Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Time to whine a little bit, sorry.....my tooth is killing me!!! It's been bugging me for almost a week now.....and with no dental insurance, and the fact that we just got a $996 bill from when I was in the hospital so there is no extra money around, i'm stuck with it. I've used Orajel in a tube, liquid Orajel, and liquid Anbesol......nothing has worked for any amount of time. I was even taking Tylenol right after I put some Orajel on it, and even that only eased the pain up a little. I'm not even sure which darn tooth is hurting.....it's making almost all of my teeth on the left side hurt!!! :( Ok, enough of my whining and bitching.......

Tyler did pretty good in his bed last night. Although, he did wake up at 2:30am. He did the same thing the night before, at the same time. He ended up getting up in bed with us. AND, I found out this afternoon that he ended up in our bed at his nap time today!! Little stinker said "I slept in your bed at naptime mommy!" I looked at him and said "How did you do that? I layed you down in your bed and tucked you in?!" He said "but my hiney got cold mommy, so I HAD to get into your bed to get it warm!!" He is too funny!! I'm really hoping we can get him a bigger comforter for his bed soon.....i'm sure if he would have had a bigger blanket his hiney wouldn't have gotten cold! LOL I feel so bad for the little guy, though. I was just talking with a good friend of mine about this nasty heat and having to keep Tyler cooped up in the house....she's had to do the same with her children as well! I hate to rush time (since it goes by fast enough as it is), but I am SO looking forward to the cooler weather this year!!!

I'm sorry i've been a little scarce with updating the past day or so, but i've been working really hard on the cross stitch project, and I can honestly say it is turning out just awesome!!!! I'm making such good progress on it....I just might be done with it by the end of September! Maybe a little sooner, but I don't want to push it. If it turns out like I am hoping, i'd love to make more than one of the patterns....I just love it!!! You know, I say how I would love to make more once this one is done, but I think i'd like to catch up on my scrapping first. It's been so long since i've touched my scrap stuff......I miss it!! I swear I need more hours in the day! LOL

Well, it's going on 5pm, so I need to get off my butt and get dinner started. Tonight we are having steak off the grill with some rice andsome kind of veggies. Last night, we make some fresh flounder and I swear, that was THE BEST fish I have ever had in my life!!! Tyler even loved it!!! I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive so we could have it a little more often.....

Speaking of dinner, i'm looking for some idea's for dinners, so ladies help me out here!! Also, i'd love to know how ya'll plan out your dinners, if you do that. I was thinking about making like a weekly menu plan, but not sure how well that would work for us..........let me know your idea's!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!


bluehoneytigger said...

I used to do monthly dinner planners but I don’t have time with Jessica not to mention I got so sick of eating the same thing all the time. But Karreem liked it cause being in the military it was just something else that was planed out for him. Maybe weekly would be way better but the one thing I learned is don’t cram 1 type of meat in to a month of food. That’s how I got sick of chicken.

I just got a good sounding chili recipe from Aunt Sue if your interested? I’ve not had time to try it and it’s really to hot out right now.
Let’s see I make

Baked chicken (That reminds me I need to take that out of the oven)
Cornish hens
Pork tenderloin grilled or fried/baked with bacon & Mozzarella cheese
Shake and bake chicken or pork
Something I call Chicken N Sauce same a baked only on stove top
Chicken Shrimp and Rice kinda like a stir fry ( I have to make with out shrimp cause not I’m allergic to shell fish)
Chicken Stir fry with frozen vegetables
Beef and Oyster sauce

If you like the sound of any I will sit down and write out the ingredients that I use. Obviously the Shake and Bake you can buy that in a box at the store or just take the ideas and make them your own. It’s up to you. I’m always here if you got questions.

I did see on a cooking show planning weekly meals gives you more time during the week if you prep most of the stuff ahead of time. Like if you are going to need onions for three different meals that week. Cut all the onions up at one time on like Sunday and then you’ll not have to do it that week. Or you plan on salad for two nights have the salad washed and cut up in a bowel just cut enough for both nights and keep tomorrows in a plastic container. Just something to think about.
I love to cook and come up with new things. And it just blows my mind that other people like my cooking. Not big on baking but love a good dinner.

Christine said...

ohhh, my mouth was watering just reading all of that yummy stuff!!! The chili sounds yummy, but i'd love the recipe for your chicken, shrimp and rice. Do you think it's something Zane would like, though? Even chicken stir fry sounds super yummy.....and food lion seems to be putting chicken breast on sale pretty often.
I love shake n bake, but Zane doesn't care for it. :(

I don't think I could ever do monthly planners, though. A freind of mine does once a month cooking....she cooks all of her meals for an entire month in a few days and stores and freezes them...and has 3 children!! She is simply amazing.....I know for a fact I could never do that! LOL I think we'll give weekly menu's a try. And with your recipes, I think we may do pretty good with them. :)

Now, if it was desserts, I can handle that....I love to bake!! LOL (just what a diabetic needs to do, right?!? ;-)

Thanks, Pam!! **hugs**

bluehoneytigger said...

I'll e-mail you the stuff. It's really, really long.