Monday, July 26, 2010

Such a bad blogger

I am SUCH a horrible's been over a month since i've done any posts, and I am so, so sorry. Can you forgive me?!? Pretty please? Photobucket

I did have some computer trouble that made it very difficult to get online.....I mean, I could get online but I had to use my old computer and I have to restart it every 40-45 minutes because it ends up going sooooo slow. So that made doing anything online a total pain. And it took FOR-E-VER to get my regular computer working again.....and to this day no one knows what was wrong with it! Photobucket We ended up having to buy a new modem (which we had a new one put in just this past January....curse you, dial-up internet!!) and now it's working fine. So, let's see if I can remember all that has happened the last month....

In July the in-laws came back down again.....only this time, Z's brother, sister and niece came with them! It was so nice to finally have Z's sister meet Chase, and it was great that we got to meet her daughter as well!! Ty and her daughter hit it off was as if they knew each other their whole lives. We got to go swimming with them at the hotel they stayed at in Pigeon Forge, and I am so impressed with how well Ty and Chase did with swimming. They both loved it! Photobucket

Z and I hit a big rough patch a few weeks ago, but so far things are going better. We are working together on things and hopefully things will continue to improve. He did find out the company he works for has once again switched hands, but this time it seems to be a great thing! Health insurance is supposed to be MUCH better, and he will get more vacation time and somewhat better pay. I'm looking forward to the better insurance, that's for sure! This past weekend our big freezer died on us. Ugh, we lost so much food. And what we did manage we had to shove into our little freezer in the kitchen. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to get another freezer. We can't complain too much, though......the one we have lasted us 10 years and survived several moves.

The boys are doing GREAT!!! Ty is getting excited about school starting next month. I am as well.....I feel so bad that he doesn't have kids his age to play with. Chase is walking all OVER the place! Crawling still seems to be his preferred method of travel, but he is walking like crazy.....and the look on his face is priceless! He is SO proud of himself. I have a video of him walking on Facebook, so if you're on my Facebook and haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it! He's still hit or miss with talking.....he loves to sing, though! He just keeps growing and getting so big.....they BOTH do!

Well, I guess that's it for now. The boys are wanting mama to play. Hope everyone is doing good and staying as cool as possible in this nasty heat!! It's been in the 100's here, and we only have a/c in the bedroom and living room so trying to cook dinner in this heat has been super rough. Photobucket

I promise to do my best to update more frequently!! Photobucket