Monday, August 6, 2007


Monday morning is here. Yesterday went by SO fast! We did some grocery shopping early in the morning, and by the time we got home and got things put away, it was afternoon time! We didn't get much done was so hot!! Today is supposed to be worse out there.....and this whole week is just going to get hotter and hotter. Gotta love summer-time!!! Poor Ty....he wants to go out and play so badly. It's even too warm for him to get in his pool! I don't want him in the sun too much, even if he is swimming. I may let him ride his bike on the porch for a little while today. It's shady and stays pretty cool there, so we'll see.

Our big boy slept in his bed yesterday.....for his nap AND last night!!!! We are SO proud of him!! He took an hour nap in his bed, and last night he slept from 10:30pm until 5:45am this morning! The only thing was, we had to sleep at the end of our bed for him to stay in his bed. His bed is right at the bottom of our's. We actually went to bed at 9:00 and he did pretty good.....he talked for a little bit, which was kind of funny. I asked him, "now, isn't your bed nice and soft and comfy?!?" and he said "Yeah, but your bed is nice and soft and comfy too, mommy!" LOL, it was too cute. He finally dozed off, then woke up a little after 9:45pm and asked if I was still there (at the end of our bed) and I said yes......he sat up and gave me a kiss, then layed back down. About an hour later he woke up crying and trying to get into our bed, but I told him his bed was fine and that we were still right there. He did lay back down and before I knew it, he was out. I felt so bad though, because he kept asking if we we're going to keep him safe....I just wanted to scoop him up and hold onto him!! But, he did sleep good......I, on the other hand, slept awful!! I don't like laying at the bottom of the bed, that's for sure!!! Plus, I was worried if I fell asleep I wouldn't hear him if he called me. He got more sleep than I did! LOL But we are SO proud of him. I talked with Zane and we decided we are going to get him a comforter for his bed with the Target gift cards we got in the mail. We were going to save them for a new flannel comforter for our bed, but Tyler really needs one more than we do. The only comforter he has is for a toddler bed, and even though his bed is a toddler bed, the comforter is just so we're going to get him either a twin or a full size comforter. Target has a super cute one from the movie Cars that I think he will just LOVE. So we may try and get him that one.

This morning I discovered something has made it's way into our woodstove. Our dog Honey was laying on the floor in the living room, when all of the sudden she popped her head up and kept looking at the stove....she finally got up and was sniffing around. I got to looking closer at it and noticed there was some smoke coming out of the knobs on the front.....well, not really smoke, but dust from the ashes that were left inside from the last time we burned the stove. I closed them off and I kept hearing a scratching thing I know, our cat came running and was meowing like crazy!!! She tried her darndest to get at whatever is in there. So, I told Zane about it and I guess we'll have to wait until he gets home to find out what is in much fun!! NOT!! LOL Just this summer alone we've caught 4 mice in our kitchen, we've had a chipmunk in the house. Now that we've gotten some good rain the past few weeks, the wolf spiders have decided to come on in and make themselves at home........i'd rather have the mice and chipmunks in the house, thank you very much!!!! LOL

Well, I guess I really should get moving......I need to go to the freezer and find something for dinner. Take care, everyone!!!!!!!!