Thursday, August 30, 2007

Doctor appointment today

Today I had a follow up appointment with our 8am!! Ugh, it was so hard to get out of bed so early for that!!! But, it was nice to get it out of the way, though. They did an A1C test to see how my sugar averages have been the past month, and it has dropped somewhat. When we first started seeing this doctor, my A1C number was 11.3, which is way too high. (a good number is anything between 6-7) I'm not sure what my number was exactly, but it has dropped.....just not quite where the doc wants me to be. So, he's giving me a month to get it where it should be, and if it's still out of whack I will most likely be going on insulin. Well, he said he would put me on the insulin pump. Honestly, with how many sugar pills I am taking and the cost of one of them, insulin is sounding better and better! LOL I was on insulin when I was pregnant with Tyler, and I had no problems at all giving myself a shot, so i'm not worried about going back on it at all. Actually, it would be easier since it would actually be an insulin pump, so I technically wouldn't be giving myself a shot. Ah well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now i'm really going to crack down on my exercising and eating better. Eating better is SO hard, though!! Those darn carbs are everywhere!!! And their SO good! LOL But this is something I know I can get under control. I am determined to do better!!!!!!!

Speaking of exercise, I didn't get to work out today. :( We were so busy with all the running we had to do, plus my tummy has been feeling icky. Tomorrow morning i'll get right back to working out, and will try and do longer than 8 minutes. And after I had my weight checked at the doctor, I am REALLY going to do better with eating and exercising!!! :)

Today's mail

So, today wasn't a bad mail day.....we got a $50 check for a survey I did! Other than that, we got our local store ads and junk.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good mail day, also!!! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A friend's eBay auction

A friend of mine is selling a huge lot of boys clothes on eBay at a great price!!! Check them out if you can, please!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mail for August 28th

Well, we haven't got our regular mail yet, but I did get a $5 gift card in the mail a few minutes ago....:)

I'll update when we get the regular mail....

Exercise update

Yesterday I finished the day by doing a total of 18 minutes on my Gazelle. I'm really hoping to use it for a longer period of time. This morning I did my 6 minutes, and boy could I feel it!!! My legs and upper arms were a little sore, but felt so good!! I also did about 20 girly push ups. After Tyler's nap i'm going to use my gazelle for 8 minutes and see how I feel. I *think* I could do more than that, but i'm worried about pushing myself too hard since I am so out of shape. I just like taking it one day at a time for now!!

Also today, i'm going to get my weight so I can start to keep track of my progress better........i'll add a ticker again once I do that. :)

Yesterdays mail

Yesterday wasn't too bad........

- TV Guide
- Another Hallmark card from Walmart
- $5 Starbucks card(YAY!)
- $10 gc in email

And not in the mail, but I got the program Roboform Pro for free!! (it's a program you use on your computer to help fill out forms for freebies and sells for almost $30!!!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

A new week...

And another day in the mid to upper 90's!!! They've said by the end of the week it's supposed to be in the 80's around here.....let's hope their right!! LOL I can't wait for cooler weather....I love having the house opened up and letting fresh air blow through. (i'm sure come January or February i'll be posting how i'm sick of cold weather and can't wait for spring or summer! LOL) I really am looking forward to the next few months. We've had something going on for almost a year that should be cleared up by the holidays that are coming up. I was upstairs yesterday looking through some boxes and saw some Christmas decorations....I can't wait to get them out and set up!!! Plus the baking for the holidays.....YUM!!! I just hope we have some family visit us this year. I guess we'll have to wait and see......

This weekend was pretty nice. We got a few things done around the house, which is always nice! I got one of the drawers cleaned out really good that had a mouse trap in there. We got 3 mice in there over the summer and the trap has been untouched for over a month now, so I can only assume there are no more in the kitchen. Although, i'm still keeping a trap in one other drawer, just to be safe!! I'm just so sick and tired of seeing my kitchen a mess because we couldn't put the silverware or other gadgets away because of a mouse being in the drawer. The silverware had been on the kitchen table, and the other gadgets had been on the counter in a container. I finally have the kitchen table back, but i'm still going to hold off a little bit before I do the other drawer. I've never had to deal with mice in the home before until we moved here......ahhh, the joys of living in the country!! LOL It was miserably hot this weekend, but we did get a little rain. Sunday morning we were woken up at 4am by some pretty loud thunder. I thought I was dreaming it was storming out, but Tyler was awake asking me, mommy, is it thundering out? as he was climbing into our bed. I'm thinking to myself, how did he know I was dreaming about a thunderstorm? Then I heard the thunder......after that I had such a hard time getting back to sleep. So yesterday I felt a little off most of the day. I slept good last night though, that's for sure! :)

