Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today is the day!!!

Today is the big eviction day!!! (thanks for that name, Patrice! LOL) This IUD is getting out of here!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to post an update when we get home, because I found out last night we are getting the van tonight so we can leave sometime tonight. I'll try to get online when in MD to update everyone......take care, all!!! *hugs*

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tyler's latest obsession

If you've ever watched the Disney channel, i'm sure you'll know what i'm talking about. If not, let me explain. On the Disney channel, some of the shows tend to go off 5 minutes early to show a little "snippet" of a different show. Well, one of the snippets was something called Choo-Choo Soul. Tyler and I both loved it! They sing songs about animals, the alphabet, numbers....all while being on a blue train. Last week he was watching an older Little Einsteins I had dvr'd, and at the end they showed Choo-Choo Soul.....Tyler said, "momy, I wish they still showed Choo-Choo Soul more...I miss it!" So, I got to looking on Amazon and I found not only a cd with music, but a dvd as well....and they come together!!!! If you haven't had a chance to watch the show, here is a video on it from YouTube:

It is definitely a favorite around here!

Busy week

Well, the time is finally here.....I get my IUD out in only 3 days!!!! I have been waiting for this moment for so long now, I still can't believe it's finally time. But at the same time, I am also preparing for our trip to MD to see my mom. Part of me feels guilty for being so happy about getting this IUD mom is so sick, how can I be happy about something?!? Does that make any sense?!? *sigh* I know life has to go on....I guess I feel conflicted because of the timing of going to MD and getting the IUD out. I am excited about seeing my mom, of course. My sister has said that maybe if my mom see's me or hears my voice she will really start to do better and I am SO hoping she is right. My dad now knows we are coming up to visit and he is really excited! (it was supposed to be a surprise, but my sister ended up telling my dad about it....)

Well, I guess I should get some cleaning done, as well as getting clothes washed to start packing......hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Giving an early heads up

Next Friday, Zane, Tyler and I are going to be driving to MD. My sister Kathie called me Wednesday and asked if I had thought anymore about coming up to see mom. I told her we were still thinking about it, but not sure when we would be up. She asked when the last time I had talked to dad and I told her earlier that day....(it was his birthday) He had told me she was making some progress. The infection in her lungs is getting better, as is the infection where the incision is. She still has a tube in her throat that they want to take out and do a tracheotomy so she can still get help with breathing but will be able to talk. Well, my sister said she went to see my mom on Wednesday and said she was really looking bad and that I really need to start making plans to come see her as soon as I can. She said my mom is not really in a coma, but she is not able to stay awake and they don't know why she won't come around. She did tell me they did a cat scan on her and her brain activity is right where it should be, 100%. Now, when I talked to my sister Dee she said the nurse & doctor both mentioned her not waking up could really be from poor nutrition. They are giving her nourishment to sustain her, but that's about it and she really needs much more than that to build her strength up.

So, Zane made some phone calls yesterday and got us a good deal on renting a minivan we can use to take to MD. My family said to still keep my appointment next Thursday, so I will still get the IUD out next week. Zane picks up the van early Friday morning and once he brings it back to the house we will get it loaded and be on our way. Now, Zane has to come back on Monday because the van has to go back, plus he has to go back to work on Tuesday......but Ty and I will be staying in MD for awhile. I honestly don't know how long we will stay, all of this is going to be a surprise for my dad! I can't wait until he see's us. :)

I should have some internet access in MD, so i'll hopefully be able to keep everyone up to date on things.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mail update

This is for the past few weeks.....

- $15 Amazon gc/Loomia survey
- Kotex smapler/Walmart
- Warm Delights/Krogers
- $20 check from Bartrender (they never sent me my amazon gc and said they showed where I didn't complete the survey all the way, which I know I did!! I've been doing surveys for them for awhile now, and I always do their surveys correctly....they said it could have been an error on their end so they sent me a check instead...they rock!!)
- $5 cash/Home Product Testing (the surveys they send are SOOOO long, and they pay so little to do them!!)
- Snuggle sample/Walmart (love the smell!)
- Orville Redenbacher smart cakes/Walmart (they are so super yummy!)
- $15.80 check from HCD surveys (cashed out over a month ago...)
- Trip advisor small travel bag
- book for Tyler I ordered through Book of the Month club
- amazon order (the UPS guy is really pissing me off......this time our package was shoved into the mailbox.......)

Friday, August 15, 2008

More pics from Pigeon Forge

At the pool.......(we would go to the pool, come back and get in the hot tub, then get in the jacuzzi, then the shower! We were super clean all week, huh?!? LOL)

On the airplanes at the amusement park....

