Monday, September 27, 2010

FINALLY!!!! **UPDATED again!**

As I mentioned in my last post, I ended up getting tonsillitis for the 5th time two weeks ago. I told Z I just HAD to be seen, as I know this will come back in 3-4 weeks and I couldn't take the pain of it anymore. So, he made some phone calls and our family doctor did the referral and made me an appointment for an ENT doctor for today!!! I see him at 2:45 and I can't wait. I'm a little nervous as i'm hoping he does say they need to come out like the ER doctor had said months ago and doesn't just try and give me the runaround.....getting tonsillitis 5 times in only 9 months is NOT normal.

i'll be sure to update when I get home and hopefully it will be some good news!!! :D

These suckers are coming out!!! Photobucket The doctor said that even though they are not infected at the moment, they are still larger than normal and having tonsillitis 5 times was more than enough! The only downside is, Z scheduled it for October 29th. These things could have come out next week!! I was so ticked off at him. He said next week Chase has an appointment on Thursday so he has to leave early from work. (gee, a whole 30 minutes....couldn't he just skip lunch and let that make up for it?!?) I told him the infection will come back in 3-4 weeks and then they'll have to push the surgery back even further, so then he just sat there and wouldn't say anything while the lady was waiting for us to pick a date. I then picked another date a week later and he said "I'd rather do this on a Tuesday to make it easier..." I told him "Whatever, just do the 29th...I forgot it's all about you and not how bad I feel when this crap comes back..." When we left I went off and told him he was SO wrong on making me wait until the end of next month....I mean, didn't I wait long enough to be seen because of him?!?!? And top it off, it's two days before Halloween so no taking my boys trick or treating. Photobucket I am glad they are finally coming out, though. No more badly infected sore throats!!!

SURGERY DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THE 8TH!!!!! Photobucket I finally convinced Z how important it is to get this taken care of sooner and he agreed with me. Next Friday is eviction day!!!!