Friday, August 31, 2012

Todays mail 8.31.12

- Schick Hydro Silk razor/Sam's Club
- coupon for free Fling's pop-pop recycle bins/Facebook giveaway
- Brew Over Ice Tumbler/Facebook (second tumbler......not sure why it took so long to get?)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Todays mail 8.29.12

Squee, a great mail day!!!

- ash tray/Black and Mild (will be great to keep small things in on the computer desk! rec'd 2)
- freezeable coasters/L&M (these are SO cool!! You can stick the center tile of the coaster in the freezer and when you put it back in it keeps your drinks cold for longer! also rec'd 2)
- "before" & "after" die cuts/Ebay (just adorable! paid for with survey money)
- scrapbook stickers from yardsellr (SOOOO cute!!!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Todays mail 8.27.12


- 1st haircut diecut/ebay (I wish I could make my own diecut titles, but this one is so cute, and was VERY reasonable!)
- Oral B toothbrush/Moder Mom Insider (can not believe how fast this came!!)

Such a lovely start to the week

Well, last night was rough but this morning takes the cake. Ty got off to school just fine (thank goodness!) and Z was getting ready for work. He was getting his stuff together and I asked him if he had his medicine and he answered me really shitty/snarky, so that sort of see the tempo of the morning. He left and I was getting things picked up in the living room when my phone rang. It was Z.........apparently our lovely neighbors (or people from a few houses over.....there are more than one druggie houses on this road with asshats living there) thought it would be fun to take two rocks to our car. They bashed the one corner of the windshield, causing the glass to break and spread to the middle of the window. They also put two HUGE, deep gashes/dents into the hood and the side and also bent the radio antenna. Oh, and the best part?! We don't have glass coverage on our insurance for the car....because of the age we didn't get it, and honestly didn't think we would need it. Here are some pics....

Here is the dent they put in the hood....

And the side, near the rear door handle....

Z did call to make a report, but apparently they now only do vandalism reports over the phone?!? How the hell can they see the damage done if no one comes out?!? I have a feeling once they saw the road we lived on they decided it just wasn't worth coming out to look at. Gotta love that we don't feel safe, even when we are talking about our own sheriff's department.

So basically, we are doing everything in our power to get moved out of this house ASAP, and not wait until tax time. We are beyond broke, but we just can not stay here any longer. It's only going to get worse.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Update for todays mail 8.24.12

We finally got our Hopper!! (from the Dish Network giveaway)

This cutie is so much bigger than I was expecting......I figured it would be the size of the baby in the pouch!!

Todays mail 8.24.12 *edit*

What a mail day!! So far Fed Ex has been here and the regular mail.....just waiting on UPS!!!

- PT from Pinecone (can't wait to try it, yum!)
- Nerf Fire Vision bzzkit (way cool! I know Ty is going to love it, and I can't wait to play with it either!)
- LL Bean order (paid for with free gift card I received from My Points. I was going to get Ty a new backpack, but his was fine so I decided to get him some slippers for Christmas. They are SO nice! And I love having a Christmas present put away already!!)
- $6 Pinecone Payment/paypal
- $8 Decision Research payment/Paypal

I'll update once UPS gets here.....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Todays mail 8.23.12


- finally got my little German!!! (I was so worried he got lost or kidnapped!!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todays mail 8.22.12

LOL, love these.......they weren't technically free but they were super cheap (oh, and ignore the table they are's one of those fold up tray table thingies, I use it to scrapbook and it has some wear and tear...LOL)

Mail for 8.21.12


- Covergirl & Olay bzzkit (Can not wait to try this!! Hope it covers up the redness on my face!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Todays mail 8.20.12 *edit*


- Kroger coupons (one was a coupon for free eggs!! still have the other coupons for free Oreo's & keebler cookies!)
- Amazon order (paid for with survey money!! it seemed to take forever to ship, though....)
- Party City order (the boys costumes!! also paid for with survey money)

Back to school update

Well, Ty's first week back to school went really well! He made a friend the very first day, and she is actually his best friend! They ride the bus together and always sit together. There is also another girl on the bus he made friends with! When Ty gets dropped off in the afternoon I stand on the front porch with Chase, and when the bus pulls up his friend will be waving out and saying "Hi, i'm Tylers best friend!" So cute!! This week they actually get into learning and doing schoolwork, and he will bring homework home tonight. The past few years he would bring homework home on Monday and it wasn't due until Friday. Now he will bring homework home on Monday and it is due on Thursday. He is actually excited about starting homework! I'm so thankful I have never had to fight with him to do his homework.....i'm sure as he gets older it will change, though! Well, maybe.......he seems to really be into school and I am beyond grateful for that.

It is official....

