Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally spring!!!

Wow, it's been way too long since i've posted....I have got to make sure I update more regularly!!

Anyhoo, it finally feels like spring outside. It's almost 70f, with a beautiful light breeze.......LOVE it!!! I'm starting to get the gardening itch really bad. I've been working in the front, pulling out old weeds and dead shrubs. I took out a dying thorn bush to make room for a butterfly bush....I can't wait to plant one there!!! I'd actually like to get several of them to put out front. It also won't be long and i'll be planting my tomato plants.....YUM!!!!

Well, I think the main reason I haven't updated in awhile is because my old computer finally died on me. I pulled off as many pics and programs I wanted to keep as I could before it officially bit the bullet. I still have some pics of Ty on the old hard drive that I can't get off because it won't stay on long enough for me. :( I am really loving the new computer, though. We got a Compaq, and I can't get over how fast it is! (considering my old 'puter was over 7 years old, I guess this one WOULD seem super fast! LOL) It also came with a flat panel screen that makes a huge difference. The only downside I can see to the new 'puter is it came with Windows is such a pain!!! But, i'm slowly learning how it works and getting the hang of it.....although, my favorite program I use for editing pics isn't compatable with Vista....what a pain!! I didn't want to bog down the new pc with pics and stuff, so I ordered a 500 GB hard drive to store all my pics and stuff. And, with all the amazon gift cards I had saved up, it only cost us $3.30 out of pocket!! Well, it came out of Paypal which is survey money, so it technically cost nothing out of pocket!! I just got it today and love, love, love it! It's so small and quiet. Now I just need to load all my pics and things onto it and i'll be good to go. :)

My mom is doing SO good!! She had a chemo treatment this past Monday (my 34th birthday) and they also gave her several shots to help build her blood count up since she will be having surgery soon. Apparently the chemo is working and the tumor is shrinking, just like they had hoped!!! She will see her doctor sometime next week, I think, and they will decide whether she will need another chemo treatment or surgery to remove the tumor. I do know she said she will be having some type of scan done soon to see just how much the tumor is shrinking down. Also, she is going on Friday to get a wig, since her hair is thinning out quite a bit. She still has her moments where she feels a little run down, but for the most part she says she has been feeling really well. She can't wait to have the surgery and heal from that so she can come down for a visit!!

Hmmm, what else.....Zane's new job is going really well. I can't get over the difference in his pay compared to his old job.....he is bringing home over double what he made at the old job!! It feels so good to catch up on all of the bills, and actually not have to worry about where money will come from for groceries and other things we need. We still have a way to go, but we're finally getting there!! We had our taxes done a few weeks ago, and we actually did really well!! The downside, we still owe the IRS so it all goes to them. :( So does the stimulus package we qualify for. We only get $900 instead of $1500 because I don't bring in an income (even though we file married filing jointly) but that will just about pay off the IRS totally. I think next year we may actually get a partial refund, for the first time in 3 years!! WOOHOO!!!! I'm just waiting for the letter from the IRS letting us know they took our federal return so I know where we stand with them. Hopefully we'll get it soon........:)

Well, I guess that will do it for now. I have got to make sure I bookmark this site so I remember to update this blog more has taken been awhile to find all of my bookmarks I used to have!! LOL Hope everyone is doing well.......take care, all!!!! **hugs**

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Freebies and samples for February

Well, February wasn't too bad. Survey money was a little light, but not too bad:

- Simply the Best Chicken Cookbook ~ Rec' 2/1
- Coupon for free Febreze Noticeable warmer ~ Rec'd 2/2 (ended up with 3 total!)
- Analon 5" Santoku Knife ~ Rec'd 2/7 UPS (from wedding/anniversary registry...LOVE IT!)
- 2008 Chick-fil-A calendar with tons of coupons ~ Rec'd 2/8 (got 2)
- Large Space Bag ~ Rec'd 2/9 (got 2)
- Beckham Perfume sample/ ~ Rec'd 2/9 (Wal-mart)
- Wilton Armetale Heart Dish ~ Rec'd 2/11 (from wedding/anniversary registry)
- 8x10 pic from Canon ~ Rec'd 2/11 (rec'd at Zane's old job)
- Fish Oil capsules ~ Rec'd 2/15
- Coupon for free 20 oz. Coke product ~ Rec'd 2/15 (MCR: My Coke Rewards)
- Post it Flag Highlighter pen ~ Rec'd 2/25 (too cute!)
- Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bar ~ Rec'd 2/26
- Kotex Pantyliners (2) ~ Rec'd 2/26 (Costco)
- Finance Binder ~ Rec'd 2/26
- Coupon for free 12 pack Coke product ~ Rec'd 2/28 (MCR)

Survey Money:
Pincecone Research: $5 (paypal)
Starbucks: $20 (4 $5 cards!)
Amazon: $25
General surveys: $3 (checks)

Like I said, not too bad. There are so many things I am still waiting for, though.....and i'm hoping surveys start to pick up real soon!!!