Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonsil surgery

I didn't want to keep updating the other post so I figured I would just post a new entry. Anyhoo, the surgery is on for the 8th and I forgot to mention that not only are my tonsils coming out but when i'm under and the doctor gets the tonsils out he's going to look at my adenoids and if they need to go he will take them as well. (he said he was most likely just going to take them because they can cause issues down the road....I told him take out anything I didn't need! LOL) I'm just so thrilled to finally get some relief from the tonsillitis. I know I can still get sore throats in the future, but tonsillitis is awful....much worse than any strep throat I have ever had. It was funny....the doctor was explaining the surgery yesterday and he smiled and said "Now you will have a sore throat after the surgery...." and I said "Considering how many times my throat has hurt this year I can handle it!" He laughed and said it was going to be no where near as painful as the tonsillitis and I should not experience pain like that again. I swear I could have cried and hugged that man!