Thursday, December 29, 2011

Montagne Jeunesse

Once again, thanks to Influenster's Holiday VoxBox, I got to try the Passion Peel Off face mask from Montagne Jeunesse! I loved how this product felt and how easy it was to apply. And it Peeled off SO clean and easy, it was just perfect!!! Afterwards, my face felt so smooth and hydrated! I really love how they offer so many different masks and that they are SO affordable!! And another huge plus, they are easily available at places like Walmart, Target and CVS...just to name a few!

If you haven't tried these masks from Montagne Jeunesse, I highly recommend you give them a shot!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! I posted pics from our outting last night to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on Facebook.....we all had a BLAST!!! The boys loved seeing all the lights. And they had so much fun this morning with opening gifts......i'll try and post a few pics of the goodies they got a little bit later.

Take care everyone and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ty surprised me today!

He brought home all kinds of crafts that he made at school recently!!

He made a really cute reindeer ornament out of clothes pins, a snowman ornament made from a popsicle stick and a candy cane ornament. He also made a calendar and a coaster to sit drinks on!!! The calendar is SO cool....he drew a picture for each month!!

He also made an amazing Christmas tree....

Also today at school was Grinch day and all the kids wore green......he said they got to watch the movie The Grinch, and even got a treat!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Think it's time

Well, I think it's time to buckle down and get to potty training Chase. Saturday he actually did #2 in the big potty, and yesterday he peed in the big potty 5 times!! He still isn't really telling me he has to go to the bathroom, but i'm thinking he will start any day with that. For now I ask him if he has to go every 20 minutes or so, and usually when he wakes up, before and after a nap. (not like he takes naps that often anymore, though!) One incentive that seems to be working is telling him he can wash his hands after he goes potty....he LOVES to wash his hands like a big boy!! We'll get some training pants soon and then if things continue to go well we'll get him some big boy undies. I just can't believe we are ready for this.........why do they have to grow up so fast?!?!?!?!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NYC New York Color

Once again, thanks to influenster for sending me the Holiday voxbox I got to try NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine!

Lipgloss is one of my favorite accessories, and the NYC Lipshine is one of the best I have used!! I love how easy it is to apply, and that it doesn't feel sticky at all on your lips and leaves them looking so nice and shiny, but not too shiny. The Lipshine comes in some super cute colors, and can be found just about anywhere you normally shop, like Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, and CVS just to name a few!! And the best part? They are VERY affordable!! Prices start at just .99! Link

imPRESS Press-on Manicure

Thanks to influenster for sending me the holiday voxbox, I got to try the imPress Press On Nails!

How cute is the container they come in?!? It looks like a bottle of nail polish! Now, I didn't get a color that I would normally use, but I just couldn't wait to try them!! They were SO easy to put it....literally just peel and push on! I did have some issues with the sizes fitting my nails, but all in all I really liked these press on nails. Obviously there is no drying time involved and they came off VERY easy! They can last up to a week, but I didn't leave them on that long as I really didn't think that particular color went with my clothes. But I will definitely be purchasing a different color soon!!!

Hoo are you?!?


I know i'm late doing this..........time keeps getting away from me!!!

Here are this week's questions!

1. Is all your Christmas shopping done?

For the most part, yes!! We still need to get the boys their stocking stuffers, but that's it!

2. Do you decorate for Christmas and if so when?

Sure do!! The past two years i've had to downsize the decorating since we are in such a small house now. I LOVE to go all out, though!! We put our tree up right after Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year we will be in a new home and will be able to decorate outside again!!

3. Do you bake during the Holiday season?

Oh yes, and being a diabetic it isn't always a good thing!! We do basic cookies, like chocolate chip and sugar cookies and we just started doing candies, like peanut brittle and chocolate covered pretzels.

4. What are your favorite smells of this time of year?

I love the smell of cookies baking and the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees...even though we have an artificial tree!!

5. What are your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season?

Every Christmas Eve we go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg to see all the lights!! The boys love it, and it will be even more magical since our youngest is old enough to really be into all the lights! Every morning when we take our oldest to school and we pass lights Chase will say "Christmas lights!" We also get a funnel cake up in Gatlinburg, yum!! It's our family tradition now! (and it helps that we only live 25-30 minutes away!)

I love doing these SO much!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Mail has been really bad lately as far as freebies go. But today was so AWESOME!! I got:

- cosmic catnip sample (MeeMee should love this stuff!)
- Christmas card from in-laws with a check
- $50 Best Buy gift card that I redeemed from MyCokeRewards when they had that special last month!! (so glad I held onto the points I had!)
- Kohl's order that I got an amazing deal on......$7.99 towels for $4.20...for BOTH!!! (and free shipping!!) They so fit into our family......