Well, I think that will be it for now. I want to get some exercise time in before I start on housework. I *think* we're having fried chicken for dinner tonight. I took out some boneless chicken breasts and will probably cut them into strips, then season and batter them and fry them up. That is, unless Zane calls on his way home to tell us we're going grocery shopping.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!

Update for today

So far today I did 6 minutes on my machine. I also did a few *girl* push ups, to see if it will help my upper arms.

I didn't update yesterday since I didn't do any exercises. :( I could really tell I hadn't done anything, also.....I felt so run down all day long! I'm sure being woken up at 4am sunday morning didn't help though, but if I would have exercised, i'm sure I would have felt much better yesterday. No more skipping for me!!!!! I'm hoping to get at least another 6 minutes in on the machine soon.......

One thing I realized, though.....I didn't check my weight before I started exercising!!! I'm going to do that soon so I can keep track of how well the weightloss is going..........

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mail call!

Yesterday's mail wasn't too bad.

- Oh! Oxygen candle
- Eucerin Calming lotion (it was quite a big sample, too!)
- Another Dove deodorant/Walmart (went to Zane's work)

With all the deodorant samples, I don't think I need to buy any for quite awhile!! LOL

I'll update later when I get today's mail.......


Saturdays mail wasn't too bad....I got:

- A Pur water bottle from Vocalpoint
- Pledge wipe kit from Bzzagent (LOTS of pledge wipes and a cool duster!)

Exercise update

So yesterday after Tyler's nap I did another 5 minutes....and last night I did yet another 5 minutes!!! I did a total of 15 minutes yesterday!!!

This morning, I did 6 minutes and felt like I could do more......but I didn't. After Ty's nap i'll try and do another 6 minutes.

I'll be so glad when the weather breaks and we can start walking to the mailbox again! I LOVE walking like that!! (especially if it means I get my freebies and samples faster, instead of waiting for Zane to bring them up! LOL)


Ok, so I know you didn't notice this, but i'm back online!!! See, I was trying to connect back online yesterday afternoon (damn peoplepc disconnecting people after being online for awhile >:( ) and it kept saying "no dial tone detected". I'm like, WTH?!? So I checked all the phone jacks to see if they were ok, then I picked up the phone receiver......D-E-A-D. I was flippin' out!!! No internet......what now?!?!? Oh no....does that mean I actually have to do....*gasp* housework?!?!? NOOOO....say it isn't so?!?!? So I called Zane to ask him if he knew anything about it (thank goodness for cellphones!)..........he said no but would find out what was going on. A few minutes later he calls me back and said the phone company was working on the problem. It seemed like someone had cut a major phone line by mistake and they were working on the problem.....and we should have service back by no later then, get this....Tuesday at 8:30pm!!!! I was floored!!! Ok, I wasn't really all that worried about it. Zane said he saw they were working on the problem when he was coming home, so we were hopeful it would be fixed by the end of this weekend. Well, this morning I picked up the phone receiver and heard a dial tone!!!! I was SO happy!!! Having to be without internet until next tuesday would have been rough, that's for sure!!! LOL

Ok, enough of's the weekend!!! Anyone have any plans? I think all we're doing is stuff around the house. It's too hot to do much outside, so I think it will be nice to get caught up on some things around here. Tyler has been bugging me to go out this morning, but I just couldn't let him out in that heat. I turned a Scooby-Doo movie on for him and he seems happy.....for now. LOL Ack, I guess I spoke too soon.....he just came in to tell me he got goldfish crackers all over the floor in the living room and asked me to help him clean it I guess that's my cue to get off of here. For dinner tonight we're having steak on the grill with either some rice or a baked potato, maybe some veggies. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!!! **hugs**

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mail updates

Ok, so the past two days haven't been that great as far as freebies and samples.....

