Monday, December 12, 2011

Hard to believe....

Christmas is two weeks from yesterday!!! This week is Ty's last full week of week he goes Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday it is a half day. He's so excited about the break, but I can just hear him now on his first full day off..."Mom....i'm bored!"

This weekend was nice. On Friday, after I dropped Ty off at school I took Chase to see the doctor. (well, it was the nurse practitioner) He has an ear infection in his left ear, which we kind of figured as hey would be playing and out of the blue jump up and start crying and grabbing his left ear. :( So he is now on antibiotics. After the appointment we hit Target. The in-laws sent a check to get the boys something for Christmas. (SO much easier for them since they are in MD) I found a few small things in Targets $1 section and then headed to the toys. It was so cute....Chase saw a doll and kept saying "Mama, baby doll!! Baby doll!!" I kept walking and he wasn't happy about that. Now, I don't have any issues with my son having a baby doll, but I am NOT buying a doll that "poops"!! It's enough that i'm cleaning his butt, I don't need to clean up after some doll! We left the baby isle and something else caught his eye.....a super cute and SUPER squishy bear!! (Chase is SO into bears!!!) I picked it up and loved how soft it was....and it was a really great price!! I asked him if he would like to get this bear and he yelled "YAH!" He instantly laid his head down on it, and I knew it was perfect for him. I figured that would something nice from the in laws for him. :) I also found a Fisher Price Magnetic drawing board thingie (the one that has a "pen" attached to it and he can draw, then slide something to clear the board). This child LOVES to draw and goes through almost as much paper as Ty does so this is perfect!!! I looked at all kinds of things for Ty and nothing really stood out.....they had some Lego stuff on sale, but we already got him several Spongebob sets already. I finally looked at the board games and remembered he wanted the game Sorry, so I got him that from the in-laws. I didn't see anything else, but we ended up going back to Target yesterday and we found a REALLY cool pair of dino pj's for Ty!!! He loved them! So we picked them up, also from the in-laws, but I let him have them early. He put them on as soon as we got home and kept them on all day! LOL

Friday night Z got our layaway out and Saturday I got everything wrapped. :) Now I can't wait for Christmas!! Also on Friday we got a few goodie baskets mailed out (and they should get them either today or tomorrow!) and I still have a few to make up. Hopefully we'll get them done sometime this week. Z is off tomorrow (he has a biopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning, though) and on Thursday and i'm hoping Thursday we'll get a few more goodies made up and mailed.

Well, unfortunately I have dishes calling my name so I need to get offline. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a GREAT week!!!