Friday, December 16, 2011


Yesterday Z and I made chocolate covered pretzels!! A few weeks ago we got a huge block of Ghirardelli Candy Making chocolate from Sam's and couldn't wait to try it! We used small regular pretzels and some waffle pretzels, and they turned out amazing!!! We even added some cute sprinkles and red & green sugar to them:

Obviously we made more than that, but I forgot to take pics yesterday when we were making them (bad, I know!) and Z took quite a bit with him to work this morning to share. I'm hoping we get to make more next week so we can give a few to our GOOD neighbors, as well as some cookies and possibly peanut brittle. I'm keeping fingers crossed that i'll also be able to mail some peanut brittle out! I'd love to also mail some of the pretzels, but I seriously doubt they will do good if mailed.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!! Only 8 days until Christmas, AHHHH!!!!!! Photobucket