Saturday, August 11, 2007


Wow, what a difference this morning!!! I let the dogs out early and for the first time in days, the heat didn't smack me in the face. The humidity is finally down....YEAH!!!!! Tyler asked me if I filled his pool up and I told him I didn't......but since it's not supposed to be so humid today I told him we could fill it up. So it looks like we'll be swimming today!!! He slept in his bed all night, yet again.......he did wake up at 6:15 this morning asking me if he could get up in our bed. I told him he could, but he just layed back down. When Zane got up to get ready for work he asked me where daddy was going, but still didn't get up in our bed until maybe 15 minutes later. I got up after I heard Zane's truck, and he stayed in bed and slept until after 8. I've noticed he's been getting a much better sleep at night and hasn't been as crabby during the day. When he was in our bed, anytime Zane would move Ty was awake, asking him where he was going or what he was doing. Now when he goes to sleep, I check on him throughout the night and he's in the same spot as when he fell asleep. I just hope he continues his naps during the day....I need those little breaks! LOL

So today i'm going to try and work in a little scrapbooking, since it's not so hot outside. The room I scrapbook in is upstairs and there is no a/c in that room......when it's hot out, it's even hotter up there!!! I also want to work on my cross-stitch project......maybe i'll take Ty upstairs to play while I scrap, then I can cross-stitch when he naps this afternoon. I just really feel like scrappin' today..........I guess we'll wait and see!!

Well, I need to get moving. I still have to decide what to have for dinner tonight....nothing sounds good at all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!!


Patrice said...

You had a cool day? Ugh, Nashville has been brutal--three digit temps galore. We've been hermits, it's no fun cause Elway loves playing in her dirt and the dirt has been hot as beach sand. LOL!

Christine said...

Awww, sounds so nasty!! We've been keeping Ty in the house,'s been killing him!! He hates being cooped up like this......try and stay cool!!