Monday, April 30, 2012

Mail for past few days

Friday and Saturday were decent mail days......I received the free flip flops from the Seventeen giveaway and a Lemonade Mio from the Facebook promo. Today's mail kicked BUTT!!! I FINALLY got my Target Beauty bag from the Facebook giveaway.....and thanks to Z I ended up with 2!!! I also got a $5 survey check from Livewire and $6 Paypal from Decision Research.

Ohhh, and today I got in on the Domino's Artisan pizza giveaway on Facebook and on Z's account as well, so there are two free pizzas coming our way this week!!! Photobucket

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday!!!

Ahhh, i'm so glad the weekend is almost here! (not like we have any plans or anything....just looking forward to two days of sleeping in! LOL) I figured this would be a good time to do a few updates. This week actually went by kind of fast....Ty had testing each day this week, which he has said he feels he did good on. Last week was their last week for homework....I can not believe how fast this school year has gone by!!! He only has 17.5 days left. (last day is a half day)  This weekend I would LOVE to get some good deep cleaning done around is way overdue!!!  I need to stay away from the computer and I should do good with getting things done! LOL  I've been kicking around some ideas for Chase's birthday in June (yes, I am early...LOL) and i'm thinking about doing either a Blues Clues or Yo Gabba Gabba theme. I found some ideas online for invitations and things and have been playing around with Photoshop....I absolutely LOVE Photoshop!!! But I need to not mess with that this weekend so I can get some things done......I guess we'll see how that goes.....Photobucket

Ugh, my allergies/sinuses have been kicking my butt lately!!!The pollen has been rough the past few weeks, and my allergies hardly ever both me so I know it must be bad! (although I have had a few bad sinus infections over the past two years....very rare for me!) I am SO grateful for the Walmart brand Daytime Sinus gel caps....they are THE only medicine I can take that doesn't make me drowsy at all, and actually works for me!! They were a true lifesaver when I had a bad sinus infection a few years ago. And they are not expensive!

Ok, so earlier this month I had the Mirena IUD put in and I have to say I am in love!! Aunt Flo was due a few days ago and she is a no show....and I KNOW i'm not pregnant and we are done having kiddos so AF can stay away for good for all I care!!! The IUD was so easy to have put in and other than a few cramps here and there i've had no problems at all. I know the IUD isn't for everyone but it was perfect for us right now.

Chase is doing amazing!!!! He is talking up a storm and has an amazing sense of humor! He LOVES watching (and singing) Blue's Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba. He will randomly sing songs from both shows throughout the day, and it is hilarious! He also loves to color and draw, and has gotten SO good with his letters and numbers and recognizing shapes and colors. He's also really into playing outside, and despite living where we do and the issues we have (in fact, someone tried to break in last Saturday night....nice, huh?!?) I try and let him play outside as much as possible. Ty has always loved being outside and I love that, and now Chase is the same. He still isn't potty trained, but we're going to work hard on it this summer....well, as long as he is ready. Ty potty trained fairly easy, but alot sooner than Chase. But I know when Chase is ready he will get the hang of it and do well. :)  He is just awesome......well, both of my boys are!! Photobucket

Z and I are doing better. I feel we still have a way to go, but things seem to be looking up. I think something clicked for Z this last time and he really seems determined and focused on doing what needs to be done to get us in a better place, and not just a better home but a better place in general. Seeing the change in him has really inspired me to be more patient about where we live and with our marriage in general. I am FAR from a better person, and I know I have alot of things to still work on. I really need to be less negative and stop whining/complaing about things, as it WILL get better when the time is right and I need to focus on the GOOD alot more. I bet once I change my way of thinking my whole mood and depression issues will improve so much.

Ok, I *think* I covered everything......this post sure was long enough!! LOL Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!!! Photobucket

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Todays mail

Not much, but i'll take whatever comes along!!

They taste "ok"......not a huge peanut butter flavor, but not bad.

My big boy

Ty got his Spring pictures back and I am SO glad we were able to order them, even if it was only a few......

