Friday, August 3, 2007

Busy, busy!!

Today I am going to do some serious cleaning!!! I'm just so tired of the house looking messy and unorganized. So, I am going to stay away from the computer until I get as much cleaning done as I possibly can! Here is the list of what I want to do:

- Clean off countertops
- Clean stove
- Scrub floor
- Wipe down kitchen table
- Clean off microwave stand

- Clean tub
- Scrub floor
- Vaccuum rugs
- Scrub shower
- Clean sink
- Organize the stand over the toilet

Laundry Room:
- Vaccuum and clean floor
- Organize shelves

Living Room:
- Vaccuum
- Clean up entertainment center
- pick up toys from around woodstove

-Straighten up toys
- Vaccuum

That should do it for the day. If I can get at least half of that done, i'll be a happy camper! LOL

So, I will be scarce for the day on here. Hopefully i'll be able to update later......if not, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!