Yesterday Z and I made chocolate covered pretzels!! A few weeks ago we got a huge block of Ghirardelli Candy Making chocolate from Sam's and couldn't wait to try it! We used small regular pretzels and some waffle pretzels, and they turned out amazing!!! We even added some cute sprinkles and red & green sugar to them:

Obviously we made more than that, but I forgot to take pics yesterday when we were making them (bad, I know!) and Z took quite a bit with him to work this morning to share. I'm hoping we get to make more next week so we can give a few to our GOOD neighbors, as well as some cookies and possibly peanut brittle. I'm keeping fingers crossed that i'll also be able to mail some peanut brittle out! I'd love to also mail some of the pretzels, but I seriously doubt they will do good if mailed.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!! Only 8 days until Christmas, AHHHH!!!!!! Photobucket

Monday, December 12, 2011

So excited!!

The boys got their letters from Santa!! Ty was so excited because Santa added his own personal message at the bottom of the letter........Photobucket

Hard to believe....

Christmas is two weeks from yesterday!!! This week is Ty's last full week of week he goes Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday it is a half day. He's so excited about the break, but I can just hear him now on his first full day off..."Mom....i'm bored!"

This weekend was nice. On Friday, after I dropped Ty off at school I took Chase to see the doctor. (well, it was the nurse practitioner) He has an ear infection in his left ear, which we kind of figured as hey would be playing and out of the blue jump up and start crying and grabbing his left ear. :( So he is now on antibiotics. After the appointment we hit Target. The in-laws sent a check to get the boys something for Christmas. (SO much easier for them since they are in MD) I found a few small things in Targets $1 section and then headed to the toys. It was so cute....Chase saw a doll and kept saying "Mama, baby doll!! Baby doll!!" I kept walking and he wasn't happy about that. Now, I don't have any issues with my son having a baby doll, but I am NOT buying a doll that "poops"!! It's enough that i'm cleaning his butt, I don't need to clean up after some doll! We left the baby isle and something else caught his eye.....a super cute and SUPER squishy bear!! (Chase is SO into bears!!!) I picked it up and loved how soft it was....and it was a really great price!! I asked him if he would like to get this bear and he yelled "YAH!" He instantly laid his head down on it, and I knew it was perfect for him. I figured that would something nice from the in laws for him. :) I also found a Fisher Price Magnetic drawing board thingie (the one that has a "pen" attached to it and he can draw, then slide something to clear the board). This child LOVES to draw and goes through almost as much paper as Ty does so this is perfect!!! I looked at all kinds of things for Ty and nothing really stood out.....they had some Lego stuff on sale, but we already got him several Spongebob sets already. I finally looked at the board games and remembered he wanted the game Sorry, so I got him that from the in-laws. I didn't see anything else, but we ended up going back to Target yesterday and we found a REALLY cool pair of dino pj's for Ty!!! He loved them! So we picked them up, also from the in-laws, but I let him have them early. He put them on as soon as we got home and kept them on all day! LOL

Friday night Z got our layaway out and Saturday I got everything wrapped. :) Now I can't wait for Christmas!! Also on Friday we got a few goodie baskets mailed out (and they should get them either today or tomorrow!) and I still have a few to make up. Hopefully we'll get them done sometime this week. Z is off tomorrow (he has a biopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning, though) and on Thursday and i'm hoping Thursday we'll get a few more goodies made up and mailed.

Well, unfortunately I have dishes calling my name so I need to get offline. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a GREAT week!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Received my Holiday Voxbox!!

I got my Holiday Voxbox from influenster!! It is AWESOME!!!!!

So excited!!!

Can't wait to dig in!!


It came with:

- imPRESS Press-on manicure
- Softsoap cocnut scrub bar soap (2 bars!)
- Montagne Jeunesse face mask
- New York color liquid lip shine
- Mentos Pure fresh gum
- Larabar

So far i've only tried the Mentos gum and it is SO strong, but SO good!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

On a mission

Today I am putting my foot down and getting some really good (and long overdue) cleaning done! The kitchen is a disaster....dishes have been sitting, the counters are cluttered and I am just tired of looking at it all. As of today, and this weekend, I am stepping up and getting things cleaned and organized!!!!!! My goal for today:

- finish up and put away laundry (had to wash Z's work uniforms)
- get every single dish washed
- declutter the counter
- sweep/vacuum the floor

Off I go!!!!