- junk mail :(

- Dove deodorant sample/Walmart
- junk mail

Yesterday, I did get $5 in Paypal from Pinecone and received a $5 gift card in my email for a survey I did! :) I'll update when I get today's mail......


So, I took the weight loss ticker from the top of my page last week. My weight was SO weird!! It would go up a pound, then back down a pound....just up or down 1 pound!! I didn't see the point in keeping the ticker there since I didn't see a reason to update it. But, as of this morning, I finally decided to get off of my butt and start exercising again!!! I pulled out my Gazelle trainer and did about 5 minutes on it. I felt so GOOD when I was done! I probably could have done more than 5 minutes, but I want to work my way up to it first. When I first started using it, I started with 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day. I'm sure I'll do at least another 5 minutes later today, if not two more times today. I just feel so full of energy right now! Tyler sat in the computer chair while I was exercising and when I was done he said, "mommy, you did awesome!!" It made me feel so good!!! I'll update my exercise progress pretty often, if no one minds. I like being able to write down every time I exercise, as it motivates me even more!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mail update

Ok, not sure why I am posting this, since the freebies and samples have gotten super slow lately but here ya' go......

- junk :(

- Tv guide
- address labels
- junk :(

Maybe today will be better!! :)

**UPDATE** Today was awesome!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

- order paid for with gift card and survey money. (that's why we got the mail already...the mail person had to bring the mail up to the house!! WOOHOO!!)
- Gold Bond powder
- Post-its
- Listerine whitening strips/Walmart
- Hallmark card sample/Walmart
- K'nex helicopter
- junk mail

I love days like this!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another hot one

Today is supposed to be another hot one out there.....poor Tyler wants to play outside so badly. With the heat being so bad, I can only let him out in the mornings, and even then he can't stay out too long. I did let him play on the front porch yesterday and after oly a few minutes out there he told me "It's too hot mommy, let's go in...." We are both ready for the cooler weather!!!

Our weekend was pretty nice and laid back. Sunday Zane found a race track that he had gotten when I was pregnant with Tyler. They had so much fun playing with that! Last night we did some grocery shopping at the walmart supercenter. After we got our grocery items, I headed over to housewares to find something i've been looking for, and also wanted to check the toys for a car for Ty. (we're looking for Chick Hicks, a car from the disney movie Cars) Anyhoo, while in the toys I caught something from the corner of my eye on a shelf........I walked over and found something I had been looking for for Tyler, that I wanted to get him for christmas. A Jr. doctor's set!!! He found a stethescope upstairs that Zane had brought home when I was pregnant and loves it!!! So I started doing some research online to see about getting him his own set for christmas. Amazon had them starting at $15, so I was going to order him one the next time I got some gift cards.....the kit at walmart was only $4.88!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Zane ended up giving it to him last night, though! LOL He actually gave it to him when he took it off the shelf, and told him how proud he was of him sleeping in his big boy bed. Tyler was so excited!!!

Speaking of his own bed, he's still doing great in his bed......last night he slept until 7 this morning. The night before he got in our bed a little before 5am. I wish I could sleep as good as he is! LOL I've been tossing and turning almost every night for the past week or so, and have no idea why. We're still sleeping at the bottom of our bed for Tyler, so I wonder if that could be why i'm not sleeping good......who knows?!?!?

Well, I guess that will do it for now. I have to pee and get Tyler a snack....he's always telling me he is hungry lately!!! It must be a growth spurt or something......he looks so much taller to me lately. Tonight for dinner we're doing prok chops on the grill with some rice and veggies.....not sure what else, if anything, we'll have with it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week so far!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the weekend!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Zane is working today, so it's just Ty and I at home right now. As of right now it's pretty cool outside.....I know it won't last long, though! It's supposed to be really warm and muggy again today, but I *think* there is a chance for some storms today. I'd love to see some rain around here!