Chase is 100% potty trained!! In less than 2 months he has become a potty master. He is in underwear 100% of the time now, and hasn't worn a pull up in over 2 weeks. I am SO proud of my big boy!!! He started a little later than Ty did, but once he was ready he just took off, just like Ty did!! I know people say boys are harder to potty train than girls, (and i've never potty trained a girl) but once both boys were ready they were super EASY!! Now, he still sits to pee unless we are out in public and Z takes him to the bathroom, but i'm guessing getting him to stand and pee at home may be a little more tricky......but I honestly don't mind him sitting and peeing still....less mess for me!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Todays mail 8.18.12


- $25 LL Bean GC/Mypoints (going to use it towards a new backpack for Ty)
- coupon for free Oscar Meyer product/Facebook (LOVE their thick applewood bacon)
- our third Freaky Pet...Orkal!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Todays mail 8.17.12


- coupon for free Herbal Essence product
- Hero Sugar Free Gummy Vitamins/Facebook (3 packs!)
- Real Vanilla beans/Cook's Flavoring Company

Thursday, August 16, 2012

BackPack tag

I was lurking on the Fiskar site and saw an adorable backpack tag that someone made with scrap supplies!! I thought to myself  "I can do that!" My biggest challenge (well, other than picking the paper and embellishments....LOL) was finding a clear badge holder. I did find some, but you had to buy 25 of them, if not more!! Gosh, I only wanted one! I finally found one, but it was just a little too big for what I wanted. I finally got my hands on another one, and it was perfect! Once I got the paper and other things picked out, it came together super quick!!

It's no where near as nice or fancy as the one on the Fiskar site; here,

But it's still cute!! (Ty wouldn't have gone for the ribbon at the top, although I still made one or two ribbons on it.......)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day was a success!

Ty did great!!! He said he loved his new school and his teacher, and loved having new kids to be around! And the best part...he made a new friend on the bus!! He was sitting with her when the bus pulled up and after he got off the bus and headed to the house she was waving and yelling "Bye, Tyler! See you tomorrow!!" The smile on his face was just huge when he got up on the front porch. I asked him about the girl who was saying "bye" and he said "That's my new friend! She is so nice, and is even in my class!! And we live on the same road!!" I can honestly say I have never seen him so excited like that!

So proud of my big boy!!! Photobucket


I actually got another layout done!!

I am SO loving the Halloween paper and cut-outs I just got! And yes, that pic is from 2010....I am THAT far behind. :(

Oh, and here is the one that had me stumped as far as the title....not sure I am happy with it, but it will work!

Hmm, I did just get some new Christmas stickers........Photobucket

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Todays mail 8.14.12


- Rudi Sandwich box?Facebook giveaway (love this one! It has a pic on it that Chase drew.....)
- Ace Green bandage/Facebook (I honestly didn't think I got through on their giveaway!)
- Zone bar/Peanut Crunch (our third bar...we got 2 Toasted Coconut and they were nasty....)

First day of school!

Well, it is official......summer break is over!! Ty went back to school this morning. In fact, he just got on the bus! :( At first the bus wasn't going to stop.....I guess the school didn't tell him he had new pick-ups?!? We would see the bus every morning for the last two school years, but because Ty went to a different school he didn't ride the bus. When Ty got on the bus the driver asked if he was riding the bus from now on and I told him yes. Hopefully it won't take him long to get used to picking (and dropping off, of course!) him up! I did get a pic of him in the house (posted it on Facebook) but because of the rain I didn't get a pic of him getting on the bus. :(

*sigh* I hate that i'm worried about him. I KNOW he will be just fine and things will go smoothly, but I can't help but worry........and I know it's because of what issues I had when I was in school. I've said it before, I think mommy needs to be medicated!!! LOL

Monday, August 13, 2012

Todays mail 8.13.12


- Heartland Sweet & Savory Barbeque sauce/Coppenhagen
- Honey Nut Cherrios
- Rudi's lunchbox (SO cute! it's supposed to be a pic Ty drew but it's so blurry. But the box is really nice!! Can't wait to get the box with Chase's pic he drew on it....hopefully it won't be so blurry!)
- Freaky Pet (our second!! Another Puff both boys each have one! Still waiting on 2 more)
- Rebate/settlement check.....$122!!!

I love when mail weeks start out this way!!!


Today is the last day of summer break. It feels like he just got out of school! Ty is beyond excited about going back. Tonight his school has their Back To School meet-n-greet which should be nice. We've already been in the school when we registered him, but this will be his first time there. He's also excited about riding the bus! Me? I'm not too thrilled about him going back, but i'm actually feeling better about it. I have GOT to learn to not dwell on what I went through in school and realize how much he loves it and does so well. I'm not going to go as far as to say i'm excited about it all, but i'm coming around slowly! LOL

And you know, back-to-school also means fall is right around the corner.....and I LOVE fall!!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, August 10, 2012

Todays mail 8.10.12


- Hugo Boss Orange sample (not bad!)
- Vega one samples
- McDonalds coupons/MyCokeRewards (free!)
- 5 full sized make-up items/L'oreal Panel (and I had just mailed a huge box of this stuff the other day! LOL)
- card from Ty's school letting us know who his teacher will be....he is SO excited about going back!!!


