Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My baby

Is now 4 years old!! *sigh* Where has the time gone?!? I look at him and can't believe how "grown up" he seems. And the things he says just crack me up!!! Like the other day, I sent him into the bathroom ahead of me to get started on brushing his teeth. When I got in the bathroom, I watched him reach his brush and toothpaste, turn the water on to wet his brush, brush his teeth, clean his brush and put it back.....all without using his chair! He was standing flat-foot on the floor doing all of that!! I ask him "Did you just brush your teeth by yourself without using your chair?" and he said "I sure did, mommy! I can reach to turn the water on and get my brush and toothpaste....i'm a grown up now!!" He was just so proud of himself. When we were done in the bathroom he insisted on calling my mom to tell her what a grown up he is now. He is really into doing as much as he can on his own, but i've been telling him part of being a big boy or "grown up" is knowing it's ok to ask for help, since even grown ups need help from time to time.

I knew the time would go by quick, but not as fast as it is...........can't it slow down just a little?!?!?


bluehoneytigger said...

Oh, I know how you feel. It’s seems just like yesterday they were depending on us for everything and now they tell us “No mommy, I can do it.” Pout, pout, pout. But it is really awesome that he can brush his teeth by himself. I still have to fight Jess with brushing hers and she still can’t spit yet.

Patrice said...

No, no, no! I remember when Maryjean could reach the sink with no stool. Jon-Christopher still uses a short one and Elway is a shrimp like her big brother, so I can pretend, right? Wahhh, I can't believe on the 28th I will have a 6 and a 4 year old (not to mention how weird it is having an 8 year old. All I remember was the last 2 weeks of pregnancy dragging by and in a blink there were no more diapers and kids walking and talking and growing up. :(

Now I understand why adults were so annoying with "you've grown so much" when I was a kid.

Christine said...

Oh Patrice, I know.....it all just seems to be flying by. I'm still holding out hope to have at least ine more baby so I can experience all of it again, but then what do I do when that baby grows up?!?!? *sniff, sniff*

And Pam, all I hear all day long is "I can do it, mommy...I don't need you!" :( But then again, he'll go potty and I hear "ok mommy, i'm done...come check my butt!!" LOL

Patrice said...

Ahahaha. Gotta love the butt thing. I remember when Jon-Christopher was ready to turn 4 and we were at SIL's house and he was inside using the toilet and we were all on the porch and we heard "Wipe my butt!" LOL! I hate that duty (hahahaha--should I say doodie??) I start training practiceabout 2 months before 4 happens and always check to see if it's clean enough and when 4 comes, they're on their own. Elway is doing great, but I know she's still going to call me. I won't do it. hahahahah

I tell you when the next baby grows up it will be just as hard. We planned a large family--sorta pettered out at 3 (we're not trying anymore but we don't use protection either) and when Elway turned 2 it was so weird not having a newborn in the house. My friend got it at 5 b/c all her kids are 5 years apart, and I keep thinking "my youngest is almost 4??!?!?!" How'd that happen??

Christine said...

You know, I think I am ready to turn butt wiping duty over to Ty now....that is one thing I DON'T mind him growing up for!! LOL

I had always wanted a large family too, but I think one more will be enough for us. Although, if I am lucky enough to drop enough weight to reverse the diabetes, who knows what will happen!! I guess if it is meant to be it will happen, right?