So yesterday I started re-doing the playroom to turn it into Tyler's room. We had been talking about doing this for over a year now, so I figured it was about time I got started on it!! LOL I got his dresser moved into the room and got some of his toys re-organized, and that's about it. The computer is still in the room, so i'll need to find another place to put that....and I have NO idea where to put it. It has to be someplace that has a phone line since we still have dial-up. I thought about putting upstairs in my scrap room, but Zane said he'd rather not keep it up there. I'll have to do some looking around today to see where else I can put it. We also won't put his bed in his room just yet, as he is still working on sleeping in there all night. Thursday night he slept from 9:45pm until after 8am yesterday morning!!! That is the first time he has EVER slept that long!! He usually wakes up from anywhere between 2:30am and 7:15am. Last night he got in our bed at 1:45am......I was half asleep when I felt him crawling into our bed and then I heard him ask me "mommy, you think I can get in your bed now?!?" So I told him to come on up and I went back to sleep. I'm thinking if we get him a bigger bed he would do a little better in it. Hopefully we'll be able to get him another bed later this year.

*yawn* For some reason, I am so sleepy this morning!! I thought I had slept pretty decent last night.....I think it's because I need some caffeine in my system. Then again, it's most likely because Aunt Flo has reared her ugly head as of yesterday, so that could be a big part of the problem, too. Today, in between messing with getting Ty's room situated, i'm going to try a recipe I got offline for peanut butter cookies!!! It has no flour in it at all.........just sugar, vanilla, an egg and peanut butter. I was watching a cooking show this morning and she made some homemade butter pecan ice cream......YUM!!! Boy do I wish we had an ice cream maker!! (just what a diabetic needs, right?!? LOL)

Well, I guess I need to get started. In between cleaning and baking cookies, I have laundry to do today as well. For dinner tonight we're having some sweet italian sausage with some baked beans....not sure if we'll have anything else with it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!!!

Mail updates

I'm sorry I haven't done any mail updates lately. The samples and freebies have been pretty slow!! Earlier this week we got a package from Tyler's Aunt Pam that had some adorable shirts and shorts in it for Ty!!

- $5 Paypal payment
- junk mail

- Psoriasis cream sample/at home and Zane's work
- Lighthouse magnet from Lutheran church (it's gorgeous!!)
- junk mail

And that is pretty much it. *sigh* I hope it picks up soon! Next week I should get an order I placed from using the gift cards, it only cost us a total of $3.05, and that came out of paypal which is "free" money, so it cost us nothing out of pocket!! I LOVE shopping like that!! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mail update

I haven't updated the mail list recently because to be honest, all i've gotten is just J-U-N-K!!
Today though, I did get the portable dvd player we ordered for Tyler for christmas, but that sure wasn't free!!! LOL Hopefully i'll have better things to post soon!!!


Time to whine a little bit, tooth is killing me!!! It's been bugging me for almost a week now.....and with no dental insurance, and the fact that we just got a $996 bill from when I was in the hospital so there is no extra money around, i'm stuck with it. I've used Orajel in a tube, liquid Orajel, and liquid Anbesol......nothing has worked for any amount of time. I was even taking Tylenol right after I put some Orajel on it, and even that only eased the pain up a little. I'm not even sure which darn tooth is's making almost all of my teeth on the left side hurt!!! :( Ok, enough of my whining and bitching.......

Tyler did pretty good in his bed last night. Although, he did wake up at 2:30am. He did the same thing the night before, at the same time. He ended up getting up in bed with us. AND, I found out this afternoon that he ended up in our bed at his nap time today!! Little stinker said "I slept in your bed at naptime mommy!" I looked at him and said "How did you do that? I layed you down in your bed and tucked you in?!" He said "but my hiney got cold mommy, so I HAD to get into your bed to get it warm!!" He is too funny!! I'm really hoping we can get him a bigger comforter for his bed soon.....i'm sure if he would have had a bigger blanket his hiney wouldn't have gotten cold! LOL I feel so bad for the little guy, though. I was just talking with a good friend of mine about this nasty heat and having to keep Tyler cooped up in the house....she's had to do the same with her children as well! I hate to rush time (since it goes by fast enough as it is), but I am SO looking forward to the cooler weather this year!!!

