Saturday, August 25, 2007

Exercise update

So yesterday after Tyler's nap I did another 5 minutes....and last night I did yet another 5 minutes!!! I did a total of 15 minutes yesterday!!!

This morning, I did 6 minutes and felt like I could do more......but I didn't. After Ty's nap i'll try and do another 6 minutes.

I'll be so glad when the weather breaks and we can start walking to the mailbox again! I LOVE walking like that!! (especially if it means I get my freebies and samples faster, instead of waiting for Zane to bring them up! LOL)


bluehoneytigger said...

Great job. I have been ordered to stay indoors. I'm on a new med and have to stay out of sun light. As well as put on… OMG... Sun screen. Noooooooo! I hate that stuff. Cause it cause’s sun burn really bad even in a car. Thank God it’s temporary.

Christine said...

I *think* one of the pills I am on says something about staying out of the sun......I sure hope not since I get in the kiddie pool with Ty. Although, I do use sunscreen. I just LOVE the Coppertone Spray's so much easier to put on Ty than the rub on stuff.