (which they have now replaced with Bj's...BOO!) and I now have my points up again, so I cashed out for a potty chair for Chase, which we will need hopefully sometime this summer. We had an Elmo chair, but it's just about had it so I ordered the cute Diego potty seat. (Chase has no idea who Diego is, but Ty does and is excited for Chase to get it! I've explained to Ty that he is too big to use it, and he got this disappointed look on his face but then said "I know that, mom..." LOL)

Monday, June 20, 2011

And we have....

A loose tooth!!!!!! Last Thursday Ty noticed a tooth on the bottom was super wiggly.....he was SO excited!!!! He keeps messing with it, hoping that it will fall out soon. I tell ya, I don't know how it is still hanging looks like it could just fall out!!! He did say last night that it was starting to hurt, so I told him not to mess with it anymore and he said "I can't help it! Anytime I talk it moves my tooh and makes it hurt, and I HAVE to talk mom...." Hopefully within the next day or so it will finally come out for him.

I can't wait for it to fall out so I can get some pics of it and scrapbook this big event!!! :D

Another Monday rolls around....

Wow did this weekend fly by! (like they all do!) Despite the frequent storms and lots of rain, it was a really nice weekend. We did get a late start on Saturday with running our errands, mainly because Z's work messed up his paycheck and they had to FedEx him a new check....and of course FedEx doesn't get here until almost noon. And we were thinking since it was a payroll check they would require a signature so we waited around.....and he didn't even need to sign for it! But once we got on the road we got quit a bit of running done. We also got some really good deals at several stores! The only downside to Saturday was after we had got all of our regular running done. We came home to put away things that needed to go in the freezer or fridge and were going to head back out. Z and I had finished putting things away and I told him I would head back up to the van.....I stepped out onto the front porch and the next thing I know I was hitting the steps!! When the front porch gets wet it is SO freakin' slippery....just like ice!!! My butt hit every step, and it hurt like heck!!! Z came out to check on me and help me up so I could go back in and change my now wet clothes. After I changed, I made sure I came out the back door, even though the back deck is slippery as well when it gets wet....but no where near as nasty as the front porch!!! My left butt cheek is sore as heck, but I know i'm could have been much worse!!!

We had a nice Father's Day yesterday. Z was in a great mood all day!!! The boys both made him some super cute drawings, and I was able to get him a really cute card from a place called Tiny Prints. It was free, but I would have gladly paid for it...the card was SO nice and worth paying for! We had a super yummy dinner and just really enjoyed spending time together.

Well I guess I should cut this short so I can get a few things done.....apparently my daily goals idea didn't work out too well......LOL! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Love getting freebies!!

If you are not a member of Vocalpoint, I highly recommend you join them!! They are an amazing site that offers to send free samples of all kinds of things, and all you need to do is test things out and report back to them and give your's that simple!!!

Right now they are giving away samples to members of Motts for Tots.....I had always wanted to try this with the boys as they love Motts Apple Juice. Now I have a sample coming that I can't wait to let the boys try!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily goals

I think today I want to start something different to help motivate me to get things done around the house. I think if I set daily goals, and not set too many, it will help me not only meet the goals but want to do more!! Ty had overheard me say it out loud this morning and he said he wanted to help with the goals! Sounds GREAT to me!! So my goals for today are:

- put away the laundry I did yesterday
- get ALL of the dirty dishes washed and put away (Ty has offered to help with this!)
- vacuum
- pick up everything off the floor in the living room and kitchen!

I'm really going to try and do a daily goal list and see if that makes a difference with how I get things done. I mean, things DO get done around here, but I feel like there has GOT to be an easier way to keep up with it all...........................

So, here we go!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Doing some research......

So I have an appointment with the hoohaa doc the end of this month for my yearly, but I wanted to also talk with her about some ideas for birth control. Right now we are wrapping it up, and we BOTH hate those things. We had discussed Z getting snipped, but with him just having surgery in April I didn't want him to have to go through any other procedures. I thought about getting another IUD, but really didn't want to go with the copper one made my cycles SO painful and way to darn long. I thought about the Mirena IUD, but i'm really not a fan of hormonal birth control. (was on the depo shot for about 3 years and that was HORRIBLE!! I wouldn't even recommend that to my worst enemy!) I do like that it can stop AF, which is nice. I started to do some research and found some info on the procedure Essure. It sounds PERFECT for us!!! We know in our hearts we are done having babies, especially with my health. And I am always so darn paranoid about getting pregnant. (Z has some pretty strong swimmers! LOL) I love that Essure has no hormones and can be done right in the doctors office....and that insurance will cover 80% of it! So it really sounds like the perfect form of birth control for us.........I actually can't wait for my hoohaa check-up now!!!

Very cool freebie!