I'm sorry i've been a little scarce with updating the past day or so, but i've been working really hard on the cross stitch project, and I can honestly say it is turning out just awesome!!!! I'm making such good progress on it....I just might be done with it by the end of September! Maybe a little sooner, but I don't want to push it. If it turns out like I am hoping, i'd love to make more than one of the patterns....I just love it!!! You know, I say how I would love to make more once this one is done, but I think i'd like to catch up on my scrapping first. It's been so long since i've touched my scrap stuff......I miss it!! I swear I need more hours in the day! LOL

Well, it's going on 5pm, so I need to get off my butt and get dinner started. Tonight we are having steak off the grill with some rice andsome kind of veggies. Last night, we make some fresh flounder and I swear, that was THE BEST fish I have ever had in my life!!! Tyler even loved it!!! I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive so we could have it a little more often.....

Speaking of dinner, i'm looking for some idea's for dinners, so ladies help me out here!! Also, i'd love to know how ya'll plan out your dinners, if you do that. I was thinking about making like a weekly menu plan, but not sure how well that would work for us..........let me know your idea's!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Problems with comments

Well, I was wondering why I wasn't seeing anyone's turns out, I had the box checked that says I have to approve the comments before they can be added. I had no idea I had comments waiting for me to approve!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I *think* I finally have it where the comments show up right away least I hope I did that!! LOL

Sorry about that!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Wow, what a difference this morning!!! I let the dogs out early and for the first time in days, the heat didn't smack me in the face. The humidity is finally down....YEAH!!!!! Tyler asked me if I filled his pool up and I told him I didn't......but since it's not supposed to be so humid today I told him we could fill it up. So it looks like we'll be swimming today!!! He slept in his bed all night, yet again.......he did wake up at 6:15 this morning asking me if he could get up in our bed. I told him he could, but he just layed back down. When Zane got up to get ready for work he asked me where daddy was going, but still didn't get up in our bed until maybe 15 minutes later. I got up after I heard Zane's truck, and he stayed in bed and slept until after 8. I've noticed he's been getting a much better sleep at night and hasn't been as crabby during the day. When he was in our bed, anytime Zane would move Ty was awake, asking him where he was going or what he was doing. Now when he goes to sleep, I check on him throughout the night and he's in the same spot as when he fell asleep. I just hope he continues his naps during the day....I need those little breaks! LOL

So today i'm going to try and work in a little scrapbooking, since it's not so hot outside. The room I scrapbook in is upstairs and there is no a/c in that room......when it's hot out, it's even hotter up there!!! I also want to work on my cross-stitch project......maybe i'll take Ty upstairs to play while I scrap, then I can cross-stitch when he naps this afternoon. I just really feel like scrappin' today..........I guess we'll wait and see!!

Well, I need to get moving. I still have to decide what to have for dinner tonight....nothing sounds good at all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

"We're going to Jackson...."

Look out Jackson town!!!

A happy birthday wish!!!


One downfall.... living in a house that is 95 years old. Bee's keep finding there way into the house!!! Ugh, it is SO frustrating!!! Within an hour I killed two bees in the playroom, and earlier today I killed a hornet in the kitchen. There are so many openings and crevasses, there is no way to pinpoint just how they are getting, all we can do is be on the lookout for them. Once the weather changes we won't get nearly as many bees around....COME ON COOLER WEATHER!!! LOL

Tyler slept in his bed all night wednesday night.......and, all night last night!!!!! We are so proud of him!!!!!! When Zane got up this morning to get ready for work, I actually had the whole king sized bed to myself........pure heaven!!!!! Yesterday we took Ty shopping to get him a special surprise for doing so good at sleeping in his bed......he got two new cars from the Disney movie Cars! We're hoping to get him a new comforter for his bed real soon.........

I've been doing a little more christmas shopping today.....thank goodness for gift cards!! (especially when I get them free!!!LOL) I got Ty some new dvd's, plus got my friends daughter something. Hopefully the next few weeks I should get more gift cards so I can do some more shopping. It feels so good to actually have some things put away already.......such a relief!!!!

Well, I know this post was short but I need to get a few things done before I start dinner....tonight we're having some thin pork chops, peas, rice, gravy and biscuits. I am so hungry!!!!!

Hope everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!!!

