Friday, February 27, 2009

Super impressed!!

Zane and I were talking about all the things we would need to get done before Ty starts school this August. We knew he would at least need a check-up and to be up-to-date on shots. I figured that would be it and then it dawned on me.....we still need to get his birth certificate!! Photobucket We have the little card thing that the hospital mailed to us, but we never got the actual certificate. We honestly had forgotten all about it! Anyhoo, I printed out the forms needed and filled them out, got a money order and a copy of my license and mailed it off last Saturday. I thought it would most likely take several weeks, if not longer, to get the certificate in the my surprise, we got it yesterday!!!! Photobucket I couldn't believe it!!! And it looks so funny.....I swear it looks just like a title to a vehicle!!!! LOL When I opened it up and saw what it looked like, I told Z..."Look!! We got the title to our son!" Photobucket

My poor little pickle.....UPDATE

Tyler has been sick since last Sunday. Photobucket He woke up early that morning saying his tummy hurt, but when he climbed up in bed with us he seemed ok. As the morning went on I could tell he wasn't feeling good. I brought his blanket and pillow out into the playroom and let him lay on the floor near the wood stove to stay warm and so he could look out the sliding glass door. I was hoping he would end up falling asleep and wake up feeling better, but no such luck. Zane decided to run to Walmart to get him some children's Pepto, hoping that would help. He had no fever, so I thought maybe he ate something he shouldn't have the night before. (although, I couldn't think of anything he ate out of the ordinary...) Well, before Z could get back home Ty got sick. He didn't make it to the bathroom and ended up getting sick on his pillow. He felt so bad, poor guy!! I took him into the bathroom to get him cleaned up and he asked me if I was upset with him for getting sick on his pillow.........I hugged him and told him I was very proud of him for not getting upset and freaking out like he did the first time he got sick. He seemed to feel somewhat better, and actually changed his clothes and put his shoes on. He did sit by the wood stove for awhile, but he did say he felt a little better. It wasn't too long after that that he got sick yet again. After that he wanted to lay in the recliner and watch a movie, so I got him set up in the chair and turned a movie on for him. He seemed to be doing better, and I asked him if his tummy was still hurting and he said no......well, he ended up getting sick one last time. After the third time he just layed around the rest of the day, sipping on a little Diet Sierra Mist and some Gatorade. I was really hoping by Monday he was going to be better, but early Monday morning he woke me up to go potty.....and he ended up going 10-12 times throughout the day on Monday. It's eased up somewhat, but he still isn't eating hardly anything and still has diarrhea, sometimes going anywhere from 5-12 times a day. I feel so bad, but since he doesn't have a fever and is staying good and hydrated I guess whatever it is just has to run it's course. It's been 5 days now, though.....I hope it's just about done, poor baby. Photobucket

** Tyler has an appointment at 3pm. I'll update when we get back.........

** We're back. His appointment was at 3pm. I went into the shower at 1pm and when I went back into the living room Ty was passed out on the sofa. I let him sleep, and right before Z got home I had to wake him up and he looked so pitiful. He had a hard time getting up off the sofa, and walking from the living room to the bathroom he had to stop halfway and sit down.....he couldn't even get himself dressed. Photobucket When Z got home we left, and Ty kept squirming in his seat, saying he couldn't get comfy and was about to cry. Before I knew he, he got sick. I grabbed a grocery bag just in time, but he still got some on his shirt and seatbealt. I wiped him up the best I could and when we got to the doctor's office I took him into the bathroom to clean him up while Z checked us in. He told the nurse that we had a little accident on the way over, and she said she would get us in a room right away. We had just sat down when the nurse called us back. they checked his weight (44lbs!) and we got into a room. He got up onto the table and layed down. He really looked bad. :( The doctor came in and asked us what was going on. We told him how he has been, and that he had gotten sick on the way to the office plus been potty 8-9 times just today. So, he checked his ears and throat and was going to check his pressure but he didn't have a small enough cuff for him. When he went to get it, Ty said he had to go potty. When we got back into the room, the doctor checked his pressure, which was fine. He did say since he doesn't have a fever and isn't dehydrated that there really isn't too much they can do. It can be either viral or bacterial, and he could give him something for it, but the anti-biotic may make him worse so he wanted to let it run it's course. He said he should be feeling much better by Monday. He also said we were doing all the right things and to just keep doing what we're doing. They did give us something to get a stool sample, but if he was feeling better by Monday they wouldn't need it and to just throw it out. He did eat a little dinner tonight, and is now laying on the sofa.....hopefully the worst is behind him!

We did get his 5 year check-up scheduled, and he'll aslo get his kindergarten shots at the same time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're baaaccckkk!!!!!!