This will be his last year at his school, Sunnyview Primary. The school only goes up to second grade and he would then go to a different school for grades 3-5. We decided not to put in a transfer and will be registering him to the school we are zoned for, mainly because the school he would go to is farther away then where he goes now and I would have to take him and pick him up. The school he will go to he will be able to catch the bus right in front of the house. He's said he was pretty excited about riding a bus again, and considering the school is less than 5 minutes away he won't be on it long. I can not believe he is almost a 3rd grader! Photobucket

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So I haven't posted in like forever the samples and freebies i've gotten, and i've also slacked off with writing it down to keep track of it.....I am such a slacker!!! I need to get this blog moving more so I need to make more of an effort to post the mail when I get goodies. Today's mail wasn't a whole lot, but it was awesome none the less!!! A few Wednesday's ago My Coke Rewards offered their Chalkboard Picture Frame for half the points.....I had been saving my points for another Club Pogo membership, but decided to order the frame. I'm SO glad I did!! It's super cute!

There are 5 pieces of chalk and at the top of the frame there are 5 openings to keep the chalk in. Here is a link to see what it looks like with the chalk in it.....i'm seriously thinking this would be a cool end of school year gift for Ty's teacher!!!

Flip Flop project

Ok, so it's been almost a year since I started this project and I STILL have a long way to go. Between finding the time and having issues with my right hand, I just can't seem to get very far with it. :(  I did manage to get a little more done.....but I still have so much to do. (I can not wait until I can get this hand looked at and hopefully get it fixed!!!)

Hmmm, maybe posting this pic will motivate me to get this project done......I hope so! LOL

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long day ahead *update*

Today Ty has an upper and lower colonoscopy done to check and see if he has any sort of blockage or anything else that could cause his tummy issues. I am beyond nervous right now. Yesterday broke my heart, as he had to be on an all liquid diet plus take three different things to help him clean his system out,  and he kept telling me how hungry he was. Photobucket They did tell me I can be with him right up until they take him back to do the procedure, and that they will wait and do the IV when he is asleep......and they said he won't even remember me leaving him, which is a slight comfort.

Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.......Photobucket

*Ty did great!!! He was such a brave boy. We had to be at the hospital at 5:45am, which was rough! But once we got there and he was all checked in things went fairly quick. They gave him something they call "happy juice" that helps them relax, especially with being seperated from mom and dad. Well, he took it and within 15 minutes he was passed out!! Not long after that they came and got him and us and took us up to the waiting room. We had to wait 35-40 minutes total, but it seemed like it took so much longer. Finally the doctor came out and told us they found he had excessive bile in his stomach and esophugus, but everything else looked just fine. He has to go back tomorrow morning for an ultrasound to check his gallbladder to see if that is what is causing all the extra bile. They also gave him a prescription for Prevacid to see if that will help as well. We went back to his room and waited on him, which once again wasn't a long wait but felt like forever....I wanted my boy!!!! Once he got back to the room he was still pretty out of it. He did sit up once and ask if they did the procedure already then flopped back down on the pillow...LOL! He's doing great now that we are home. Still very weak but SO glad to be able to eat again!!

I do want to give a proper shout out to Children's Hospital. Everyone we came in contact with today was just wonderful and so caring.It really helped put our minds at ease and was just an amazing experience.......

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I try not to post referral links to sites but I could use all the help I can get!! Superpoints is a really easy site to use to earn points that you can cash in for cash (Paypal) or gift cards!! To get points you can do simple offers on their site that don't require any credit cards or out of pocket money (although they do have those things on their site...I never do them, obviously!) and you get emails with points in them! They also have videos you can watch to earn points as well as the SuperLucky button that you get 30 clicks per day!! And the higher you move up in status, the more clicks you can earn, as well as you earn extra points when someone you refer signs up!

Check them out when you can........Superpoints Thank you SO much!!!

*Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend you use an email address that is just for sites like this, as you do tend to get some spam from time to time........

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love, love, love it!!

Yesterday I received the Palmolive Sponge Fresh detergent and a sponge from Influenster, and I LOVE it!!! the detergent has such a wonderful scent, and I love the sponge!! The Palmolive detergent is supposed to wash away odor causing residue from the sponge and even though i've only used it a few times I love it!! It not only keeps the sponge smelling fresh, but it works GREAT at cutting through grease and getting dishes really clean. I'm SO glad I got the chance to try this!!!