Mail for August 9th

Sorry I didn't update yesterday.....Zane's day off is thursday so I try not to get online much. Anyhoo, mail yesterday was crap!!! I got:

- A car from the movie Cars for Ty, paid for by gift cards
- junk

*sigh* I sure hope today's mail is better....I am SO spoiled by freebies and samples!!! LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mail for August 8th

Today was an ok mail day.....I got:

- Del Monte "I Pledge" kit. It had a pouch of Starkist tuna, pedometer and bracelet
- Junk mail

Tyler got a surprise package from my totally awesome friend in MD!!! We love you, girl!!!!!

Cross stitch project

I have been working so hard on this project, and I must say I LOVE how it is turning out!!! The colors look even brighter that they do in the picture that is on the pattern folder. I am so glad I started so early on it, though.....I had no idea it would be so time consuming!!! Not that I mind, of course. I love to cross stitch, plus the person I am making this for means so much to me, he/she is worth the time and effort. :) Once the project is completed, i'll take a picture of it and post it here....that is, once the person I am making it for actually receives it in the mail!!! I was kind of hoping I could make more than one of these to give to several people, but I don't think I would finish them up in time for christmas. I do have a few other idea's for gifts though, so we'll see what happens.

Gosh, I was really hoping to catch up on my scrapbooking after I finished this project, but I think I have been offically *bit* by the cross stitch bug!! LOL

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So proud!!!

Yesterday Tyler took his nap in his own bed....and last night, he slept in his bed for almost 5 hours!!!! I honestly think he would have slept in his bed longer if Zane and I had stayed laying at the bottom of the bed, but by midnight I was SO ready to lay at the top of the bed. I think tonight we'll try and lay at the bottom a little longer.....hopefully if we keep doing it this way, he'll eventually get used to sleeping all night in his bed and we won't need to lay at the foot of the bed all night.

You know, we've loved sharing our bed with Ty, but it will sure feel good to get our bed back to ourselves!!!

Mail for August 7th

I know it's early still, and of course the mail hasn't come yet(that would be too good to be true! LOL) but in my email this morning I got a $20 gift card!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'll update this post when the mail get's here.......

Not as good as yesterday, but i'm still happy I got something!!

- Dove Hand Wash
- Pantene Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mail for August 6th

Ugh, it is so freakin' hot outside.....I am dying to walk down and get the mail, but no way am I going that far in this heat!! I'll have to update when Zane brings the mail up to the house.....I am SO hoping to be getting some good freebie/samples in the mail!!!

I did get a $5 Paypal payment from a survey site today...WOOHOO!!!!

We had an awesome mail day!!! We got:

- Child Safety Kit
- Meerkat dvd from Vocalpoint
- Reynolds Slow cooker Liner (LOVE these!!!)
- Dove Energy Glow
- Tv Guide
- OneTouch UltraSmart Meter/FedEx delivered to Zane's work

It was well worth the wait!!!!

Our little woodstove "intruder"

Well, I decided to be brave and find out what was in the woodstove......besides, it was driving me crazy with the noise!!! So, I closed the doors to the kitchen, laundry room and playroom and opened up the sliding glass door. I had Tyler stay in the playroom with the dogs, just in case whatever it was tried to come after someone....I knew he'd be safe in there. So, I turned the handle on the stove door and opened it up a tiny bit.........and................

Out flew a bird!!! I could have sworn it was a squirrel by all the scratching noises it was making! It flew up into the corner, turned around, pooped on our floor then flew out the sliding glass door.....I could have seriously done without the whole pooping on the floor deal, but all-in-all i'm glad I set it free.

So that was our drama for the day. I did finally decide on something for dinner.....we're having steak-ums with french fries....YUM!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!!!!!!


Monday morning is here. Yesterday went by SO fast! We did some grocery shopping early in the morning, and by the time we got home and got things put away, it was afternoon time! We didn't get much done was so hot!! Today is supposed to be worse out there.....and this whole week is just going to get hotter and hotter. Gotta love summer-time!!! Poor Ty....he wants to go out and play so badly. It's even too warm for him to get in his pool! I don't want him in the sun too much, even if he is swimming. I may let him ride his bike on the porch for a little while today. It's shady and stays pretty cool there, so we'll see.

