Monday, August 6, 2007

Mail for August 6th

Ugh, it is so freakin' hot outside.....I am dying to walk down and get the mail, but no way am I going that far in this heat!! I'll have to update when Zane brings the mail up to the house.....I am SO hoping to be getting some good freebie/samples in the mail!!!

I did get a $5 Paypal payment from a survey site today...WOOHOO!!!!

We had an awesome mail day!!! We got:

- Child Safety Kit
- Meerkat dvd from Vocalpoint
- Reynolds Slow cooker Liner (LOVE these!!!)
- Dove Energy Glow
- Tv Guide
- OneTouch UltraSmart Meter/FedEx delivered to Zane's work

It was well worth the wait!!!!