Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long day ahead *update*

Today Ty has an upper and lower colonoscopy done to check and see if he has any sort of blockage or anything else that could cause his tummy issues. I am beyond nervous right now. Yesterday broke my heart, as he had to be on an all liquid diet plus take three different things to help him clean his system out,  and he kept telling me how hungry he was. Photobucket They did tell me I can be with him right up until they take him back to do the procedure, and that they will wait and do the IV when he is asleep......and they said he won't even remember me leaving him, which is a slight comfort.

Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.......Photobucket

*Ty did great!!! He was such a brave boy. We had to be at the hospital at 5:45am, which was rough! But once we got there and he was all checked in things went fairly quick. They gave him something they call "happy juice" that helps them relax, especially with being seperated from mom and dad. Well, he took it and within 15 minutes he was passed out!! Not long after that they came and got him and us and took us up to the waiting room. We had to wait 35-40 minutes total, but it seemed like it took so much longer. Finally the doctor came out and told us they found he had excessive bile in his stomach and esophugus, but everything else looked just fine. He has to go back tomorrow morning for an ultrasound to check his gallbladder to see if that is what is causing all the extra bile. They also gave him a prescription for Prevacid to see if that will help as well. We went back to his room and waited on him, which once again wasn't a long wait but felt like forever....I wanted my boy!!!! Once he got back to the room he was still pretty out of it. He did sit up once and ask if they did the procedure already then flopped back down on the pillow...LOL! He's doing great now that we are home. Still very weak but SO glad to be able to eat again!!

I do want to give a proper shout out to Children's Hospital. Everyone we came in contact with today was just wonderful and so caring.It really helped put our minds at ease and was just an amazing experience.......


Lisa Greenstreet said...

I hope things go quickly for you guys and you get an answer for Ty's tummy issues.We went through something like this with my youngest last year.She would cry and complain her stomach hurt and then she would throw up or have the dry heaves.After having blood work and an xray ,it turned out she was really constipated.You guys are in my prayers.

Christine said...

Thank you so much, Lisa. *hugs*