Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here ya' go!

Since I am always signing up for awesome freebies and samples from all over, I figured I would start listing what I receive in the mail each day. When possible, I will post a link so others can sign up as well. Most of the free samples I have gotten came from Wal-mart. There hasn't been any mail yet today, so I will just list a few things I have gotten free so far this year.

- At least 8 different razors
- Lots of deodorant samples
- Make-up samples
- dog treats
- tote bags
- toothpaste
- 2 ipod shuffles
- address labels
- picture frames

There are ALOT more things I have gotten throughout the year, and that doesn't include the gift cards I have gotten! I also do test products for certain survey companies. If you would like any info on how I get things like this, just let me know!!! I just might share some of my secrets with you! LOL ;)

Ok, so here is what I got in the mail yesterday:

- Free Dragon Dagger for doing a blog post about a company
- junk mail

I'll post what I get today in the mail when we finally get it!! ;)

**Edited to add what I got in the mail:
- $5 cash for doing a survey!