Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doctor today :)

Well, for starters, this doctor was freakin' AWESOME!!! The office was amazing as well. The nurses were so nice, but the doctor was really super nice. He made me feel so comfortable, and I didn't feel rushed at all! I'm so glad we switched!

The appointment went great! My pressure was awesome, and they drew blood to check my sugar for the past 3 months. I asked about having my meds changed soon to start trying for a baby, and he said it wouldn't be a problem at all!! I would have to go on insulin and take a different blood pressure med, but i'm used to insulin from when I was preggo with Tyler. He asked when I wanted to change them, and I told him I had an appointment with the hoo-haa doctor on the 22nd of July and as long as the test came back ok, I would come back to see him to have the meds changed, then go back to the hoo-haa doctor to get the IUD out. SO, we are hoping to officially be trying for baby #2 by early/mid August!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I've been waiting to get to this point for sooooo long, and now it's almost here!!!

Mail for the 25th and 26th

Not too bad!!!

Vaseline Lotion for Men (walmart)
Playetx drop ins bottle :)
$35 GC to Olive Garden/Red Lobster from MyPoints
$6 Paypal from Pinecone Research (they dropped me down to $3, but they sent me two paying surveys in one day since dropping me down!! I'll gladly take the $3 each! woohoo!!)

I also got two packages from amazon paid for with gc's. I got lots of new toys for the kitchen in one package, and a cd I ordered through pepsi points in the other. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last night we were coming home from grocery shopping when all of the sudden Zane said "Oh my God, I just saw a coyote!" I told him it was probably just a stray dog but he stopped the truck and backed up.....sure enough, it WAS a coyote!!! That sucker was huge, too!!! It was as big as our lab/mix, Licky....and she is over 70lbs!

When I first saw it, I thought maybe it was a wolf or a stray dog.....but it had all the markings of a coyote. It was in the field where they have cows, so we made sure to let the owner know what we saw so he could keep an eye out. It's strange......for the past 3-4 months, we had been hearing howling at night when we would let the dogs out to go potty and Zane said then it was either a coyote or wolf. We called & told our neighbor about seeing it as well, and he even said he had been hearing them at night for awhile now. From now on, when Ty and I are outside I am always making sure Licky is with us!!!

Mail for the past week

Ugh, where have all of my freebies & goodies gone?!?!? :(

$60 in Amazon gift cards (one of those gift cards I had been waiting for since January!)
2008 Honda Little League Pin
Clean Home & Journal package - 3 pack of Ziploc twist & lock containers and a Glade plug-in with a refill

The amazon gc's were a total shock.....especially the one I had been waiting for since January! I had totally forgotten about it! LOL Needless to say, it is all spent. ;) I'm still waiting for the amazon gc's from the bartrender survey, plus a few others. Hopefully they will all come in soon.

Mom update

I know it's been awhile since I posted an update.

Ok, so she was sent back to the nursing home/rehab place to do more therapy. Come to find out, the doctor was not coming in to check on her, which meant the open sore she had that was draining (the infection the originally found a few weeks back) was not being taken care of properly. As a matter of fact, my dad had to get on one of the assistants there to come in and change the dressing in the wound because no one had been in to do it in several DAYS!!! When she finally did come in, she told my dad.."this isn't my job, the nurses are supposed to do this." Umm, W.T.F.?!?!? And, get this......because the wound was still draining pretty bad, they weren't doing the physical she ended up with bed sores. That right there is telling me they weren't even changing the sheets on her bed or moving her at all, let alone not doing the therapy! Photobucket I was so pissed!! They should be very thankful i'm over 500 miles away or I would have been raising some serious hell at that home. My father talked to the head of the nursing home, and called the surgeon at University of MD and told him what was going on. So, now my mom is back at UMD to get the infection cleared up and the draining stopped so she can get back to her therapy and go home. All of this has been going on for almost 2 months now!!! They did say they finally found out what was causing the draining.....she has an abscess in/near the incision that they finally got taken care of and the draining is starting to stop completely. I talked with her yesterday and she sounded so good! She said her strength is finally coming back and so is her appetite, which is a great thing! My sister said my mom was down to 120lbs. and the doctor wanted to bring that up some.

My mom has been through so much, it just breaks my heart. Having to deal with cancer, going through chemo treatments, then going through a major surgery......she is such an amazingly strong woman and I am so proud of her!

Once again, I want to take the time to thank everyone for all love love, thoughts & prayers offered to myself and my family over the past few months. Many tears have been shed and worrying non-stop some days, but y'all have been my rock and support and I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all so much!!!! Photobucket

Mater plants

I can't get over how well our plants are doing!! Some of the maters are actually the size of golf balls. Each plant has well over 12 tomatoes on them......I just hope they all continue to grow and we end up with some decent sized, juicy maters. My mouth is watering just sitting here thinking about them! Photobucket

Monday, June 23, 2008

Changed blog

Ok, so after thinking long and hard on it, (ok, I only gave it some thought...LOL) I decided to make my blog public again. If I post something that hurts someone's feelings, just know that it was not intentional.....but at the same time I will not censor what I post. If you don't like it, just don't read it.


