Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow and more snow....

We actually got a decent amount of snow yesterday!! I'd say we got about 2" total, which is alot for our area. Ty had SO much fun playing in it with the dogs. Our sheltie Honey just LOVES the snow.....in fact, when I let her out when she is sitting by the sliding glass door (her usual way of letting me know she needs to go out) she just runs outside with her nose in the snow and then will usually sit or lay in it.

I was really worried about how the roads would be when Z was coming home, but thankfully they let the guys leave early. He said most roads were fine, but our road would be a little rough in the morning, which also freaked me out since we had a doctor appointment at 8:45 this morning. It was rough this morning, but for the most part we did fine. I just looked out the window and it's starting to flurry out again......I just hope our road doesn't get much worse for when Z comes home tonight! :(

So, i'm a little bummed.......this weekend we looked upstairs to see what big baby stuff we had from when Ty was little and the only thing we could find was his Jumperoo. :( I have no idea what happened to his bouncer vibrating seat thing or his bassinet. Z said they may be at his parents in their attic, and I so hope he is right. I hate to go out and buy those things again when I know there was nothing wrong with the things we had from when Ty was a baby. I guess we'll have to wait until Z's mom or his cousin check in the attic for us. I did get a $20 Target gc that I want to us to get a few things for Chase....I love the baby clothes at Target!