Monday, August 6, 2007

Our little woodstove "intruder"

Well, I decided to be brave and find out what was in the woodstove......besides, it was driving me crazy with the noise!!! So, I closed the doors to the kitchen, laundry room and playroom and opened up the sliding glass door. I had Tyler stay in the playroom with the dogs, just in case whatever it was tried to come after someone....I knew he'd be safe in there. So, I turned the handle on the stove door and opened it up a tiny bit.........and................

Out flew a bird!!! I could have sworn it was a squirrel by all the scratching noises it was making! It flew up into the corner, turned around, pooped on our floor then flew out the sliding glass door.....I could have seriously done without the whole pooping on the floor deal, but all-in-all i'm glad I set it free.

So that was our drama for the day. I did finally decide on something for dinner.....we're having steak-ums with french fries....YUM!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!!!!!!