Sad day in the NHRA Drag Racing world

The Drag Racing world lost a truly amazing driver this past weekend.....

R.I.P will be greatly missed.........

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So excited!!!!

I found out about a week ago I got in on an awesome test product for was two printers and the incentive was you got to pick the one you wanted to keep!! Well, I got the first printer today via Fedex and I am LOVING it!!!! I've already printed several pictures and they print so nice and fast!!! They also sent 6 ink refills and a pack of HP 4x6 photo paper....100 sheets!! It's so cool to be able to print pics and scrap them right away! Photobucket

Monday, June 16, 2008

Adding a new label to the blog!!!

Ok, so Zane and I have been talking alot lately about having another baby and I am going to add a new label to the blog to help keep track of our TTC progress. We're going to be seeing the doctor within the next week or so to see what meds I need to switch to. Plus, I still need to have a yearly exam done and have the IUD removed, which i'm hoping to have done really soon. :)

I am so excited about all of this!! I've been wanting another baby for quite some time now. I've had this "feeling" inside of me that our family just isn't complete....does that make any sense? I'm still going to be exercising and eating better so I can continue to lose, we'll be having lots of fun practicing i'm sure! Photobucket

I can't wait to get officially started!!!!! Photobucket

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mater plants :)

Photobucket WOW, I can't believe how well our tomato plants are growing......

Do you see all of the buds on there?!?!? I can't wait to start getting some tomatoes off of those bad boys.....Photobucket

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Todays mail

Not much, but not too bad either :)

Turtle Chex mix sample from text offer
Cosmo magazine (free supscription from MCR)

I didn't get it in the mail, but I did redeem for a $25 & $10 GC for Red Lobster/Olive Garden from MyPoints! I had enough in my account and in Zane's account thanks to Bzzagent. We'll have enough for us to actually have a nice sit down dinner soon!! WOOHOO!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer already?!?!

I can't believe it's only the beginning of's been in the upper 90's for over a week now!! The humidity has been slowly creeping up each day as well......ugh! Photobucket I've been letting Ty get in his pool, but i've only been letting him stay in for a little while at a time. Now is when I wish we had a regular pool so we can all swim! LOL

So we found out a few weeks ago that the in-laws are coming to visit next month. They will be here on July 4th, and are staying for about a week. I'm looking forward to it, but a small part of me is dreading it. Whenever they are here, my SIL calls my MIL a million times a day and it drives me crazy!! Ok, maybe not a million times, but she calls alot....or my MIL will end up calling her, and it makes me feel like i'm not doing something right as a host. Does that make any sense?!? I mean, when they are not here, my SIL calls my MIL anywhere from 5-10 times a day which is fine of course, but when they are on vacation here, why does she need to talk to them so much? Part of me knows it's because she is mad/jealous that they come to visit us and not her and her family. (the in-laws live in MD, and my SIL lives in TX) Like I said before, it really makes me feel like i'm not a very good host and I hate that feeling. Plus, Ty will be playing with my MIL and SIL will call and my MIL will totally ignore Ty, to the point that he comes to me and will say "mommy, why is granny not playing/talking with me anymore?" I don't know.....i'm sure i'm just over thinking all of it. And 'm sure the bad blood between the in-laws and myself doesn't help matters any.....

Ok, I need to get off of here and start getting a few more things done. I feel like I get nowhere somedays!! LOL I'll post more later......:)


It's been awhile since I have done a mom update, so here it is:

She had to be sent from Harbor Hospital back to University of MD hospital because she developed an infection near the incision from her surgery. She needed to go back to UMD to get the staples out anyway, but it looks like the infection sent her sooner. The infection is clearing up nicely, and she is slowly gaining strength each day. They have had her sitting up on the side of the bed, and as of Friday they had her standing!! She is doing so well with the therapy at the hospital that they may just keep doing the therapy there and not send her back to the rehab/nursing home place. I'll update when I find out any more. :)

Mail for June 3rd - June 8th

I am in a serious freebie/sample slump! This is all I have gotten:

- Suave lotion sample/All You (it is a really nice size sample too....and I love the smell!!)
- Buzz Sunflower seeds
- Lucky mag (free subscription)

junk & more junk :( Where have all my goodies gone?!?

**UPDATE** Todays mail was AWESOME!!!! I got a full size Secret Clinical Strength deodorant.....they retail for $8-$10!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mail for May 30th to today

Not too bad! :)

- Ban Deodorant (Walmart)
- Test Product from SurveySpot (I NEVER get anything good from's about time something came of them!! LOL)
- Nature Made Super B-complex 14 day supply
- $15 Check from parenting survey
- Clinique mascara (I have no idea how I got it?!?)