Last night Z went out the back door to go to the carport to cut up some pallet and firewood. He was only outside for a few seconds when he came back and said "Honey, come out here a minute..." I stepped out onto the sidewalk and he said "Listen...." I kept straining to hear whatever it was he wanted me to hear......and then, I heard it. Howling. Then yipping and barking, then more howling. Yep, the coyotes are back. Mixed in the the yipping and howling I heard some dogs barking, that sounded like it was coming from beyond the woods behind our house......then, we heard two gunshots ring out. We're not sure if the coyotes were in someones yard and their dogs were going nuts, or if the coyotes were actually going after the dogs. (most people keep their dogs outside around here.....bugs the heck out of me!) After we heard the gunshots, we heard no more yipping and howling. Now, the first coyote sounds I heard came from a huge field on the other side of our road, not from behind the house. So I can only assume there are a pack of coyotes once again roaming around. Tyler has been told he can not be outside at all unless Z or I are with him, AND our dog Licky is out. I do let Ty play outside by himself, but only if I am in the kitchen and he is on his swing set, which I can see through the kitchen window at all times, or if he plays on the porch outside the kitchen door while i'm cooking dinner. And both of those times he's only out for just a few minutes, and our dog Licky is out with him as well. We've also contacted the game warden to let them know that the coyotes are back and they said they would be keeping an eye out. The only reason this is such a big deal around here is, the last time they were in the area a neighbor of ours had a standoff with the leader of the pack, who tried to attack her dog and was NOT afraid of her or backing down from her when she tried to get her dog away. Ahhh, the joys of living out in the boonies!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mail for the past two weeks

Mail hasn't been too bad....actually, yesterday was a great freebie/sample day!! For the past two weeks i've gotten:

- Glad Ziploc bag/Walmart
- Loreal Jelly Balm (WTH is a jelly balm?!?!)
- Gold Bond Lotion/Walmart
- Crest Headband/Vocalpoint
- Dentek floss picks
- Kotex/Walmart
- Pur water notepad/Walmart
- $10 Amazon GC/Energy survey
- Ponds Rejuveness
- $16 Opinion Outpost survey check (finally!! They sent me a check last November that wasn't signed so I couldn't cash it and I had to fight with them to get another one issued!!!)
- Neutrogena makeup bag/Shape magazine (SOOOO cute!!!!!)
- Huggies diaper/Walmart
- Red tote bag from Stouffer's Feed the Hungry campaign
- Family Fun Magazine
- Woman's Day Magazine

Monday, February 9, 2009

New layouts

I had been wanting to do a special digital layout about mom and I finally found some time to get it done.....

Here is one of Ty that I got done today as well......

I found the wordart from this site. She is amazing!!!!

I've been doing more downloading than actual digital scrapbooking, thanks to having dial-up. Hopefully i'll get a few more layouts done this week.......

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This will be a short post, but I am SO STOKED that the NHRA Drag Racing season starts tonight!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO TEAM FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow and more snow....

We actually got a decent amount of snow yesterday!! I'd say we got about 2" total, which is alot for our area. Ty had SO much fun playing in it with the dogs. Our sheltie Honey just LOVES the fact, when I let her out when she is sitting by the sliding glass door (her usual way of letting me know she needs to go out) she just runs outside with her nose in the snow and then will usually sit or lay in it.

I was really worried about how the roads would be when Z was coming home, but thankfully they let the guys leave early. He said most roads were fine, but our road would be a little rough in the morning, which also freaked me out since we had a doctor appointment at 8:45 this morning. It was rough this morning, but for the most part we did fine. I just looked out the window and it's starting to flurry out again......I just hope our road doesn't get much worse for when Z comes home tonight! :(

So, i'm a little bummed.......this weekend we looked upstairs to see what big baby stuff we had from when Ty was little and the only thing we could find was his Jumperoo. :( I have no idea what happened to his bouncer vibrating seat thing or his bassinet. Z said they may be at his parents in their attic, and I so hope he is right. I hate to go out and buy those things again when I know there was nothing wrong with the things we had from when Ty was a baby. I guess we'll have to wait until Z's mom or his cousin check in the attic for us. I did get a $20 Target gc that I want to us to get a few things for Chase....I love the baby clothes at Target!

Mail for the past few days

Still doing fairly decent here with the goods.....

- Two coupons for free power kid toothbrushes (had to email them as they sent the wrong toothburshes from their promo....I can't wait to get Ty a Spongebob power toothbrush!!)
- Orville popcorn/natural salt & pepper
- $20 Target gc from In Home Product testing (finally! now I can't wait to go baby shopping!!)