Z surprised me the other night with something beautiful......

It's going on 3 years since I lost my mom. It's so hard to believe it's been that long.....and yet some days it feels like it was only yesterday.This frame is just so beautiful......and I love the picture I used, but I wish I had more of her!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Todays mail 8.8.12


- Primal socks
- Nescafe Memento samples (not sure how I ended up with 4?!?)
- Bicycle Playing Cards/Copenhagen
- Kohl's order (not free but got an amazing deal!)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrap goodies!!!

I can not tell you the last time I bought any scrap supplies. I was low on paper and almost totally out of adhesive!! I found a great place online to order some goodies.....happynscrappin! They have decent every day prices on things, but they have AMAZING prices on clearance items!! One of my favorite scrap brands is Fancy Pants......I found TONS of products on their site marked down!! I was out of holiday paper, mainly Halloween and Christmas. Fancy Pants has some of the coolest holiday paper!

The one set of Halloween is actually a sheet of Halloween strips.They were cute, but I loved the color of the back of the paper! Also, the dark red paper above says "Saint Nick" and it's ok, but the back is SO pretty!!

Even more paper.....

Once again, I love the front design but I was So drawn to the colors on the back!!

I also ordered some Halloween and Christmas glitter stickers as well as some Halloween rub-ons. And I got the Tombow adhesive, which was on clearance as well!! (I had ordered two but they only had one in stock)

The last thing I got was a whole kit called "Off to school". I LOVE it! It has glitter stickers, alphabet stickers, some transparency's and some rub-ons....and it was over 50% cheaper than any site I had looked at!!

I'm SO anxious to get some scrapping done, especially since I am SO far behind!! 

Todays mail 8.6.12

Great mail day!!!

- Eco Laundry detergent sample
- Toasted Coconut Zone bar (can not wait to try this!!)
- oder from happynscrappin (paid for with survey money, so techincally free!! just need to get the order adjusted, but I love everything! I'll get some pics and post them later...)
- Z also rec'd a package, but I don't know what it is! (and this was also paid for with survey money!)

Speaking of school

Ty goes back to school next Tuesday. This is our last week of summer break! Photobucket I can not get over how fast time has gone by. I am beyond nervous for him to start school. It's a new school for him and all new kids, plus he will be riding the bus full-time. Deep down I KNOW he will be fine. But see, I had it rough in school. Being picked on ALOT, and then having issues with anxiety. (that I had no idea that was what it was) I guess him going back to school has brought all of that to the surface, and i'm actually really scared. HE doesn't know that, of course! He is super excited....thank goodness he is nothing like me!! He is such a social guy, will talk to and play with any kid at school.

*sigh* Maybe it really is time for mommy to get medicated, huh?

Monday is here

Whew, this weekend FLEW by!! We had such an amazing weekend, though. When Z got home from work on Saturday we were going to head to Walmart to get the rest of Ty's things for school. Well, while we were getting ready he pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to do something fun with the boys, since they haven't really done ANYTHING this summer....heck, they hardly played outside at all. :( I told him it sounded great, especially with how things had been the past few days. So we went to Walmart first. This weekend was a tax free weekend, and I swear all the crazies came out!! We didn't go to our regular store, which made it so much more crazy. We found most of the items he needed there, but I couldn't get over how unorganized it all was. This year Ty needed those zipper pouches that go in a 3-ring binder (oh, and he needed a 1.5" binder...not 1", but 1.5"....we had to hunt all OVER for that size, and it ended up costing almost $7!!) and they had them with the school supplies, but they were almost $4!! I picked up 2, and asked where we could find the tab dividers. They said if we didn't see them to check in the Stationary section, so we just headed that way. We found them, as well as the 1.5" binder. We were leaving that isle when I saw more zipper pouches. They were about the size of the ones we had (maybe a little thinner, but still nice) and they were only .97!! Why the hell didn't they have THOSE down with the school supply mess?!?!? And forget about finding pencils. It was just insane. So we picked up some underwear and socks for him, and then a pair of jeans and left. We went to Target to see if they had some pencils and what all they had on sale, and their school supply section was slammed as well, but we did manage to find pencils! Thank you, Target!!

