Sunday, March 2, 2008

Freebies and samples for February

Well, February wasn't too bad. Survey money was a little light, but not too bad:

- Simply the Best Chicken Cookbook ~ Rec' 2/1
- Coupon for free Febreze Noticeable warmer ~ Rec'd 2/2 (ended up with 3 total!)
- Analon 5" Santoku Knife ~ Rec'd 2/7 UPS (from wedding/anniversary registry...LOVE IT!)
- 2008 Chick-fil-A calendar with tons of coupons ~ Rec'd 2/8 (got 2)
- Large Space Bag ~ Rec'd 2/9 (got 2)
- Beckham Perfume sample/ ~ Rec'd 2/9 (Wal-mart)
- Wilton Armetale Heart Dish ~ Rec'd 2/11 (from wedding/anniversary registry)
- 8x10 pic from Canon ~ Rec'd 2/11 (rec'd at Zane's old job)
- Fish Oil capsules ~ Rec'd 2/15
- Coupon for free 20 oz. Coke product ~ Rec'd 2/15 (MCR: My Coke Rewards)
- Post it Flag Highlighter pen ~ Rec'd 2/25 (too cute!)
- Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bar ~ Rec'd 2/26
- Kotex Pantyliners (2) ~ Rec'd 2/26 (Costco)
- Finance Binder ~ Rec'd 2/26
- Coupon for free 12 pack Coke product ~ Rec'd 2/28 (MCR)

Survey Money:
Pincecone Research: $5 (paypal)
Starbucks: $20 (4 $5 cards!)
Amazon: $25
General surveys: $3 (checks)

Like I said, not too bad. There are so many things I am still waiting for, though.....and i'm hoping surveys start to pick up real soon!!!


Patrice said...

I'm back! Didja miss me? ;) We were planning a vacation and came back Sunday and I've had some computer blahs.

I need your Amazon secrets. I can never get enough Amazon GC's. :)

Christine said...

Of COURSE I missed you!!!! Don't ever leave me like that again!!! LOL **hugs**

Ugh, getting Amazon GC's has been really slow so far this year. I've only been getting them from Mysurvey by cashing in points. I miss getting the big GC's in the mail!!!

bluehoneytigger said...

That's great.

Patrice said...

It's nice to be missed. :) MySurvey doesn't like me. They send me nothing! Maybe I should re-up. Hmmm.

Christine said...

Ehh, they do *ok* for me. I hear about lots of other people getting tons of surveys from them....not me. :(

Patrice said...

Hahaha, I am so silly. MySurvey does do well by me. I just usually hold the points for cash. We had a really nice cashout last year--$130 bucks, now I'm almost up to $20 again. I need more survey sites though. Ever since Pinecone dumped me (grrr, I was getting $5 per from them) I signed up again and they never e-mail me.

Christine said...

You know, Pinecone has been REALLY slow with surveys for me, too....

I've been working on MyPoints lately, but boy are they slow with points. I wish something good would come up soon!!!!

Patrice said...

You and me both. I'm hoping for In Home Product Testing. I LOVE that one. A Product to keep and a target card is a happy thing. :D

Christine said...

Ohhhh, me too!!! Have you joined bzzagent yet? LOVE them, too!!!

BTW, i'll be offline for a little 'puter is dying. I'll email you when I get back online!!

ACK!!! All the freebies i'm going to miss out on while offline.....WAH!!!!!!

Patrice said...

Ages ago. But they never send me any campaigns. When they used to, it was never the kind with stuff--I lie, one time I got the listerine pocket packs, but that was like 2 years ago, and nothing much since. Maybe my demographic is common?

Sorry about your puter. Hopefully freebies will be slow while you're offline.