Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonsil surgery

I didn't want to keep updating the other post so I figured I would just post a new entry. Anyhoo, the surgery is on for the 8th and I forgot to mention that not only are my tonsils coming out but when i'm under and the doctor gets the tonsils out he's going to look at my adenoids and if they need to go he will take them as well. (he said he was most likely just going to take them because they can cause issues down the road....I told him take out anything I didn't need! LOL) I'm just so thrilled to finally get some relief from the tonsillitis. I know I can still get sore throats in the future, but tonsillitis is awful....much worse than any strep throat I have ever had. It was funny....the doctor was explaining the surgery yesterday and he smiled and said "Now you will have a sore throat after the surgery...." and I said "Considering how many times my throat has hurt this year I can handle it!" He laughed and said it was going to be no where near as painful as the tonsillitis and I should not experience pain like that again. I swear I could have cried and hugged that man!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

FINALLY!!!! **UPDATED again!**

As I mentioned in my last post, I ended up getting tonsillitis for the 5th time two weeks ago. I told Z I just HAD to be seen, as I know this will come back in 3-4 weeks and I couldn't take the pain of it anymore. So, he made some phone calls and our family doctor did the referral and made me an appointment for an ENT doctor for today!!! I see him at 2:45 and I can't wait. I'm a little nervous as i'm hoping he does say they need to come out like the ER doctor had said months ago and doesn't just try and give me the runaround.....getting tonsillitis 5 times in only 9 months is NOT normal.

i'll be sure to update when I get home and hopefully it will be some good news!!! :D

These suckers are coming out!!! Photobucket The doctor said that even though they are not infected at the moment, they are still larger than normal and having tonsillitis 5 times was more than enough! The only downside is, Z scheduled it for October 29th. These things could have come out next week!! I was so ticked off at him. He said next week Chase has an appointment on Thursday so he has to leave early from work. (gee, a whole 30 minutes....couldn't he just skip lunch and let that make up for it?!?) I told him the infection will come back in 3-4 weeks and then they'll have to push the surgery back even further, so then he just sat there and wouldn't say anything while the lady was waiting for us to pick a date. I then picked another date a week later and he said "I'd rather do this on a Tuesday to make it easier..." I told him "Whatever, just do the 29th...I forgot it's all about you and not how bad I feel when this crap comes back..." When we left I went off and told him he was SO wrong on making me wait until the end of next month....I mean, didn't I wait long enough to be seen because of him?!?!? And top it off, it's two days before Halloween so no taking my boys trick or treating. Photobucket I am glad they are finally coming out, though. No more badly infected sore throats!!!

SURGERY DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THE 8TH!!!!! Photobucket I finally convinced Z how important it is to get this taken care of sooner and he agreed with me. Next Friday is eviction day!!!!

Yet another long overdue update

Ok, so this time I have a legitimate excuse for not posting in awhile......we had to move!! I won't go into the details of it all (those who need to know, know why and i'd like to leave it at that) but we had two weeks to pack up and move. Ugh, it was awful!!! After being in the same house for 5.5 years, things were such a mess and just everywhere!! We threw out so many things, and ended up donating a TON of clothes, both our clothes and the boys clothes, plus a ton of baby toys to our local Karm Thrift Store and they were so very grateful for all of it. We were just grateful we didn't have to pack it all and move it! LOL After FINALLY finding a place we could afford and that would take pets (so many places didn't want pets and I don't blame them at all...) the Friday before we were going to move we looked at a place that was actually close to where we were living, so we would have been in the same county and could possibly keep Ty in his same school. (we had been looking at places over in Oak Ridge but I honestly didn't want to move out that way.......BUT, if a place would have opened up over there for us to live I obviously would have moved there.....you go where you have to to have a roof over your children's heads...) After we looked at the place, the man told us that someone was supposed to come look at it that night, and after she looked they would call us to let us know whether or not we could move in. I just knew in my heart the house was going to fall through. :( Later that evening, they called and asked us if were still interested!!!! The lady that was supposed to look at the place had called and said she wouldn't be able to get out that way until the following week and they told her it was going to be rented. So Z left and signed the lease and paid the deposit and it was ours!! But get this......when Z came back, he said they called his number by mistake and had meant to call the first man who looked at the place earlier that day. Z spoke up and said "Well, I have $xxx right now...." and the man (it's a husband and wife that rent the house out) said "Ehh, give it to him!" and they did!! If this house wouldn't have come through for us we would be in Oak Ridge right now.......and Ty would have had to switch school. He is technically out of the school district for his school, but the school board said if the principal says Ty can stay they will allow it and we can put in an official transfer for him for next school year. The principal said as long as his attendance is good, not alot of tardy's and his he doesn't give them any trouble he can stay! Ty was SO happy! The only thing is, I have to take him back and forth to school again because the bus won't pick up out of district, but it's not a big deal at all. In fact, the school is 5-10 minutes closer to this house!!

Ok, back to the move. Z had a few people who said they would help him move. We were so grateful, because trying to pack up a truck, then unpack things with a clingy 15 month old would have been rough. Plus we have some heavier things that I just would not have been able to help Z with. Well, Friday Z found out one helper had something going on on Saturday and couldn't help. (but said during the week he could....WTH?!??) Saturday comes along and it's POURING down outside!! The other person who was going to help (plus a friend of his....yah!) were going to come help anyway, but with the rain as bad as it was we decided to just move on Sunday. The helpers said they could help, but it would be a little later on Sunday which was fine. Z tried to get ahold of the other person who had offered to help but backed out and they ignored his texts completely. Can you believe that?!?!? I mean, if you didn't want to help then just say so....they didn't need to be so darn petty about it. I am a firm believer in karma and I know things happen for a reason.....you get to see people for who they really are and that's fine with me. Karma can be a bitch, and I love it!! Ok, off of my rant......so we get the truck early on Sunday and start loading what we can until help gets there.....well, help didn't get there until 6:30pm!! I tell ya, they were SUCH a huge help to us though!! I'm so very grateful for them. They got the truck full and left around 10:30-11pm to unload everything. Z didn't get back until after 1:30am. :( We still had TONS of stuff left and we didn't get the very last of our things until the following Saturday!! We had to use our van and make 3-4 trips a day with stuff, and Z ended up having to miss 4 days of work that week. :( And to top off the fun moving experience, I ended up with tonsillitis yet again, for the 5th time this year on the 14th. (we started moving on the 12th) I felt bad for Z as he had to do almost everything himself, as all I could do was lay on the dining room floor at the old house and sleep while he packed the van.

Whew!! So that's basically it. We are in a much smaller home, but the boys will eventually have a room to share....well, once we get the boxes unpacked and out of there! I swear i'll be unpacking for months!!! I love the open floor plan of this house, though. And it's SO nice to have a newer oven/stove to cook with! The stove at the other house had to be over 40 years old, if not older. The yard is MUCH smaller than the other house, and we are now close to a street so no playing in the front yard for the boys. But there is a nice deck out back that they love to play on. We are saving so much money now, though. We didn't get Dish Network hooked back up, because they wanted over $300 to move the dish to this house!! (we were told we had to pay to move it, then told no we didn't have to pay anything, then told again that yes we do have to pay.....we told them to stick it!) We ended up getting an amazing deal from Comcast that is saving us over $35 a month....and that's with super fast internet. Oh yeah, NO MORE DIAL-UP!!!!!! Plus, rent is $150 cheaper so that's a huge savings right there!