After we were done we headed towards our surprise. I was SO worried, as the sky looked nasty and they were calling for some strong storms. But we kept heading up the road and it seemed to clear a little which was nice. Our surprise was, Z took us to the Jefferson County Fair!! WOW, the boys were SO surprised and excited!!! I hadn't been to anything like that since I was a little older than Ty, so I was just as excited!!! It wasn't a whole lot to get in (thank goodness!) and we got there a little early but they were letting people in. (it opened at 5pm, but we got there a little after 4:30 and we got in) The boys were just so overwhelmed with it all....Ty kept saying "Ohh, I want to ride that ride!" and "And then i'll ride that one!" And all of the food they had....OMG, the smell was sooooo yummy!! The first thing they did was ride the Fun Slide. Ty could ride by himself, but daddy had to ride with Chase. (mommy had to take the pics, right?!?) Ugh, and speaking of pics. I remembered to bring my camera....and forgot the flippin memory card!!! Thank goodness I had charged my phone so I could get some pics! Ohhh, and for a phone it took some GREAT shots!!! Anyhoo, they all loved the slide! They had alot of rides for Chase as well as rides for older kids, which was really nice. Chase got on one or two, and then he and daddy (and Ty and I) rode the Ferris Wheel. After that we got a small snack....I finally got my snowball!!!! We hit the potty's and then got on some more rides. Ty also got to ride a pony and then we went to the petting zoo. Later that evening they had a tractor pull and that was SO cool!!! It was really loud, but both boys seemed to really like it. We got another small snack and walked some more so Ty could get on a few more things. When we first got there there was hardly anyone there so the lines were short, but by the time we were ready to go it was SLAMMED and the lines were majorly long. After 3 hours we were ready to go, though. When we left we all kept talking about how much fun it all was and thanking Z for taking us there! I did get lots of pics, and even a video of the tractor pull, but they are all on Facebook. (won't post them here, especially after all the drama that went on)

We stopped and ate dinner then came home. I put Chase to bed not too long after we got home and he passed out right away!! It was just so nice to get out as a family and do something like that. Especially now that Ty goes back to school next week.

Thank you again Z for an amazing time!!!! Photobucket

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Todays mail 8.4.12


- Freaky Pet/Facebook (our very first!! We are still waiting on at least 3 it!!!)
- clutch bag with Kotex samples/Walmart
- Earthbound Reusable bag/Facebook

I only got a pic of the Freaky Pet because we were out when we got the mail (and lets face it, it was the best of the mail!!)...welcome to our home, Puff Puff!!!

Mail 8.3.12


- 5 full size make-up gifts/L'oreal Product Testing Panel (LOVE them!!)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Todays mail 8.2.12

Great mail day, except for the fact the mail guy bends stuff to fit on our mailbox. I guess because the package wasn't marked "do not bend" he felt he could bend it? Considering it was in one of those really thick envelopes that I thought most people knew you shouldn't bend, I guess the shippers felt they would be ok. Lazy mail man......

- adorable stickers from Pear Tree Greetings/Facebook promotion (they are beyond adorable!! If we would have been moved I would have went for the address labels, but the stickers I did get are awesome!)
- more stickers ordered from Yardsellr (I had ordered the same stickers a few months ago but I still needed a few extra letters...they are SO sparkly and cute!)
- $3 coupon for zzzqyuil/Vocalpoints
- micro sd adapter/amazon (paid for with survey was only .89)
- coupons from Kroger (had some great deals, including free Oreo and Keebler cookies!!)

Family drama

And it's not my family causing the drama!! I am posting this here at my blog because I know whoever started all of this mess (and I know who it was...typical drama queen we've been dealing with) can read my blog, which is fine with me that they can read it. But also, I WILL NOT censor anything I post here or on Facebook. Anything I say about anyone I would gladly say to their face. This is MY place to vent about things and if whatever I say gets back to someone, then make sure you tell them EXACTLY WHAT I SAID and not twist things around to make your drama loving ass look good!!!

 I can not get over how insanse and just plain miserable some people can be. Right now there is all kinds of drama going on with Z's family and the in-laws, all over something I DID NOT say. And the best one will tell me who even posted what I supposedly said! And I KNOW at least 2 people who can see who it was but will not say. How nice is it to be accused of saying something you didn't say and then not told who posted it and twisted my words around?!?! So that leads me to believe (even though I was told it wasn't her) that it IS the person/people I think it is, and they both can just get over themselves and keep their drama all to themselves.

So I know this will get back to my in-laws when I post this, and I would GLADLY tell them this to there face:

Go to Texas, enjoy yourelves out there and then just GO HOME. I DO NOT want all of this drama around my boys and will NOT allow Ty and Chase to get upset because THEY upset Z so much. If you could have seen how shaken, crying and upset Ty was because, and I quote Ty EXACTLY: "I hate that granny and grandpa made daddy cry..." You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves and just MOVE ON with ALL of your DRAMA!

Now, when you tell your parents the in-laws about this blog post, you better be sure to tell them EXACTLY what it says and DO NOT twist my words around again!! All you are doing is pushing not only Z and I away, but my boys further away from their grandparents.

GROW UP!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, I feel better..............Photobucket