Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mail goodies so far this year

Mail goodies have been pretty slow so far this year....I hope they pick up soon!! ANyhoo, here is what i've gotten so far this year:

- Cambells Select coupon for free soup (shoptext)
- $15 amazon gc
- $3 Pinecone payment (paypal)
- $5 cash (Home Product Institute)
- $10 Starbucks gc
- Nature's bounty tote (for some reasond they sent me 2?!?)
- Benefiber sample (walmart)
- The Dog book
- Soy candle samples (they smell SO good!!)
- Nutrasweet samples
- Quaker Chocolate Drizzle mini rice cakes
- Ziploc freezer vacuum w/2 freezer bags
- Sunsilk shampoo
- Organic chocolate chip granola bar

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some new digital LO's

Of course I still have LOTS to learn. Plus, i'm hoping to find some more embellishments that I can download faster......I so wish I had faster internet so I could download some really cute kits. :(

Mommy and me:

Fall fun:

Trick or treat:



Pics from Tyler's 5th birthday

We just had a quiet birthday again this year. Here is a picture of his's a chocolate cake/chocolate chip ice cream cake....YUM!!!

He couldn't wait for me to cut it.......

Here he is wearing his new helmet from pop-pop (it's got Lightning McQueen on the helmet and knee pads) and riding his bike from mommy and daddy.....

As I said, it was just a quiet birthday with just us and that night when I tucked him into bed he told me, "mommy, I had such a great birthday!" I still can't believe my baby is 5.............

Haven't posted in awhile

I'm so sorry it's been so long since i've posted! I have officially become addicted to digital scrapping. Well, my addiction is finding kits and things online and downloading them.....and since i'm on dial-up, downloading can take hours so I usually just start a download then walk away from the computer. I have done a few layouts I would like to share in another post. Hopefully i'll get them up today.

Anyhoo, things have been ok around here. I finally got the dresser down from upstairs and have it in the playroom. I would like to keep it in there and maybe get something I can keep diapers/wipes so they will be handy. I still need to finish going through all of the toys in that room and put away things Ty doesn't play with anymore. Although, everything I put something away he comes along and says "But I still play with that!" I want to try and get as much reorganizing and cleaning done before I get too far along and can't do much else. I want to make sure things are semi-presentable before our company comes along in May/June. We're getting super excited about our big ultrasound this week! I can't wait to find out if we have to buy some pink/girlie things or wash up some of Ty's baby clothes. I also want to go back upstairs and see if we still have our baby bouncer and bassinett. Tyler loved his bouncer, so i'd like to have it on hand for Nibbles. I know we'll still need to buy a swing, but i'm hoping we still have the bassinett. Hopefully we'll work upstairs this weekend so we can see what we have.....

So today we had our first snowfall. It's still coming down but it's super wet and barely sticking. Tyler had a blast playing in it, though!

It's so pretty outside....I love this kind of snow!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday wishes

5 years ago today I was sitting in a hospital room staring at a little human being all wrapped up in a blanket, falling so much in love I thought my heart would burst. These past 5 years have gone by way to quickly. I've watched Tyler go from being a helpless infant to being a very smart and independent young boy. He is such a sweetheart and has blessed us with so much love and joy.

Happy 5th birthday, Tyler Kenneth!! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I had been vacuuming the kitchen carpets earlier and when I was almost done I turned the vacuum off and just left it in the kitchen, since I still had a little more to do. Well, I got side-tracked (as usual) and started clearing a spot in the playroom to bring Tyler's old baby dresser down from upstairs so I could start putting things in it for Nibbles. Well, I got the spot cleared and saw it really needed to be vacuumed. So I unhooked the hose from the unit so I could get all the dog and cat hair along the wall, and just left the unit itself in the kitchen.....hey, the hose is supposed to reach over 6ft, right?!?!? WRONG!!!! I was only a few feet away from the unit and the freakin' hose TORE where it attaches to the wand!!! It tore pretty bad, but thankfully I was able to attach it still to the other end of the wand and for now the vacuum itself still works, I just can't use the extension hose until we get a new one.

I can not believe I broke my Dyson!!!!!

Something new!

Ok, so I decided to take the plunge and give digital scrapbooking a try. (like I need yet another excuse to sit my butt at the computer! LOL) I love to paper scrap, but all of my scrap stuff is upstairs and it's SO cold up there right now!!! Plus, I just wanted to see what all the talk was about with digital. So far, I really like it!! I downloaded the free program Gimp to give it a try and I just didn't care much for it. I decided to give my Photoshop a try, and so far it's working great! The only downside is, I need to download the free kits and things, and being on dial-up takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I downloaded a kit last week that took almost two days to finish. I'm thankful that I found a site that let's me download things in the kits separately for dial-up users, which has helped tremendously. The site is: I love all the free kits they have there! Here is the first digi LO I did:

I still have so much to learn obviously, but it' so much fun learning new things!! I think i'll work on downloading more things today while i'm trying to get some housework done. I'm so glad I gave digital scrappin' a try!! (I bet I regret saying that one day when no housework gets done due to digiscrappin...LOL)