On the train....

Another view....beautiful!!!

And lastly......

Pics from our Pigeon Forge trip

A pic of the cabin....this place was gorgeous!!!

A pic of the jacuzzi...or as Ty called it, the kazoozzie! LOL Both bedrooms had one!

Tyler playing pool.....

Tyler in the hot tub.....

More pics to follow.......

Back from Pigeon Forge

We had such a great time with my sister and her husband! The cabin we stayed in was just amazing!!!!! It was also nice to be close to family with my mom not doing well. Zane stayed with us Monday night and all day Tuesday, but had to go back home Tuesday night to get ready for work on Wednesday. He did come back Thursday afternoon, though. It was so nice....we went to the pool, got in the hot tub and in the jacuzzi. (or as Tyler called it, the kazzozzie...LOL) My brother in laws brother and his wife came to visit on Tuesday which was also nice. They loved Tyler! I took tons of pictures that i'm getting ready to fix and upload.....once I get them uploaded i'll post a few here!

I was actually a little worried Tyler and I wouldn't be able to go to Pigeon Forge. Sunday night Tyler woke me up crying and saying his tummy hurt. I asked if he wanted to try and potty and he said ok. We went into the bathroom and he peed and got off of the toilet and headed back to the bedroom. I told him to hang on a second, and he was just about back to the door when I heard him coughing, then choking. He was trying to get sick, but was so scared he didn't know what to do. I got ahold of him and told him to go to the toilet but it was too late....he got sick on the laundry room floor. :( My poor baby. He was so scared because he has never actually gotten sick like that before, and didn't know what to do. I told him whenever he felt like that to just let it out, not try to keep it down. He was fine the rest of the night, and woke up with a slight stuffy nose but nothing major. I think he was just so excited about having company here, since my sister and her hubby got here on Sunday. Plus, I really think he knew we were upset about my mom and picked up on that. So, he was fine and we decided we would go with my sister and BIL.....i'm so glad we did!!!

Ok, enough babbling.....i'm off to work on the pics so I can share a few of them! :)

A mom update :)

All I can say is, all of those prayers and good thoughts are working!!! I did end up going to Pigeon Forge with my sister and her husband. We got an update on Monday that mom was doing better, and I took my cue from my sister and decided to not rush up to MD. I knew if my sister felt we all needed to be there, she would have gone right to MD in a heartbeat. Every day we got several updates, and each day was just better and better! She ended up not needing surgery for the fluid in her lungs. They kept her sedated so she wouldn't even have to exert herself to open her eyes. They drained some fluid on Wednesday and they were a little worried about the color, but yesterday they drained more and it was the color it was supposed to be. They drained over 3 liters of fluid!!! Plus, the head surgeon is furious with how his associates have handled/treated my mom. He is now taking full control over everything with my mom. His associates removed the drain she had in his stomach......he flipped and had them put in back immediately! He is also upset with how they keep trying to rush her into a nursing home/rehab place, but I also think the insurance and medicare are to blame for that. My brother was in MD and he and my father both told the surgeon if things ever happen like they had been happening, they will be sorry. Mom is now awake a few minutes at a time and is responsive. The nurses ask her to do things like squeeze their hand or blink her eyes, and she can do that.

So all in all, mom is doing well!!! I know she is not out of the woods yet, but things are slowly improving. My sister that was visiting promised to update me from now on, and said if she felt we should be there she would let us know. So, we are still on standby of course....Zane's work is also on standby and said anytime he needs to leave, just let them know and it wouldn't be a problem. It's been such a roller coaster of emotions this past 5-6 days. Sunday my sister and her husband got here for vacation, and we both got phone calls about mom being so ill....and now she is doing so much better.

I want to thank all of you so much for the prayers and good thoughts for mom and my family. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, thinking of how lucky I am to have such an amazing support group.....I wish I had a way to personally hug each and every one of you in person!!

I'll of course continue to update as I get information. **hugs**

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I got a call from my sister Kathie isn't doing well. She has pneumonia now and they are actually thinking she may now have cancer in her lungs. She is on a ventilator for breathing and is not conscious. I think she told me one or two more things, but after I heard that I pretty much lost it. My sister Dee and her husband just got here today for vacation, and she also got a phone call, but from my sister Debbie telling her pretty much the same thing. Kathie did say they are giving her anti-biotics and they seem to be working for her. Apparently my dad got the results back from the scans they did last week and it was not good news, but didn't call me. He called my sister Debbie & my brother and broke down on the phone with them both, and I think that was all he could do. :( My sister Dee said they were going to stay here in TN for now, but we will all most likely be heading to MD very soon.