Our big boy slept in his bed yesterday.....for his nap AND last night!!!! We are SO proud of him!! He took an hour nap in his bed, and last night he slept from 10:30pm until 5:45am this morning! The only thing was, we had to sleep at the end of our bed for him to stay in his bed. His bed is right at the bottom of our's. We actually went to bed at 9:00 and he did pretty good.....he talked for a little bit, which was kind of funny. I asked him, "now, isn't your bed nice and soft and comfy?!?" and he said "Yeah, but your bed is nice and soft and comfy too, mommy!" LOL, it was too cute. He finally dozed off, then woke up a little after 9:45pm and asked if I was still there (at the end of our bed) and I said yes......he sat up and gave me a kiss, then layed back down. About an hour later he woke up crying and trying to get into our bed, but I told him his bed was fine and that we were still right there. He did lay back down and before I knew it, he was out. I felt so bad though, because he kept asking if we we're going to keep him safe....I just wanted to scoop him up and hold onto him!! But, he did sleep good......I, on the other hand, slept awful!! I don't like laying at the bottom of the bed, that's for sure!!! Plus, I was worried if I fell asleep I wouldn't hear him if he called me. He got more sleep than I did! LOL But we are SO proud of him. I talked with Zane and we decided we are going to get him a comforter for his bed with the Target gift cards we got in the mail. We were going to save them for a new flannel comforter for our bed, but Tyler really needs one more than we do. The only comforter he has is for a toddler bed, and even though his bed is a toddler bed, the comforter is just so we're going to get him either a twin or a full size comforter. Target has a super cute one from the movie Cars that I think he will just LOVE. So we may try and get him that one.

This morning I discovered something has made it's way into our woodstove. Our dog Honey was laying on the floor in the living room, when all of the sudden she popped her head up and kept looking at the stove....she finally got up and was sniffing around. I got to looking closer at it and noticed there was some smoke coming out of the knobs on the front.....well, not really smoke, but dust from the ashes that were left inside from the last time we burned the stove. I closed them off and I kept hearing a scratching thing I know, our cat came running and was meowing like crazy!!! She tried her darndest to get at whatever is in there. So, I told Zane about it and I guess we'll have to wait until he gets home to find out what is in much fun!! NOT!! LOL Just this summer alone we've caught 4 mice in our kitchen, we've had a chipmunk in the house. Now that we've gotten some good rain the past few weeks, the wolf spiders have decided to come on in and make themselves at home........i'd rather have the mice and chipmunks in the house, thank you very much!!!! LOL

Well, I guess I really should get moving......I need to go to the freezer and find something for dinner. Take care, everyone!!!!!!!!

Mail for Saturday

We got our $10 Target card here finally!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I did the survey for those gift cards two months mom and my mother in law already got there's last month! Now if only the other two gift cards for Taregt would get here, we'd be good to go!!

I also got a PC Gaming Magazine.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mail update

Yesterday in the mail I got a coupon for a free 12-pack of diet coke from My Coke Rewards and some junk mail. It was way too hot to walk to the mailbox today, so i'll update when Zane brings it up to the house on his way home!

At Zane's work he got a $10 Target gift card for a survey I did for him!! Cool!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Mail for August 1st & 2nd

On the 1st all I got was junk mail. Yesterday, Zane got his Penzoil Bzzkit, and I got the 8.5x11 Photobook from Shutterfly that was FREE!!!!!!

Busy, busy!!

Today I am going to do some serious cleaning!!! I'm just so tired of the house looking messy and unorganized. So, I am going to stay away from the computer until I get as much cleaning done as I possibly can! Here is the list of what I want to do:

- Clean off countertops
- Clean stove
- Scrub floor
- Wipe down kitchen table
- Clean off microwave stand

- Clean tub
- Scrub floor
- Vaccuum rugs
- Scrub shower
- Clean sink
- Organize the stand over the toilet

Laundry Room:
- Vaccuum and clean floor
- Organize shelves

Living Room:
- Vaccuum
- Clean up entertainment center
- pick up toys from around woodstove

-Straighten up toys
- Vaccuum

That should do it for the day. If I can get at least half of that done, i'll be a happy camper! LOL

So, I will be scarce for the day on here. Hopefully i'll be able to update later......if not, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!