Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mail for the past two weeks

Mail hasn't been too bad....actually, yesterday was a great freebie/sample day!! For the past two weeks i've gotten:

- Glad Ziploc bag/Walmart
- Loreal Jelly Balm (WTH is a jelly balm?!?!)
- Gold Bond Lotion/Walmart
- Crest Headband/Vocalpoint
- Dentek floss picks
- Kotex/Walmart
- Pur water notepad/Walmart
- $10 Amazon GC/Energy survey
- Ponds Rejuveness
- $16 Opinion Outpost survey check (finally!! They sent me a check last November that wasn't signed so I couldn't cash it and I had to fight with them to get another one issued!!!)
- Neutrogena makeup bag/Shape magazine (SOOOO cute!!!!!)
- Huggies diaper/Walmart
- Red tote bag from Stouffer's Feed the Hungry campaign
- Family Fun Magazine
- Woman's Day Magazine