I really hate to bother anyone with all of this, but if it is at all possible, could you please say a little prayer for my mom and my dad. My sisters, brother & I are all hurting, but I can only imagine all that my dad is going through. They have been married for over 50 years........

I will update when I can.......thank you all so much.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will be MIA tomorrow UPDATE

As of Tuesday will be MIA until Thursday or Friday! My sister and her hubby will be visiting tomorrow at the house, then they are going to a cabin in Gatlinburg for the week and we will be going over on Tuesday........then Ty and I are going to stay until Thursday or Friday!! WOOHOO!!!! I'm also hoping i'll get to talk to my sister more about how my mom is doing. I'll post when we get back...hopefully with pics!!! :)

*update* I obviously posted this before I found out about my mom. At this point, I think we may still be going to Gatlinburg but it really all depends on when we go to MD. I'll keep everyone updated when I can......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mom news

*sigh* My mom sure can't seem to catch a break.....

My dad called a little while ago and said she has had yet another setback. Yesterday they noticed she had some fluid built about around her kidney/liver/somewhere around that area. (my dad couldn't remember, and I could hear it in his voice how upset and sad he was) Anyhoo, they gave her something for it and that in turn casue her pressure to drop drastically. She was in ICU last night because of it (and I think he said she was back in her room now?) but her eyes were closed just about the whole time and still are, and she is flailing her arms up and down which they said could be from her pressure dropping so fast. They did lots of tests to see just what is going on now. My dad was home when he called and said he was waiting to hear back from the hospital with the results, and said he would let me know what they say.

I just don't understand what is going on. I mean, just last week she was sitting up on the side of the bed all by herself and eating.....her strength was slowly coming back, and she kept talking about going home and being able to come to TN to visit. I knew she would have some set backs, but this seems to be way too many setbacks for her! And my poor father......yes, it's hard for me being so far away, but I can only imagine just how hard it is on him. I can now hear it in his voice and it breaks my heart.

I'm sorry this update wasn't more upbeat and i'm also sorry I didn't get some of the info right. It was just such a shock to hear about all of this this afternoon, especially after how well she seemed to be doing......i'll update when I hear back from my dad.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Todays mail

Not too bad...

- Oatmeal Crisp cereal sample (walmart)
- Biore Daily recharge sample (walmart)
- coupons I ordered from eBay (if anyone would like one, please let me know. It is $5 off Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic starter kit)
- Package from Amazon (that UPS shoved in the paper box, after they threw our paper on the road!)


I was expecting a package to be delivered today by UPS, and it says on their site it was delivered at 10:07 this morning......ummm, not to this house it wasn't!!!! AND, I can't file a claim for 24 hours!!! WTH is up with that?!?!? I can understand if their site still said "out for delivery", but it says delivered for craps sake.......I want my package!!!!

*update* Ok, so Tyler and I decided to walk down to the mail box to get the mail and see if by some chance UPS left my package there. My package was down there alright.....they threw our paper out of the paper box and onto the road, then shoved the package into the paper box!!! How crazy is that?!?!? Needless to say, I am calling them ASAP and filing a complaint with them......that was SO uncalled for!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mail for today :)

Not too bad at all!

- bzzagent Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber kit...I can't WAIT to use this in the shower!! If anyone would like a coupon for $2 off of a starter kit, let me know!!!
- $25 check for a survey
- ashtray from Marlboro

I hope this is a sign for how the week ahead will be!!! :)


Yesterday I made some Rice Krispie treats and I have got to say......YUM!!!!!!! They were so freakin' much better than the pre-made one's in the stores!! I remember when I was younger my mom used to buy the treats from the store and loved them, but she never made them. I can't wait for her to get well enough to visit so I can make some for her!!!

I have been so bad this past weekend. Not only did I make R.K. treats, I also bought a box of brownie mix so I can make brownies.......not what I need when i'm not on any sugar meds, huh?!? LOL I haven't made them yet but that box is SO calling my name right now......"Chris.....come bake me........." It sure doesn't help that aunt flo just left and I seem to crave junkie food after she leaves instead of before.......

Another blog

Ok, so I created another blog here at blogger for our TTC journey: Ready for another little one! What do you think?!? Should I just use this blog for all of it? Or should I do a seperate blog for TTC & pregnancy? Hmmm, I think I will leave the other blog up for least until I get some input here.