Monday, August 27, 2007

A new week...

And another day in the mid to upper 90's!!! They've said by the end of the week it's supposed to be in the 80's around here.....let's hope their right!! LOL I can't wait for cooler weather....I love having the house opened up and letting fresh air blow through. (i'm sure come January or February i'll be posting how i'm sick of cold weather and can't wait for spring or summer! LOL) I really am looking forward to the next few months. We've had something going on for almost a year that should be cleared up by the holidays that are coming up. I was upstairs yesterday looking through some boxes and saw some Christmas decorations....I can't wait to get them out and set up!!! Plus the baking for the holidays.....YUM!!! I just hope we have some family visit us this year. I guess we'll have to wait and see......

This weekend was pretty nice. We got a few things done around the house, which is always nice! I got one of the drawers cleaned out really good that had a mouse trap in there. We got 3 mice in there over the summer and the trap has been untouched for over a month now, so I can only assume there are no more in the kitchen. Although, i'm still keeping a trap in one other drawer, just to be safe!! I'm just so sick and tired of seeing my kitchen a mess because we couldn't put the silverware or other gadgets away because of a mouse being in the drawer. The silverware had been on the kitchen table, and the other gadgets had been on the counter in a container. I finally have the kitchen table back, but i'm still going to hold off a little bit before I do the other drawer. I've never had to deal with mice in the home before until we moved here......ahhh, the joys of living in the country!! LOL It was miserably hot this weekend, but we did get a little rain. Sunday morning we were woken up at 4am by some pretty loud thunder. I thought I was dreaming it was storming out, but Tyler was awake asking me, mommy, is it thundering out? as he was climbing into our bed. I'm thinking to myself, how did he know I was dreaming about a thunderstorm? Then I heard the thunder......after that I had such a hard time getting back to sleep. So yesterday I felt a little off most of the day. I slept good last night though, that's for sure! :)

Well, I think that will be it for now. I want to get some exercise time in before I start on housework. I *think* we're having fried chicken for dinner tonight. I took out some boneless chicken breasts and will probably cut them into strips, then season and batter them and fry them up. That is, unless Zane calls on his way home to tell us we're going grocery shopping.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!