Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So proud!!!

Yesterday Tyler took his nap in his own bed....and last night, he slept in his bed for almost 5 hours!!!! I honestly think he would have slept in his bed longer if Zane and I had stayed laying at the bottom of the bed, but by midnight I was SO ready to lay at the top of the bed. I think tonight we'll try and lay at the bottom a little longer.....hopefully if we keep doing it this way, he'll eventually get used to sleeping all night in his bed and we won't need to lay at the foot of the bed all night.

You know, we've loved sharing our bed with Ty, but it will sure feel good to get our bed back to ourselves!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh good!! Way to go Ty, I hope he keeps it up, I know what you mean about getting your bed back...
Thalia was sleeping with me for the past couple of months-while I was waiting for her mattresses. I finally got them, so now she is in her big girl *full* size bed, plus we switched rooms and now I have MY room back with my bathroom and closet!!!

Pam said...

I know how you feel. Jess sleeps in her crib all night now. It’s been a great three months and now I have my husband back. It’s great.