Back in early April Burt's Bees was giving away what I thought was a sample of their new tinted lip balm. Their Facebook page had alot of issues, and I honestly didn't think I got through when I signed up, but this came today!! And it wasn't a sample but a full size tube!! It came in a really cute little container......

The color I got was Hibiscus, and it is just super cute!!! Photobucket

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We just had a small little family party, but it didn't seem to bother Chase!

Balloons from daddy! He did not like wearing the hat......

Eating his birthday dinner...taco! (minus the shell)


Opening his gift from big brother....

Elmo fork & spoon!

Gift from mommy & daddy...

Tonka Chuck!

Time for cake!

Make a wish, baby.....


Playing with his new truck with Ty.....

Happy birthday, my sweet boy

"How old is Chase?!?!?"

2 years ago today....

....weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 15ozs and 18" long, we welcomed our wooby Chase Robert into the world. He is such an amazing boy, and completes our family perfectly!

Happy birthday, Chase!! Mommy, daddy and big brother Tyler love you so much!!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In 2 days....

My baby will be 2 years old!!! EEK!! Yesterday in the mail he got a card and money from the in-laws, and we kind of had an idea of what we wanted to try and get him......with summer here we wanted to try and get him some sandals. Well, we decided to try Children's Place because they had a decent deal going on. I am SO glad we checked there first!!! They had the perfect sandals for him, not too heavy or tight on his feet.....and they were on sale!! Regular price was $16.95 and they were on sale for $10!! But the best part, we had a gift card from there that had a little left on it and the sandals ended up costing us a little over $4 out of pocket!!! Here are Chase's new super kicks!!

And here he is wearing them......he was ready to go out and play!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Such a bad blogger

I know i've been bad with updating here, and I am so sorry. It has been hectic here, to say the least. With Z being home and Ty out of school, trying to find the time to get online and post was tough! So here are some long overdue updates.

Z saw the surgeon last Thursday and was released for work!! He went back today, and it seems so strange not having him home. But I know he was more than ready to go back to work. Being around the boys and I 24/7 can drive anyone crazy! It will be nice to finally have some money coming in again. It has been VERY rough the past 7 weeks. We did get help from W.I.C. and received food stamps, but that didn't help with gas, rent or electric. Or diapers for Chase! If it wasn't for the help of some family and friends, I don't know how we would have made it through. We were so amazed at the help we received, even from total strangers! And at the same time, we were also amazed at the lack of help from people whom we know could help, but they made sure they told us all about the things they bought and how they enjoyed eating out. It really made me open my eyes and see some people for who they really are, and I vow right now that I will never be that way, especially when it comes to my boys. But, I digress. We made it through, and even though we are still very behind in the rent and electric and still need to figure out where gas money will come from, we will make it. We know we are very thankful to have Z with us, and we are very proud of how far he has come. And we are also VERY thankful for all the help and prayers/good thoughts we have received over the past few months. We are so very blessed. Photobucket

Z has really made some great progress! He has been taking the cancer pill for a few weeks now and is doing well with it. He see's the cancer doctor today and will find out when he has bloodwork done and another CT scan. (he will need to have a CT scan done several times a year to make sure the cancer left behind isn't growing, and he needs bloodwork done every few months to make sure his blood cell count is good) He is getting his strength back and was more than ready to go back to work today. The surgeon did tell him last thursday that his incision was about 80% healed, but it could take up to 2 years for it to be back to 100%.

As of May 26th, summer break came around again and I am officially the mom of a 2nd grader!! Ty loves being out of school, but he is already bored. Photobucket It has been so hot to take the boys out to the park, and with having to watch how we use gas we've been pretty much stuck at home. Hopefully once Z is back to work for awhile and we are caught up on things i'll be able to do things with the boys. there is a park that is close that has water for the boys to play in, and I think they would love that!

Chase is doing great!! Growing like a weed, unfortunately. How in the world is he going to be two in three days?!? These past 2 years have flown by, and yet at the same time it feels as though he has always been with us. He is such a smart boy, just like his big brother. He is saying more and more words, and it is just so cute hearing him talk! He loves looking at pictures, but his favorite is our family Christmas pic. He points to everyone and says who they are. I need to get a video of him talking and share it. He also loves saying MeeMee's name.......but still calls the dog "puppy"! He also loves walking around singing "please, please, please..." We are working on manners, and for the most part he is doing well! For his birthday this year we're just doing a small family thing for him. I'm going to make him a confetti cake with strawberry icing. YUM!! As far as gifts, we were a little worried we wouldn't be able to get him anything but last week I got paid for a survey I did and was able to get him a few things from Amazon!! The payment was actually a day or so early! It was perfect timing, that's for sure! I'll be sure to get lots of birthday pics to share. Photobucket

Well, now that Z is back to work I need to work on getting this house back in order. (not that I didn't clean when Z was home, but for some reason it's easier to keep it up when he isn't home..LOL) Hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully i'll now be able to keep up with this blog again!