Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's really hard to believe that tomorrow is already Thanksgiving. This year has just flown by! It has been such a rough year for my family. Losing mom has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. I always felt she would be there anytime I needed her. Moving on without her has been such a huge adjustment. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, but I know she is there looking over all of us. I think that is what has helped the most with moving on. I still have my moments, of course, but for the most part I am doing ok! I also think what has helped me deal with losing mom is getting pregnant in September. I feel great comfort in knowing that mom is getting to hold our new little one before we get to meet them. So with that, I want to post what I am thankful for this year:

- I am thankful that Zane found a great job and is finally getting paid the way he deserves to be paid.
- I am thankful that Tyler is growing up to be such an amazingly smart and wonderful boy/young man. Every day he does something that just blows me away.
- I am thankful for the doctors and nurses that took such great care of mom while she was in the hospital. Quite a few of the nurses loved my mom so much and were so amazing with her.
- I am thankful for the newest member of our family in my belly. I know I am truly blessed to gave you growing in there little one. Mommy, daddy and big brother Tyler love you so much already!
- I am thankful for the doctors and nurses that are taking such great care of myself and Lil' Nibbles. They have been so amazing and supportive.
- I am thankful that I have a supportive and loving husband. At times he drives me insane and he is far from perfect, but he is perfect for me and I am still amazed at how much he really does love me.
- I am thankful for my family being so supportive this year and really being there for me.
- I am thankful for my friends, new and old, and how much support they offered when it was needed. I honestly don't know what I would do without them in my life.

I know there are tons more, but Ty is ready for lunch and to be honest, so am I! LOL I don't know if i'll be on much for the next 4 days, since Zane is off and we'll be getting our Christmas stuff out and up!!!!! I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY and SAFE Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving is this week!!

mmmm, I can almost taste the pumpkin pie.........ok, how sad is it that I am looking forward to the pie more than the actual dinner?!?!? LOL

I've been thinking so much about this holiday coming up and I really wish we were closer to family, or had family coming here to visit. But, we will still have a great holiday ourselves!! We are going to get our Christmas stuff out this Friday, including the stuff for outside! I SO can't wait for that......turning the Sirius Christmas channel on, putting the tree up and having Tyler help decorate it, seeing Tyler helping daddy put the outdoor decorations up............I love making holiday traditions with my own family!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


It's so cold outside today! And tomorrow is supposed to be colder!!! Did January sneak up on me or what?!?!? I know I shouldn't complain, since it of course could be least there is no snow.

I still can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I think we're going to get our turkey this coming weekend......yum!!!! I also think i'm going to attempt to make a pumpkin pie. We bought that Libby pumpkin pie can stuff where you just add eggs and milk, and I already have a pie crust in the freezer from when I made an apple pie last month so we'll see how it goes. All I can say is, i'm glad I have extra insulin!!! LOL

Last week we decided to get the layaway out from K-mart while we had a little extra money. I'm glad we did, since they seemed to change their policy on us. They told us we had until the 19th of December to pay it off, and if something went on sale while it was on layaway we would get the difference. (I was there when the guy running the layaway told Zane that) Well, two weeks ago they put their Cabbage Patch 25th anniversary dolls on sale for $10 less than what we paid, so we went up to Kmart to make a payment and get the price adjusted. Well, we went back to the layaway with the sale paper and told them about the price difference on the doll and the lady said, very rudely "You only have 7 days for that!" Zane told her the guy who was there the day we did the layaway told us we had until it was paid off and picked up for the price adjustment and she said, once again rudely "Well, no one here would tell someone that, so I think you were mistaken." I spoke up and said "So, your calling my husband a liar?!? I was here with him when he was told that!" She said, "well I can't adjust anything, you'll have to take it up with customer service". All the while she was adding our payment to our account. She handed us a receipt and said "You have until Dec. 12th to pay it in full." And Zane said "I thought we had to the 19th?!?" She said they changed their policy, "blah, blah, blah...." as she was walking away. She was SO freakin' snarky about it! We went up to the customer service desk and promptly told them how the lady at layaway was. They said someone else had just been there to complain about her and that they would take care of the situation. (yeah, i'm sure...) Anyhoo, Zane also told them what he was told about the price adjustment and they said they normally don't do the adjustment after a few weeks, but they would take care of it for him, so they gave him a $10 kmart gift card. When we left I told him we needed to get that stuff out of there as soon as we could. I've always hated dealing with K-mart, but since they are the only place to do a layaway anymore, we were stuck. So, everything is here and already wrapped.....what a relief!!! We're going to pick up a few small things here and there for him, but over all we are done.

Before I go I want to share with you a picture of our latest visitor. Meet Sticky.....

I *think* he is a brown praying mantis. I told Tyler he looked like a stick and he said "Awww, hi Sticky!" We found him on Saturday evening and he is still hanging out on the porch!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some random pics

I know I am late posting halloween pics, so here ya' go!!

Look out, there's a new sheriif in town!!(his cheeks are red because he wans't feeling too good)

Here is a pic of him and my brother from when we were in MD last month. This is the first time my brother has met Ty!!!

And lastly.......I honestly don't know how to explain this;

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday night I got a call from my sister Dee. She asked how I was doing and wanted to congratulate us on being pregnant. She said her hubby had gone over to my dads earlier that day to help tear down the pool they had. (It kind of made me a little sad, since I had bought the pool when I was living at home for my mom, but I know it was time for the thing to come down) Anyhoo, she said my dad was talking to her hubby and said he was really thinking about driving down to visit us and bring us the car before Christmas, since the weather was nice and the gas prices were down. Well, her hubby came home and after thinking about it for a little while, he told my sister to call dad and tell him he would drive down with him!!!! SOOOOOO, yesterday afternoon my dad and my BIL got here and we now have a second vehicle!!!!!!! It feels so good to have that freedom back again, and to know i'm not stuck cooped up in this house. Plus, knowing that it was my mom's and she wanted me to have it means so much to me. In fact, when we were coming back from the DMV (which, by the way, was amazing!!!! They were so fast and friendly!) my dad said, "Just think of this car as a gift from mom." He then got choked up and didn't say anything else about it, but it really means the world to me that he/they wanted us to have it. I am so grateful to them both.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mail for the last few days

Mail has really been lacking the past few days....I did get a really good surprise:

- a full size St. Ives moisturizing in-shower exfoliating body polish! (a text win)

also rec'd:

- folgers coffee/walmart
- recipe cards from Wisconsin butter (I think?)
- Bayer lancet

I was really shocked to get the St. Ives was supposed to be a sample!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We found out :)

My sister Kathie and her husband are going to be here for Christmas!!!! But the best part of dad will be coming with them!!!!!!! He is going to give us the car that was my moms so we will have another vehicle, and was trying to figure out how to get it to us, and now he has a way!! I am so glad he said he would come down. :)

The main reason my sis is coming down is because her and her hubby went crazy, yet again, with buying stuff for Ty for Christmas!!! I told her not to, but she told me she was going to buy what they wanted anyway. But, they bought him some really big things that they can't mail so they are coming down. :) Tyler is super excited to see them again......and poppop!!! Now i'm ready to get our decorations down and get to decorating!!!!! LOL