Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My big boy

Ty got his Spring pictures back and I am SO glad we were able to order them, even if it was only a few......

This will be his last year at his school, Sunnyview Primary. The school only goes up to second grade and he would then go to a different school for grades 3-5. We decided not to put in a transfer and will be registering him to the school we are zoned for, mainly because the school he would go to is farther away then where he goes now and I would have to take him and pick him up. The school he will go to he will be able to catch the bus right in front of the house. He's said he was pretty excited about riding a bus again, and considering the school is less than 5 minutes away he won't be on it long. I can not believe he is almost a 3rd grader! Photobucket