Thursday, August 2, 2012

Todays mail 8.2.12

Great mail day, except for the fact the mail guy bends stuff to fit on our mailbox. I guess because the package wasn't marked "do not bend" he felt he could bend it? Considering it was in one of those really thick envelopes that I thought most people knew you shouldn't bend, I guess the shippers felt they would be ok. Lazy mail man......

- adorable stickers from Pear Tree Greetings/Facebook promotion (they are beyond adorable!! If we would have been moved I would have went for the address labels, but the stickers I did get are awesome!)
- more stickers ordered from Yardsellr (I had ordered the same stickers a few months ago but I still needed a few extra letters...they are SO sparkly and cute!)
- $3 coupon for zzzqyuil/Vocalpoints
- micro sd adapter/amazon (paid for with survey was only .89)
- coupons from Kroger (had some great deals, including free Oreo and Keebler cookies!!)